Hi Maria

I've been studying ad nauseum about relocating to Belize. One thing I might suggest is look for volunteer work. You can get a work visa by doing this (I believe the cost is $25) for this visa. You don't need it to just visit (You can get your regular visa renewed every month for six months) but after that have to apply for a work visa (which includes volunteering).

I am sure there are people there who would love to learn to make authentic blackened steak, chicken or shrimp!! There are a lot of Creole there, too.

It does cost money - you must be able to show you can afford sustenance for the time you will be there (I think it's around 1,200 a month or so (US). But double check that.

Also, if you have any other gifts, consider volunteering those as well. It's also a great way to meet locals and learn about the place.

Giving is receiving. smile

Take only what you need; return more than you take.