Yeah, I meant 30 days - sorry about that. Not enough sleep.

I contacted the Washington based Belize travel people and the woman answered my question about showing proof of flying down in no uncertain terms that I absolutely had (she put the word "HAVE" in call caps) to have a return ticket.

I did have a real estate broker down there tell me that sometimes you can get by without one, but she recommended not risking it because you'll have to turn straight around.

As for the work visa, I know once your initial six-month visa renewals have run out, you have to apply for a work visa to stay (// among other sites. It would be great if this was incorrect...heck I'd love to not have to do that because I plan to stay and find someplace I can invest in BZ.

After one year of consistent living in BZ (with an allowance of 14 days), you can apply to become a resident which is different than a citizen.

This is what I've found out.

If I've been incorrect in any of this, definitely clarify please! I would love to know if I've got anything wrong, since we've already gotten the passport, the ticket and the lodging reservations lol

Since communicating with some other Belizeans, I've found the seemingly strict requirements are sometimes not quite as stringent as they appear "on paper" (on the internet), so my response/suggestions are based on the things I've learned through researching. That said, I do apologize if any information I've provided is incorrect or false. It's certainly not intentional.

Take only what you need; return more than you take.