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It's interesting you say that....

I've been studying (and spoken to a few people about) Belizean foods. I know rice and beans are considered a staple there but ultimately I'd like to have my own homestead and my own meats.

Thing is:
I don't see a lot on beef or pork, really, in Belizean foods. I know there is some but it seems to be predominantly chicken and seafood. Is there a reason(s) for this? Not sure if you'd know but just thought I'd ask.
I cant imagine a reason, it seems like AC would be a great place to raisw cattle, all that pasture land and all.
By the way, Philly steak and cheese are really not that great, in my opinion. You really never know what you're gonna get. A good Cuban sandwich, though... oh my! They don't sell Cuban bread up here so I've had to make my own. It still wasn't as good as the ones in the south!