Pretty much everything I've read about Belizeans has indicated they are good, friendly people.

It's one of the major factors that have drawn us to exploring it. There are other factors, of course, but this was a huge one. As someone with a child with autism, it was important to us that he could be someplace kind...where he wouldn't be targeted and bullied. Likewise for myself (which I won't go into detail about).

Some expats do care. I really do care. Our whole family does, even if we've never set foot in Belize or anywhere else. We care about culture and authenticity and nature and natural resources and most of all, we care about people.

It's a little disheartening to see people get angry or respond with blistering comments when, really, some of us are just looking to either help or get information. To be honest, one of the main reasons we have not even considered the northern areas of BZ is because we aren't really interested in being in an 'expat''d be like leaving someplace we don't want to be, just to go to another place that's exactly the same.

I hope at least someone out there knows or can understand my posts/comments are truly just trying to be helpful and I am absolutely open to correction and information...that's how we learn.

But categorizing everyone as ex pats lounging around or lazy people who just want to live in paradise... it's kind of hurtful.

Maybe some people will read this and roll their eyes. That's okay. It doesn't take away from the sincerity with which I write it.

Best to all.

Take only what you need; return more than you take.