Nice blogpost about two gals and their trip to Cayo, staying at Pooks Hill Lodge.

This was a trip of firsts for me in a way too; it was my first trip to Belize. As we made our way with our driver to Pook’s Lodge in the heart of the jungle, I was surprised and excited about what I saw of Belize. I was expecting a country that was quite developed and ‘Americanized’, but it was grittier and less developed than what I thought. I was excited not only because that’s the type of travel I prefer, but I was excited to expose Allie to something that was quite different from her normal view. She said very little as we drove deeper into the jungle down bouncy, crumbling dirt roads. I wondered what was going through her head as she looked out the window at the simple living conditions and daily life of people in Belize. I wondered if she was car sick, I wondered if I needed to find the barf bag that I have learned to always carry with me on niece trips!

The jungle touches many senses. Obviously from a visual perspective you are surrounded by dense green jungle everywhere you look – it’s pretty amazing to think about what is inside that foliage, or to see geckos and lizards scurry. But you are also treated to jungle surround sound in the mornings. Waking up at Pooks Hill was a beautiful symphony of birds, bugs, geckos, and the occasional monkey. As the sun came up so did the volume creating a beautiful ‘nature’s alarm’. As cool and different as the jungle environment and creatures are, there’s also a part of me that thinks – there are plenty of things in the jungle that I really don’t want to see.

First off, don’t be freaked out by bugs, Pooks Hill is an awesome all inclusive resort, and it’s in the middle of the jungle. It’s basic, and it blends into the environment – and the environment is occupied by bugs, monkeys, and snakes – so it’s the real thing! The staff is great, the food yummy, and there are tons of activities around the area.

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