The road up to Canary Cove (Kitty's back then) was filled by the Island Construction, ordered and paid for by the Middle Island Neighborhoodwatch, and approved by the SPTC under Mayor Mayor Elsa Paz, back in 2004. North of that the cart path was still swamp-level. We have also noticed that the road is sinking. About 7 weeks ago, parts were raised +2 feet, after compacting less than a foot, but it went down to the same level as before, still above water now though (with the rain and the full moon that's good!). Keep in mind that this is a floating road on top of a swamp. The bedrock is from a few feet to about 18 feet at X-Tan Ha, although the ground is higher and more solid there. It will take some time to settle IMHO.

Clarification: We have taken depths west of the new road about half way that were 2-3 feet. Close by there, where the development is depth is 6-8 feet, at X-Tan Ha, where the resort is, it was 18 feet.

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