Countrywide crime statistics reveal that major offenses are being committed and not enough arrests or convictions are being recorded. The latest data shows a comparison with crimes committed in 2014 and 2015. As it pertains to Murder, data shows that there has been an increase from January and shows a slight dip on August and September for a total of 102 total murders in 2015 compared to 91 in 2014.

Of these reports, 28 arrests were made in 2014 and 48 arrests in 2015. The data reveals that most murders go unsolved or turn cold cases. As it pertains to Rape reports, it revealed an increasing trend from January but stabilized in September; bringing the total to 29 in 2014 and 32 in 2015. Of these reports, 20 arrests were made in 2014 while only 8 arrests were made in 2015.

Data for Robbery shows a decline from 218 robberies recorded in 2014 to 152 in 2015. Of those reports, 83 arrests were made in 2014 and 36 arrests for 2015. Burglary and theft statistics show the same trend with spikes in May, August and September for a cumulative total of 1,454 in 2014 and 1,332 in 2015. Of those reports, there were only 334 arrests in 2014 and 145 in 2015.

Data for Carnal Knowledge offenses reveal a slight dip from 65 in 2014 to 59 in 2015 and a low conviction rate of 25 in 2014 and 22 in 2015. Drug statistics indicate that Marijuana continues to top the chart with over 89 thousand pounds confiscated last year to 83 thousand pounds confiscated this year. Data also shows that Cocaine use has dropped while Heroine figures show an emergence of 59 pounds of the highly addictive drug confiscated. The data also shows a low conviction rate for possession of a firearm and ammunition.

We understand that on Friday the Officer Commanding Eastern Police Division South, Sr. Supt. Chester Williams, will its first “Police and Media Luncheon where he will be discussing the September 2015 Crime Statistics update.