Estel’s Re-Opens: Familiar, Delicious but With a Few Upgrades

Well…just a few days later than originally planned, they are open. Today was the first day. And a few days ago, I showed you a construction zone…after working until midnight last night, they were ready to open.

And manager and son of the founders Estrella and Charlie looked very happy indeed. Here’s Charles. He said he’s been dreaming of this bar area for about 6 years.

The area used to hold the “family table” basically one large dining room table where anyone could sit. But a bit confusing to newbies. This huge bar area is much more inviting…

And Charles now says he is able to stay open like a bar…until midnight. He’s thinking dinner…maybe a few nights a week…but he’s not making any promises. Yet.

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“Worth It” The wait that is for Estel’s Dine By the Sea to re-open

I arrived in ‘Town at exactly 06.45 hours – I know that they open at 06.00 hours but I didn’t want to appear to eager, too needy. I parked and then padlocked the ‘cart, grabbed my bag and strode purposefully (and optimistically ) towards Estel’s looking for a sign of ‘life’. Any sign.

And then I saw. The door was open AND the shutters had been removed from the bar, the NEW bar that is. There was Mark and Sam and I could hear noise coming from the kitchen. Only one thing to do. Take my place at MY table . It’s not really my table- table 11 that is- but I like to think of it that way. And you know what? I was the first person to eat there after the re-opening. A commerative T shirt occasion?

The view hasn’t changed. It’s still beautiful.

So what has changed? Well for a start there’s the bar. With comfortable bar stools. A slightly rearranged outside dining area. But my favourite table 11 is where it’s always been!

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