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Tonight a well-known San Pedro resident is behind bars after he was arraigned last week Friday for the rape of a minor. Even though we report on many incidents of rape and all of them are distasteful, this one is right up there with the worst. President of the San Pedro Taxi Association, Alfonso Wiltshire, fifty, is accused of forcibly raping a thirteen year old girl at least five times, once by allegedly holding a gun to her head. According to sources in the police, Wiltshire, who owns an apartment building on the island, would use his keys to enter the room of the victim when her mother was not there. He would then rape her and allegedly threaten to kill her if she told anyone. News Five has confirmed through multiple sources that the minor was too afraid to tell anyone. But the victim’s five year old sister witnessed one of those terrible violations and told her mother, and that is when the matter was reported to Police. They immediately launched an investigation and things ramped up into high gear late last week when Police got wind of information that Wiltshire planned to flee the island. They locked down the airstrip and departure points and then moved in to arrest the businessman and taxi-driver on Thursday. Wilshire was arraigned on Friday after Police received the results of a medical examination which confirmed that the minor had been carnally known. The alleged predator was remanded to the Belize Central Prison, but police tell us that the investigation is ongoing. They believe that Wiltshire may have used his landlord status to target victims between the ages of ten and fourteen. Police are appealing for victims of the predator, or anyone with information, to get in touch with them as soon as possible.

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Wiltshire was arrested and charged on Friday, October 15th for the rape of a 13-year-old female, and his official charges were two counts of ‘aggravated burglary’ along with two counts of ‘unlawful sexual intercourse’.

This came after the female minor reported to police that Wiltshire raped her multiple times dating back to May 3rd, when he entered her home with a black handgun, threatened that he would kill her if she told anyone and then raped her. Afraid of Wiltshire’s threat, the girl told no-one of the incident and she was raped again on October 2nd, when he again threatened and raped her.

After the report was made, police did an intensive investigation on the well-known taxi man and landlord, which included a medical examination of the victim, who was confirmed as being carnally known.

Her injuries were considered by the medical practitioner as ‘grievous harm’ and with the evidence gathered, police arrested Wiltshire through a special operation. He was then charged and remanded into prison until his court date.

San Pedro Police believes that there may be other victims of Wiltshire’s violence and encourage the public to give the police any information they may have by visiting the police station or calling 206-2022.