I think it is gone now but for years there also was large pipe along side the road on near Secret Beach. They use to bring prospective buyers in that way. I guess that was to show them water and sewer were on the way? Water, sewer, and electricity, well I probably will not see that in my life time.

I've been up there in the rainy season and water across some of the side roads was 3 or 4" deep. Not to mention that many lots where underwater. Many more had a water table 6" or less below the surface. It is a shame to see so many dreams based on a project that may never come to be and has so many problems with the basics.

Now the homes and some of the lots on or near the ocean that they speak of are another matter and it is quite nice there but a little too isolated for me and with no utilities of course.

Formerly from somewhere on a beach in Belize