That may very well be. You live right near there if I remember correctly so you would know better than I. Still it gave the impression of progress on water/sewer. I didn't hear the sales pitch so I can't say with certainty what was promised. However I did talk to a few of the buyers and for once I bit my lip and kept my thoughts to myself. The few I talked to seemed to be a little na´ve on how long it would take for infrastructure improvements and didn't seem to have thought of some of the problems with building back there. Again I'm only talking about GBE and not the Coastal lots which are much nicer and might warrant the effort and expense involved.

I'll speculate that the buyers were dreaming about their piece of the pie in paradise but were very short on funds; what the actual costs and hardships would be. The world needs dreamers and I didn't want to inject my practical thoughts to them after the fact. In at lease one case they bought the property sight unseen. I do wish them good luck but it maybe many years before this development is viable.

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