Prime Minister Dean Barrow is scheduled to make the official Cabinet announcement at a press conference on Monday; however, following his meeting on Saturday with his team, early reports indicate some changes in the former Cabinetís configuration.

Most notable of the unofficial reports is that Barrow has taken the Ministry of Natural Resources portfolio from Gaspar Vega, leaving him with the Ministry of Agriculture, Sustainable Development, Forestry and Fisheries. Dr. Omar Figueroa has reportedly been named his Minister of State.

The Ministry of Natural Resources has reportedly been given to Godwin Hulse who also reportedly retains the Ministry of Immigration with Beverly Castillo as his Minister of State.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is reportedly still entrusted to Wilfred ďSediĒ Elrington. Tracy Taegar has reportedly been given the Ministry of Economic Development.

PM Barrow will reportedly keep the Ministry of Finance, Public Service and will also take the portfolio for Elections and Boundaries. Dr. Carla Barnett has reportedly been named as a government Senator.

Patrick Faber will also reportedly keep the portfolio for Ministry of Education, Science, Technology, Youth and Sports.

Barrow will make the official announcement at 10:00 a.m. Monday at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel.

The Reporter