***Highlighted in yellow are the Ministers of State and their responsibilities.

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Government of Belize Press Office


Prime Minister Dean Barrow has revealed the composition of his Cabinet and Senate:

1.) Honorable Dean Barrow: Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities

(Minister of State: Honorable Frank Mena with responsibility for Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities)

2.) Honorable Gaspar Vega: Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Environment and Sustainable Development.

(Minister of State is Honorable: Omar Figueroa with responsibility for Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change.)

3.) Honorable Erwin Contreras - Minister of Economic Development, Investment, Trade and Commerce

(Minister of State is Honorable: Tracy Panton with responsibility for Investment, Trade and Commerce.)

4.) Honorable Michael Finnegan: Minister of Housing and Urban Development

5.) Honorable Patrick Faber - Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Culture, Youth and Sport

(Minister of State is Honorable Elodio Aragon, Jr. is responsible for Culture, Youth and sport)

6.) Honorable Manuel Heredia, Jr : Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation.

7.) Honorable Anthony Martinez : Minister of Human Development.

8.) Honorable John Saldivar: Minister of National Security.

9.) Honorable Rene Montero: Minister of Works, Transport and NEMO.

(Minister of State is Honorable Edmund Castro, with responsibility for Transport and NEMO.)

10.) Honorable Wilfred Elrington: Minister of Foreign Affairs.

11.) Honorable Pablo Marin: Minister of Health.

(Minister of State is Honorable Angel Campos, with responsibility for NHI, and Primary Health.

12.) Honorable Hugo Patt: Minister of Local Government, Labour and Rural Development.

13.) Senator Godwin Hulse: Minister of Natural Resources and Immigration.

(Minister of State is Honorable Beverly Castillo, with responsibility for Immigration)

14.) Vanessa Retridge: Minister of Legal Affairs and The Attorney General.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives is Honorable Michael Peyrefitte


Senator Godwin Hulse is the Leader of Government Business
Senator Francine Burns
Senator Steve Duncan
Senator Macario Coy
Senator Carla Barnett
Senator Aldo Salazar

The President of the Senate is Honorable Lee Mark Chang

The Chief Executive Officers are as follows:
1. Audrey Wallace - Office of the Prime Minister
2. Dr. Peter Allen - Public Service, Energy & Public Utilities
3. Sharon Ramclam - Natural Resources
4. Edmunc Zuniga - Immigration
5. Kerry Belisle - Local Government, Labour & Rural Development
6. Dr. Ramon Figueroa - Health.
7. Lawrence Sylvestre - Foreign Affairs
8. Errol Gentle - Works
9. Ms. Meighan - Transport & NEMO
10. George Lovell - National Security
11. Judith Alpuche - Human Development
12. Yasin Dujon - Tourism
13. David Leacock - Education & Science & Technology
14. Adelle Catzim - Culture, Youth & Sport.
15. Denton Belisle - Housing
16. Sharman Hyde - Economic Development
17. Amparo Noble Masson - Investment, Trade & Commerce
18. Jose Alpuche - Agriculture.
19. Colin Young - Sustainable Development, Environment & Climate Change