On Friday, November 27, 2015, San Pedro Town celebrated 31 years of achieving its township back in 1984 under the leadership of Mr. Gilberto "Chico" Gomez.

This year, the San Pedro Town Council took an educational approach to its township celebrations as we had an Open House day where all residents and visitors were invited to visit the offices of the town council and witness the renovations that have and are still taking place as well as to find out the daily operations of the staff in the town council. The upper-divisions of all schools were invited to participate in the Open House where they learned interesting facts about San Pedro and its founders. Both teachers and students were very amazed at how what once was the town's water tank is now the Town Council's file room and design and print room. (P.S. like 20+ years ago, the town council had a built in water tank, made of concrete, that used to supply water for the entire town back in its days.)

In the conference room, we had a small exhibit of pictures of San Pedro when it was a small fishing village and pictures of familiar faces like Dr. Otto Rodriguez (†) and former mayor Mr. Gilberto Gomez. Also in the conference room, we had the participation of the students and professors of Washington University of Health and Science - Belize Campus who were conducting Blood pressure tests, pulse tests and vital signs check ups for anyone interested.

We thank everyone who participated in this event and we applaud all those who contribute to the growth and development of San Pedro Town. HAPPY TOWNSHIP!
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San Pedro celebrates 31 years of Township

On Friday, November 27th, San Pedro Town celebrated 31 years of being a municipality. To commemorate the occasion, The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) held an ‘Open House Day’ inviting the general public and the island’s primary schools to tour the Town Board Building and learn about the jobs done at the SPTC. The event also included students and professors from the Washington University of Health and Science – Belize City Campus, who provided all sorts of medical test demonstrations. To top off the day, Mayor Daniel Guerrero, along with Councilor Ruben Gonzalez, paid a courtesy visit to San Pedro’s first Mayor, Gilberto ‘Chico’ Gomez presenting him with a check in recognition for all his efforts in the development of the island.

As part of the Township celebration, the SPTC announced the pavement of Tropical Wave Street as one of the many projects to take place on Ambergris Caye. This is part of the transformation commitment the municipality embarked on for the continuing development of the island. He indicated that there are more good things coming to the island, more projects that will continue the positive development for the benefit of all islanders.

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