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The San Pedro Sun

Police seek public’s assistance in recapturing fugitive Juan Carlos Martinez
The San Pedro Police Formation is seeking the assistance of all island residents in the recapture of 24-year-old Juan Carlos Martinez who on Sunday, December 13th at around 3PM, escaped from the police station while an identification parade was taking place. Martinez, along with another prisoner, Florencio Velasquez, had been serving time at the Belize Central Prison for aggravated burglary and brought in to San Pedro’s Magistrate Court for sentencing. But before being sentenced, Martinez made his way to escape and remains at large. He is considered armed and dangerous and the general public is advised to be extremely cautious if approaching. According to San Pedro Police, Martinez had been convicted and given ten years at the Central Prison for firearm offenses earlier this year. If sentenced in San Pedro on Sunday, he would have received another 10 years or more. The police statement says that while the identification parade was in process; Martinez saw the chance to escape and jumped from the second floor balcony inside the station. He quickly made his way out and his whereabouts are still unknown. Even though police believe Martinez is still somewhere on the island, he is yet to be found.

Saga closes 2015 with a delicious Top Chef Cook-off
On Tuesday, December 8th The Saga Humane Society celebrated the final cook-off of the year at Island Time Beach Bar. The charity event included award winning chef dishes and saw Saga 2015 Cook-off winners along with some new restaurants joining the worthy cause. Once again, the different dishes of each cook’s choice were judged by a large crowd that showed up for the fundraiser. At the end of the night, only one chef could walk away with the title of 2015’s Saga Top Chef. For a small fee, guests had the opportunity to sample the different meals available. Most of the competitors were return cook-off winners, and they presented their meals with much enthusiasm, with a different dish in every food station. The delicious signature food choices included: Twisted Tuna Pasta Extraordinaire, Pizzaghetti, Pecan Pie Gooey Bars, Curry Tropical Salad, Meatball Veneziano, Shrimp Bacon Wrap with coconut and ginger sauce, Piña Colada Shrimp Curry with white mole coconut rice cracker, Baked Ziti and Key Lime Cheesecake.

SPTC and CARILED hold Local Economic Development consultation
On Tuesday, December 8th The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) through the Caribbean Local Economic Development Project (CARILED) hosted a session dubbed ‘Local Economic Development Consultation’ at the SPTC conference room. The workshop was aimed at bringing island residents together (mainly members of the business community) to discuss local economic development and how they can continue to leverage some of the strength that already exists in the community in order to develop their ideas. The consultation yielded many ideas that were shared among the attendees, and were then put into an open discussion in order to expand them. One of the group activities that were highlighted was a ‘Soar’ analysis which concentrated in exploring any additional ideas that were brought up by the group. “In this analysis, we want to extract more cool ideas from everyone that have strength, business opportunities, aspirations and ultimate results. If we come together and use all these ideas in the right way, we can get the community and ourselves moving forward smoothly,” ended Koch. He mentioned that these gatherings are a great way to learn from each other and come up with solid plans that will benefit the entire community. Koch encouraged everyone to come together when is necessary, put suggestions on paper and get them to the next level for the growth of San Pedro Town.Local Economic Development Forum-2

Water taxi Companies to relocate to Sunset Boardwalk in 2016
The year 2016 will come with a lot of changes in San Pedro, and one of those will be the relocation of the water taxi and tour operator boats to the Sunset Boardwalk. At the completion of the Boardwalk in 2014, all boats that operate on the leeward side of the island were expected to move to the new boat terminal at the Sunset Boardwalk in order to alleviate the congestion on the windward shores of the island. However, that did not happen as boat owners complained that the area near the Sunset Boardwalk is not suitable for large vessels. It is expected that by having the manifest operating with the new boat terminal at the Sunset Boardwalk, there will be better organization and a better impression to those arriving on the island. It will also help with the proper screening of who all come to the island and increase the safety of the town. At the same time it will benefit the artisans who will already be in the area after being relocated from the Central Park area. The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) believes that this move will benefit everyone in the short and long run.

San Pedro AIDS Commission reports a successful 2015
After almost 15 years of operating in Ambergris Caye, the San Pedro AIDS Commission continues its mission to better the community and provide HIV/AIDS (human immunodeficiency virus/ acquired immune deficiency syndrome) assistance. 2015 marked another exceptional year for the non-profit organization, which provided both medical and moral support to persons afflicted by the virus, as well as helping to reduce the stigma of HIV/AIDS in the community. In light of the end of 2015 and the beginning of the New Year, the San Pedro AIDS Commission takes the opportunity to both disclose their expense report, as well as thank all those who assisted and participated in the groups various activities. “As the year ends, I would like to extend the most sincere gratitude to the community who has assisted us so greatly. Again I just want to say that we depend on the generosity of the people and business community of San Pedro to continue our work. I am also very happy for the hard work and determination displayed by my group members this year. Without them, nothing would have been,” said president of the San Pedro AIDS Commission, Felix Ayuso.

Ambulances donated to San Pedro Town
San Pedro Town will soon be equipped with two ambulances that have been donated to the local medical facility. One ambulance was acquired in Houston, Texas USA and the other one was donated by the New York Volunteer Fire Company in the USA. The contribution of the ambulances is part of an effort to start an EMS (Emergency Medical Services) system established in San Pedro. Both ambulances are expected to be on the island in early 2016. The 1992 Ford E450, type III ambulance from New York will be one of the first ambulances on the island that will immensely benefit the town. Efforts to obtain the ambulances began when Dominick Walenczak, a procurement officer helping to connect San Pedro with medical supplies was linked with potential organizations in the United States that could assist with an ambulance. Walenczak began visiting Belize after his parents were living in the country part-time and he became involved with the health system in San Pedro. Now that he is back in New York, he continues to help in the town’s EMS’s program growth.

Ambergris Today

25 Years Ago - Remembering When WE USED TO… in San Pedro Village No. 9
There are so many things that USED TO be different in the village of San Pedro back in the 1950’s and 60’s especially revolving around Christmas and when we remember them we even become nostalgic. Oh how do we wish we could go back in time to re-live those wonderful holiday experiences! This is how I recall the following. CHRISTMAS TREES - Oh yes we USED TO decorate our Christmas trees but it was a totally different experience. Our Christmas trees consisted of a small branch of the pine or cypress trees which grow wildly and huge here on the island. The small branch was inserted into a bucket of white sand which was the stand and which provided some moisture so that the tree would remain green a bit longer from the 16th to 31st. THE CHRISTMAS HAM - It was called the Christmas ham because it was not available throughout the year except at Christmas time. These hams were not refrigerated but came in cloth bags and were very salty and smoked. They were hung in the stores for the public to notice them and villagers purchased them and hung them from the ceiling of either the living room or the kitchen which was also the dining room. CHILDREN’S WISH LIST - Whereas today children’s wish list for Santa Claus include expensive and sophisticated electronic equipment the wish list of children of the past was simple. A doll was a must for all girls age four to twelve. A pair of pop shot revolvers a rifle that fires a cork were a must in all boys’ list for Santa.

Love Fm and many business organizations spread the Christmas Spirit in the annual Love Fm Christmas Parade that took place Sunday Dec 13th

Flashbacks - Village Life Vs City Life in San Pedro
Village life is happy life - that is happy in a different sense. It is simple, yet it is beautiful. There is less, yet there is more. In village life there is life indoors but plenty of life outdoors. Let us take a look at how it used to be different. You hardly see small residential homes in downtown San Pedro anymore; you now see a business spaces almost everywhere in the town core. But there is more… The patches of grass along the streets where villagers used to sit down and chat have now been replaced by sidewalks. The fences that demarcated the private properties have today been removed to allow easy access into the business premises that line the streets of San Pedro. Note the simplicity and beauty of village life. The kids are free to play in the middle of streets without any risk of being knocked down by a vehicle. There is no need of a traffic warden to tell the children when to cross a street.

Will the Unsightly Sargasso Come Back? BTIA and BTB Prepare
It is gone for now, but who is to say that the unsightly and smelly Sargasso will not be back on our shores once the weather changes? This is the question the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) and the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) are asking themselves. Most importantly, they are looking into ways to address the issue before it becomes a problem again. As part of its 30th Anniversary observance, the BTIA held a Sargassum Practical Solutions Forum on December 3, 2015. Sub-director of the Technical Unit of the Conservation and Management of Protected Natural Reserves in the Yucatan Peninsula and Mexican Caribbean, CONANP, Biol. Nallely Hernandes Palacios, General Secretary and CEO of the Caribbean Tourism Organization, Hugh Riley, Oceana Field Representative for North Islands, Roxanne Perez-Gentle and Build-a-Beach volunteer Amber Edwards, sat on a panel of discussion along with tourism stakeholders from around the country to discuss regional initiatives and solutions to the Sargasso problem.

Celebrity Spotting: Alexandra Cousteau Talks Oil in Belize
Granddaughter of famous ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, Alexandra Cousteau, was spotted having dinner at Elvi’s Kitchen last week and our curious cameras were on site to snap this picture of the famous marine activist along with Chef Jennie Staines. Alexandra was in Belize as guest speaker of the one-day conference on The Energy of Nature vs. The Nature of Energy, held by Oceana at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City. Oceana’s Vice President in Belize, Janelle Chanona, said the day’s presentations were intended to start a conversation as the conference brought together Belizean leaders in tourism, fisheries, investment and the scientific arena to provide academically informative and objectively provocative information about this nationally important issue.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Saga Humane Society 12 Days of Christmas
Happy Holidays to our generous supporters! For all your generous giving throughout the year, your countless hours of animal care, and your continued pledges that ensure our future; the Saga Humane Society staff, and board members wish you, our volunteers and donors, a joyous holiday season. You are the reason the animals of San Pedro are cared for, the sick are looked after, and the once homeless and forgotten are living a safe and happy life. It is because of you that we have survived sixteen years and will exist forever. And at this time of year, as we give thanks and gather with family, we thank you. You are the Saga Humane Society family.

Paint Party at Crazy Canucks
Come join us to paint "Navidad Light House" this Thursday at Crazy Canucks. Everything you need is provided step by step direction, paint, brushes, smocks, canvas and maybe even a stencilled canvas if you need it (shhhh). $25u.s for first time artists and visitors. $20u.s for our members. Starts On:December 17, 2015 2:00 PM Ends On:December 17, 2015 4:00 PM

"Don" Jesus Ken
Meet "Don" Jesus Ken, a Belizean cañero/revolutionary and descendant of the Cruzoob Maya General Berdardino Ken(Maya General during the caste war). Former Clerk of the National Assembly, Jesus Ken, is the subject of this week’s Personality of the Week column (AMANDALA). This story will have to be told in at least two parts, as we will trace Mr. Ken’s life from his origins in Xaibe, Corozal, to his party political career in the early to mid 1960’s, the period during which he rose to prominence as a revolutionary among the cañeros of the North. Xaibe means “crossroads” in Yucatec, Mr. Ken informs. During his boyhood days, the village was very small, having about 50 houses, but today it has grown. While some of their Mayan cultural traditions—brought down to Belize by their ancestors who fled the Caste War of the 1840’s—have been lost, some have still remained etched in their social fabric. Everybody in the village was related, but over the more recent years, people have migrated into Xaibe from other parts of Belize, adding to its diversity.

Early Christmas at the Octavia Waight Centre
The residents of the Octavia Waight Centre got an early Christmas when a group of SHJC students stopped by and cooked for them. Thanks, SHJC students! Very appreciated. "Residents of the Octavia Waight Center in San Ignacio were today visited by a group of students from the Sacred Heart College Junior College. The young people served a pre-Christmas dinner which they prepared themselves and provided entertainment for the 30 men and women who live at the elderly care facility."

Belize Tourism Board Chile Sales Presentation
This is the very first presentation carried out in Santiago which was very well received.

Global Entrepreneurship Week
Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is celebrated each year to encourage entrepreneurs, and to celebrate innovators and job creators. For the last three years, the U.S. Embassy in Belmopan has supported GEW through collaboration with local counterparts including the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) and the University of Belize. As part of the 2015 GEW, Mr. Nathan Bland the Chief of the Political, Economic and International Narcotics & Law Enforcement sections made a presentation at the first National Entrepreneurship Convention which hosted by the Small Business Development Centre (SBDC Belize) at BELTRAIDE, on November 20, 2015 at the Belize Training and Employment Centre on the ITVET compound. During the presentation, Mr. Bland took informed Conference participants on grant opportunities available to local entrepreneurs or NGOs helping to build capacity among entrepreneurs.

Chaa Creek’s Mick Fleming Honoured By Belize's Tourism Industry
Belizean eco-resort The Lodge at Chaa Creek reports that it is ending the year on a high note after co-owner Mick Fleming was honoured with a special award at the Belize Tourism Industry Association’s (BTIA) December 2015 annual general meeting and 30th anniversary celebration. “We’ve been receiving congratulations from not just within Belize, but from friends around the world since the awards were announced,” Chaa Creek marketing officer Lea Itzab said, “I think the response has been almost as gratifying as the award itself,” she added. The award, presented at a cocktail celebration prior to the December 2 2015 annual general meeting, was given “to honor outstanding members, pioneers and sponsors who were actively involved in the growth and development of the BTIA and the tourism industry of Belize,” according to the association. Mr Fleming, who with his wife Lucy founded The Lodge at Chaa Creek in the 1981, is recognised as one of Belize’s early eco-tourism pioneers. Also known as a dedicated environmentalist and organic farmer, he has been credited with introducing a range of innovative practices within the industry, including incorporating educational attractions into Belizean eco tourism, Ms Itzab said.

Power Interruption, COROZAL & ORANGE WALK
BEL announces Power Interruptions from 6:00 a.m. to 6:20 a.m. and 5:40 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. this SUNDAY, December 20th, 2015 for the entire COROZAL & ORANGE WALK Districts. BEL to conduct climbing inspections of transmission system in area.

Cooking rice and beans?
ry this rice and beans recipe for Christmas. this recipe is really made easy. you could soften your own beans if you want to.

Channel 7

Murder in "Paradise"
It's called Paraiso - Spanish for "Paradise" - but tonight, this quiet village just North of Corozal Town is back in the news after 22 year old Alberto Briceno was killed there in what looks like a drunken street fight. Right now, police aren't ruling out his possible involvement in the incident which ended his life, but his family members, who are eyewitnesses, swear that he was killed for nothing more than a friendly gesture. So, how do they explain what happened? Well, that's what our news team found out today when they went north. Daniel Ortiz reports: Voice of: Mother of Deceased "I got the hospital. I knew when I saw him with all those stab wound in his back and one in his chest, I knew he wouldn't make it. With his facial expression, I knew my son wouldn't make it." Daniel Ortiz reporting That's any parent's worst nightmare, but, it was the reality that the mother of 22 year-old Alberto Briceno was face with after he had been viciously stabbed in a drunken fight in Paraiso Village. He was assaulted, then stabbed multiple times, right here at this park, a stone's throw away from his house on Saturday night at around 9:30.

The PUP: And Then There Were Three
Who will lead the PUP? Well by this time tomorrow we should have a better idea - of at least who is interested in the job. Tomorrow December 15th at 5:00 pm is the deadline for the submission of names for executive posts and tonight it looks like three main contenders are going ahead. They are Cordel Hyde, Francis Fonseca and John Briceno. Fonseca is the wild card whose sudden re-emergence has caught everyone off guard. On Friday he told us that he was considering an offer to accept a nomination from a block of constituencies led by Julius Espat's Cayo South. Today we tried to tried to find out whether he had made a decision either way, but he did not answer our requests for a comment. But, the de facto organizer of his campaign Julius Espat told us that Fonseca will accept the nomination. Next is Cordel Hyde. He today confirmed that he will be nominated as leader tomorrow. Same for the John Briceno camp. Today he received an endorsement from the Northern Caucus. The release says, quote, "The Executive and members of the Caucus are…pleased to give full support to the candidacy of … John Briceño."

7 More For Handling In Burrell Boom Invasion
Another 7 persons have been charged in connection with the Burrell Boom Home Invasion - so that makes 19 people so far who have been charged and police say they are still looking for more suspects. As we told you on Friday, police got a major break in the case when they found the Digital Video Recorder with surveillance footage of the thieves committing the crime. It has proven extremely useful in identifying these men and women. Today Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster told us about this recent arrest and that they are still looking for the weapons stolen from Sarkis Abou Nehra's mansion to close this case. Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster - OC, Eastern Division Rural "As it relates to the update on the aggravated burglary in Burrell Boom, we have additionally arrested and charged 5 other individuals over the weekend. Those being Paul Jex Sr., 42 years old, Anthony Smith, 24 years, Paula Gentle, 20 years and 2 other minors for the crime of handling stolen goods. We've been getting information as it pertains to these firearms and we are actively doing searches.

Belmopan Police: Deceptive Deliveryman Only Claimed He Got Jacked
Last week it was Belize City police who recovered over nine thousand dollars out of eleven thousand plus that was stolen from a deliveryman in a cargo truck on West Canal. And tonight the news is that Belmopan police have done the same - except they did it one better: they also tripped up one of the delivery man who set up the whole robbery. On the surface of it, The story sounded believable enough: an employee of San Cas said that at 9:15 pm - they were in a San Cas delivery truck in a bank parking lot in Belmopan. They were counting money and that's when a dark skinned man wearing a hood robbed them at gunpoint. They handed over the money and no one was hurt. The narrative sounded familiar, but, police knew something was shady about the report - and today the Officer Commanding Belmopan told us more: Supt. Howell Gillett, OC - Belmopan "From the onset we believe that there were collusion of the part of employees. That belief was solidified as the investigation progressed, so much so that one of the employees will be charged for conspiracy to commit robbery and the suspected gunman will be charged with robbery, possession on an unlicensed firearm and possession of unlicensed ammunition. I am very pleased to announce that to date we have recovered over $8,000 in cash, a 9mm pistol and a magazine containing 5 live rounds of ammunition while the investigation continues."

Duplicitous Dentist Or A Man Who Got A Bad Rap?
It raised an uproar last week when news went out that an allegedly deviant dentist, American John Robert Hall was given a license to practice in Belize - this after he pleaded guilty in 2004 to injecting semen into 7 of his patients mouths in the US. He got his Belize license using the name Robert "Bob" Hall - a nickname that would make sure no one found out his spotty history by searching the internet. But, the residents of San Pedro did find out and they told the San Pedro Sun who worked with Island police to close down his Ocean Dental Clinic on the day it was opened. His Belizean license was revoked thereafter. Well, Hall defended himself today in a lengthy, three page press release. It says, quote, "I never thought I would be ridiculed, cussed at, and made fun of with harmful threats to me and my dog based on assumptions instead of facts." He goes unto detail what he calls his side of the story starting in November of 2003, quote, "when I was accused of a disgusting and absurd action of placing semen in patient's mouths. I did not do what I was accused of doing!" End quote.

Accident Victim On Life Support
Tonight, the family of 54 year-old Jesus Belito Moreno is preparing for the worst as they consider the tough decision to take him off life support and end his life. That's after doctors at the KHMH have say that there it is likely that he will not wake up from the coma that he is in. Last week Monday, he was knocked down in a hit and run in Orange Walk Town. The driver, according to police was a teenager on a scooter who did not have a valid driver's license. Today, the officer commanding Orange Walk Police told us that they have arrested and charged the young man for the incident: "Orange Walk police visited the Northern Regional Hospital where they saw one Belito Moreno, with scrape to his right arm, swell on the right eye and bleeding from the nose. Belito Moreno was taken to the Karl Heusner Momorial Hospital for treatment with a fracture skull and swelling of the brain. He has since been placed on life support. Initial investigations revealed that on 7th December, about 10:45am, Moreno was riding a bicycle on the Belize/Corozal Road when he was knocked down by a male person on a scooter. The person fled the scene. Police investigations started and as a result of the investigation police detained and charged one Alberto Vargas, 18 years of Orange Walk Town for fail to stop and render aid, fail to report an accident, drove motor vehicle without being the holder of a valid driver's license and drove motor vehicle without due care and attention."

Port of Belize Back To Normal
The stevedores are back to work and port operations have returned to normal. As we have reported, the stevedores were on strike last week - they were demanding that Port CEO Arturo Vasquez grant them their retirement/pension benefits retroactive to 2004 but Vasquez clearly stated that there is no way that can happen. So that led to a week long back and forth, failed meetings and proposals…Until both sides finally agreed to compromise and get back to negotiations. Today we spoke to CEO Vasquez and he assured us that everything has normalized at the port and that he hopes it stays that way. "As you know everything came back to normal on Friday and we have been able to work in harmony for all the ships that have come in so far. As you know the port and the CWU were having some sort of negotiations, we are trying to get this thing going and at the end of the day I think we decided to proceed without signing anything in the document at all. So, the only agreement that we had is that we continue to negotiate on the 15th which is tomorrow - which is a day that was scheduled before and I would assume based on the previous conversation we had that the meeting would about the pension. We had a boat waiting outside English Caye..."

Two Caught With Gun, One Takes A Plea
2 men have been charged with firearm offenses after the Rural Rapid Response Team caught them with a gun. Yesterday the team was heading to Ladyville from Sandhill when they saw someone throw an object out of a Black Infinity car near miles 12 and 13 on the Northern Highway. When they searched the area they found a .22 revolver. They also arrested and charged 34 year old Kingsley Cadle and Anthony Garbutt with Kept firearm without a gun license and kept ammunition without a gun license. Senior Superintendent Broaster told us more about this operation. Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster - OC, Eastern Division Rural "Yesterday our rural rapid response team intercepted a black Infinity QX4 with license place BZC-46386, at the time occupied by Kingsley Cadle, age 34 and Anthony Garbutt, age 42. When intercepted our officers observed a firearm being thrown from the vehicle which was recovered and found to be a .22 revolver with serial number 529891, containing 5 live rounds of ammunition and one expended shell. The two individuals has since been charged for kept firearm without a gun license and kept ammunition without a gun license and the vehicle is impounded."

Rice Situation Coming To A Showdown?
Earlier we told you about the turkey shipment that came in last week to sighs of relief, but the one that's coming from Santo Thomas this week is expected to produce nothing but stress and confrontation - and somewhere in there, consumers may end up with a lower price of rice. We're talking about the three containers of Guyanese Rice bring brought in by importer Jack Charles. On Friday a release from the Belize Agro productive Sector questioned Charles's motives - accusing him of undermining local producers just to make a profit. Today, Charles answered in his own press release. He says he's not trying to wipe out the local producers. Charles's release says quote, "My objective is to import only 20% of the total rice consumed in the country, and (I) certainly don't have any interest in creating an import monopoly…. This will…serve as a check and balance on price of Rice in the local market." Charles also notes the failings of the Agroproductive sector and the Ministry of Agriculture, who in April had committed to come up with a formula for cheaper rice within 1 month.

Man Dies After Bizarre Highway Accident
When a truck tried to squeeze between the wide load and the bus, the conductor was flung outside and pinned by his legs. Well, now, the conductor, Norman Castillo has died as a result of the injuries he sustained from the accident. Today, in sharing the news of his passing with the media, Superintendent Boaster gave his condolences to the family: Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster - OC, Eastern Division Rural "We have the unfortunate passing of Norman Castillo, 46 years old. Who died from injuries which resulted from the RTA that occurred on the 27th November. He died in the evening of the 12th December and we would like to give our condolences to his family and friends. This accident occurred on the 27th November where the bus and a truck - I believe the truck was overtaking and ran the bus off the road and pinned Mr. Castillo's feet."

Warden Takes A Plea To Weed Possession
A prison officer and a cook from the Belize Central Prison have been charged with drug trafficking. This weekend 29 year prison Officer Juan Perez and cook Fabian Chen tried to smuggle about a pound of weed into the prison on 2 separate occasions. Perez was caught with 1 pound of weed while Chen was caught with less than a pound. Broaster told us more about these incidents. Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster - OC, Eastern Division Rural "On Saturday night at 8pm prison officer Juan Perez attempted to smuggle 483 grams of cannabis into the KOLBE Foundation. He has been since charged with drug trafficking. We also have the cook from KOLBE Foundation detained and being charged for drug trafficking for attempting to smuggle 28 grams of cannabis into the KOLBE Foundation. His name is Fabian Chen, 28 years." Both were charged with drug trafficking. Perez pleaded guilty to drug trafficking. Because it was his first offence and he expressed remorse, Magistrate Carlon Mendoza used his discretion and imposed a fine of $10,000 dollars. Perez said that it was an inmate who asked him to bring the cannabis.

Cops Congratulate Community
As you've been seeing, Eastern Division Rural has been all over the news tonight - with a gun and drug bust and the additional 7 who were charged in the Ahbou-Nahra home invasion, and police say it's all because of the community's help. Broaster told us how important and community assistance has been to solving crime. Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster - OC, Eastern Division Rural "We appreciate very much the public contribution in our success and we want to encourage them to continue to "see something, say something and stop something." It's been working very effectively and that will no doubt create that kind of safety in their community and in other communities. So we just want to congratulate them on that."

Leonora: The Wisdom Of Her Years
102: That's how old Belize City resident Leonora Patnett turned yesterday. Every year we visit this remarkable woman to find out how her special birthday celebration was and this year she was as vibrant and eager to speak with us as usual. Pattnett lives on Wagner's Lane.

Kim For The Kids
There were several Christmas parties for city kids last week - so why not have a Christmas concert? Today at the Bliss Center, over 500 kids from Children's homes all over the country went to be a part of the Christmas Show. Special Envoy for Women and Children Kim Simplis Barrow told us it's all about making their Christmas brighter.