Very happy to say that wasn't me.. I'm happy because it means somebody else gives a damn. I suspect it is a tenant or property owner but haven't seen the area. If you get a chance, please take a picture of the cover-up and email to [email protected]

I am on the island every two months for a week and hope to take care of Graffiti in obvious places that are seen by everybody. In many cases I will talk to tenants and ask them to take care of it. I'm not looking to take on all of San Pedro but cover up the areas that we all see. I will eventually have a meeting with the tourist board and the council to show them "the easy way" to cover the stuff up. About 4 months ago there was "nasty" gang Graffiti on the front and side of the Tourist Board building on front street. I visited them and they took care of it.

The real trick is for the property owners and tenants to care...

Nope; wasn't me.


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