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The San Pedro Sun

Images of Belize by Tony Rath
Tony Rath, for as long as I can remember has been sharing his art with the world through photography. While I’ve never gotten the opportunity to meet the acclaimed nature photographer, I wake up every morning looking forward to seeing the gorgeous images that appear on my Facebook Newsfeed. This artist is truly one of Belize’s finest, and has re-kindled the love and appreciation for our gem of nation in the hearts of many Belizeans through his GORGEOUS shots. From rainforest to savanas, rivers and seas, wildlife and our beautiful people and culture Mr. Rath truly has an eye for it, led of course, by what can only be passion. If you enjoy seeing his gorgeous images on your newsfeed and in the various magazines of Belize, you can have a collection of your very own when you purchase “Images of Belize” by Tony Rath. It’s 100 breath taking photographs that are captured in true Rath fashion. If you love photography and you love Belize this book is just right for you. Might I add, it truly makes the perfect holiday gift!

Holiday Dangers for your Dogs
During these holidays, please ensure that your pet is safe. According to Saga Humane Society, food poisoning is more likely to occur between Christmas and New Year’s than any other week. Accidental poisoning from items such as alcohol, cold medicines and rodenticides are elevated during the holiday season. So here is some useful information to ensure your pet has a safe holiday: - Don’t allow your pet to eat chocolate or products that contain chocolate. - Turkey bones, if ingested, can splinter or become lodged in the digestive tract. - Food containing grapes, raisins and currants (such as fruit cakes) can result in kidney failure in dogs. - Anything that’s rich, fatty or spicy ca

Winners of the annual Caribbean Christmas Colors Contest illuminate San Pedro
It was another joyful ride for The San Pedro Sun staff and judges as they rode around San Pedro Town on Friday, December 18th, for their 10th Caribbean Christmas Colors Contest. Joining the merry ride and having the great honor to choose their favorite brightly lit homes were esteemed judges Rene Guzman, Cindy Guerrero and Diane Lawrence. Children were delighted to see the golf carts adorned with Christmas decorations driving past their streets, as the mini parade went along judging the festively decorated houses while handing out sweet treats in the spirit of holiday sharing. Although the rain and challenging roads tried to dampen their holiday spirit, the gang still managed to tour through town core, neighboring areas and even ventured over the Boca del Rio Bridge for a short distance. The procession then ventured south, all the way to Escalante and through DFC. Unfortunately some areas were impossible to reach due to street conditions due to the rain.

Caribbean Villas host fundraising luncheon to benefit SHINE
On Saturday December 19th, Caribbean Villas hosted a ladies holiday charity lunch under the theme “Little Black Dress.” Despite the rainy weather conditions, the ladies showed up to support the event which benefitted SHINE Girls Club, an island program established to empower, motivate and build the self-esteem of girls ages 13-16. The event kicked off a bit late, due to rain but nevertheless saw the group of ladies enjoying great conversation over assorted beverages. For the cost of $85BZ, attendees were treated to a complimentary drink, appetizers, meal options including Caribbean seafood bacalao, grilled jerk style chicken, and a cashew pesto salad. Dessert options included decadent chocolate brownies and key lime pie.

‘The Future is Gold’ fashion show raises funds for Boxes of Joy
On Friday, December 18th, Boxes of Joy hosted their third annual Kids Fashion Show benefit at the Angel Nunez Auditorium. The Future is Gold-themed show, organized by Shantelle Pascasio and Francisco Mendez; saw the participation of 52 young models who all delighted the audience as they graced the runway in benefit of the annual Christmas fundraising event. The show began with a short act depicting a child looking to accomplish her dreams. She wanted to be an archeologist and while she was in her search, a model dressed as an archeologist showed her the way to the golden future she was looking for. After the performance, everything rolled smoothly into the seven segments of the night which were as follows: Casual Wear, Carriers, Glitz and Glam, Christmas Night, Formal Wear, Boys to Men, My Closet and the fabulous Divas and Dudes. The cheerful models impressed onlookers as they displayed their modeling talents with great confidence and poise. The different clothes they modeled came from boutiques and stores such as Love Belize, Wings, Man O War, and Top Notch.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Castillo's Hardware Christmas Raffle
Congratulation to the lucky winners of Castillo's Hardware Christmas Raffle that was drawn December 22nd.


Poets Corner: Garvey's Legacy
By Abdulmajeed K Nunez. Garvey’s legacy was that his organizational structure was legendary He had both leadership and organizational quality He influenced organizations globally From religious, political or militarily Everyone tried to duplicate Garvey It’s well known that Elijah Muhmmad studied Ahmadi Farah Muhammad was a Pakistani We learned this from Warith Muhammad’s testimony Nation of Islam was structured from the UNIA started by Garvey Elijah Poole was also Reverend Divine’s understudy So what is the relationship with Ahmadi and Garvey? Since Garvey had a branch in every country The same thing is being done by Ahmadi

BEL Employees Distribute Hampers to 120 Families Countrywide
Employees of Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) are, for the 17th consecutive year, continuing the tradition of distributing hampers to deserving families across the country. The hampers contain the main ingredients for a traditional Christmas dinner; some also include toys for families with children and care packages with toiletries for the elderly. During yesterday and today, BEL employees have been making deliveries of one hundred and twenty (120) hampers valued at approximately $150 each, which were made possible through monetary contributions from employees and the Company.

Ghetto X- Mas
By: Abdulmajeed K Nunez. Wave Radio, Love TV call in I found demeaning, Competing for the best turkey impersonating Minister’s street soldier came around the next morning Ham, a party bag and toy in hand Boy oh boy! The tactic they employ unu understand Is this all our people are worth to these politicians? Poor people borrowing loans for Xmas Flanking courts to get things pan trust Retailer gauging price to trick us Political figures spend monies they have in trust Giving the impression they care about us Even the Vatican has made a confession That they were wrong about this X-mas celebration Using Jesus as the center of attraction It’s even came out that St Nick was a black man What a fantastic theatrics of impersonation

San Pedro House of Culture Holiday hours
Kindly take note of our closing dates for this holiday season (we will also be closed December 24th, 2015 at midday)

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
Sicario, The Intern, The Peanuts Movie, The Martian

Splashers on Thursday
Alrighty have been getting messages about people wanting to paint Thursday so let's see who's in I want to paint the Grinch so whoever wants to paint him can and others can choose a painting they missed. That's my Christmas gift.. everybody gets to paint what they want but they have to let me know by 11a.m today so I can prep their canvas.

WestBay Beach Club on Caye Caulker
Old School Dance Part 1: December 24th.

A snippet of our Corozal 2015 Christmas Parade
Certainly bringing in the Christmas spirit to our town. Proud of our town and all the smiles on our children. May you and your families be blessed with an abundance of joy and health. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Keep Corozal Safe and Clean during the Christmas Holiday.

by Bilal Morris. He wrote the same way he spoke so expressively, and he was the epitome of the Belizean theater of the mind. He was the Belizean grio, and could tell any story from any part of Belize that you can think about. He was John Alexander Watler, who is one of Belize's most acclaimed writers of all times. Belizean Creole folklore, as those told by John Watler, is embedded in the text of classical African experiences brought to the Caribbean and Central America by the narratives of the slave, and passed down through tradition and storytelling by those like George Mckessey, Gertude Stewart, Johnny Kwaku, and many others whom had come to grace Belizean shores as descendants of their African ancestors.

Channel 7

Rice Case Going to Court on Christmas Eve
After 6 days of silence from BAHA, importer Jack Charles has decided that he will take the Government to court. That’s the decision that the Belize City based businessman made today on the advice of his attorneys. As has been widely reported, he’s trying to get his 75 tonnes of Guyanese Rice released from the Big Creek Port in Independence Village. The Government officials have already explained publicly why they aren’t allowing him to freely import Guyanese Rice, but BAHA hasn’t put it down in writing. So, this morning, Charles’ attorney, Leroy Banner, showed up the Supreme Court to file the lawsuit. Shortly after he delivered the documents to the Registrar, he told the awaiting press what they’re asking the court for: Leroy Banner - Attorney for Jack Charles "From last week we were trying to get in touch with BAHA to find out exactly what they reason why they have retained our client's container. We have given them ample time, we wrote them, we called them and no on responded to our request to please put in writing the reason as to why the containers are being held. We realize that it's almost been a week now and we decided that they will not give us anything in writing so we file a motion of judicial review to seek the court's permission as to whether or not; so that they can review and look at what BAHA did to see if they were justified in holding Mr. Charles' containers."

Keyren Tzib, Home For Christmas
After spending 5 months on remand for manslaughter, Coast Guard Officer Keyren Tzib will spend the Christmas holidays at home. For the last two months, she’s been trying to get bail from the Supreme Court, and, finally, today, Justice Troadio Gonzalez granted her application. He set the bail at $10,000 dollars and set strict conditions: she must surrender all her travel documents, she must report to the Ladyville Police Station every Tuesday and Friday until the case is resolved, and she must not contact or interfere with any of the witnesses. She’s accused of fatally stabbing her 30 year-old common-law husband, Thytis Blancaneaux. The court was very reluctant to grant her bail until the state was sure that she was not a danger to herself or to society. Her application was denied back on October 20, and since then, her attorney, Mayor Darrell Bradley, has been trying to convince the court that she deserves bail.

Hon. Finnegan Says The UDP Fears No Stevedore Backlash
All week, the Port of Belize and the new law concerning stevedores has been in the news. The law makes their ship loading and unloading an essential service – meaning they can no longer spontaneously strike; first they have to give 21 days’ notice. Now, as the CWU pointed out in its release on Monday, most of these stevedores are UDP supporters – in fact the union says it’s about 90% of them. So then why the UDP government make a move against the interests of heir own constituents in their base – which is the Southside of Belize City. That’s what we asked Mesopotamia Representative Michael Finnegan today. He’s got plenty stevedores in his division and in an extended and outspoken interview he told us that the law will actually help the stevedores. Now if he sounds like his political calculus doesn’t quite add up – here’s how he explained it: Jules Vasquez: "It has been controversial because some say the government is siding with the big man over the small man." Hon. Michael Finnegan - Mesopotamia Area Representative: "There is nothing controversial about it and the government is not siding with no big man over no small man. My government is here to protect the interest of the small and at the same time to protect the interest of this economy. So anybody weh di talk nonsense about this UDP government the pass the SI in order to protect any big man, big man my hell, this government noh interested in no big man."

Car Wash Man Stabbed To Death
A man was stabbed to death early this morning on Far West Street. The police do not have much details on it but the report is that 45 year old Lindbert Brown was with a female and another male friend around 2:23 this morning. They were hanging out at the end of Far West Street when Brown allegedly attacked the female with a broken pint bottle but his other friend intervened, took the broken bottle away from Brown and stabbed him with it. Brown and the woman were rushed to KHMH where Brown died and the woman was treated and released. Police say they will have more information tomorrow. Residents in the area say Brown was car wash man.

Deondre Acquitted
23 year-old Deondre McKoy was acquitted of attempted murder today before Justice Troadio Gonzalez in a trial without jury. IN the end, the testimony of his accuser was not enough to convince the judge. 23 year-old Alexis Cu told the court that in September of 2012 he was walking on William Street at around 8 p.m. when McKoy rode up and shot him several times in the abdomen, lower back, and left hand. After considering all the evidence, Justice Gonzalez ruled that he was innocent, and acquitted him of attempted murder, dangerous harm, and use of deadly means of harm. He still has another attempted murder case for which trial is pending.

FSTV Puts Down The Screws Independent Operators
For the past two nights we’ve been telling you about the plight of the independent operators inside the Fort Street Tourism Village. They say the foreign management of the FSTV is trying to push them out of the village – and proof of that came today. Despite pretensions to the opposite by the Belize Tourism Board – the operators inside the village have been presented with a lease renewal, which includes a requirement for the 2 million dollar per passenger insurance. Bottom line? If they sign the lease to hold their spot inside the village – they also have to agree to purchase the 2 million dollar per passenger coverage – which comes at a steep price which many of the small operators say they can hardly afford – and especially not right after 7 months of low season. But that’s the hard line being laid down by the village management – while the tourism board keeps up its routine of whistling past the graveyard. We are told the lease has to be signed before Christmas.

GSU Deflects Meighan Blame
On Friday’s newscast, you heard Ellis Meighan talk about a brutal GSU led search of his house. Meighan claimed that the GSU has something personal against him and his family. Today we caught up with the GSU commander Mark Flowers at the Biltmore where we asked him about the incident. Flowers accused us of being desperate for news. Here is what he said. Supt. Mark Flowers - Commander, GSU "It's more like Channel 7 desperation for news. I've spoken to these people but I didn't hear the complaint. What was told to me was that one person said that another person said something." Emanuel Pech "We spoke specifically to Mr. Ellis Meighan." Supt. Mark Flowers - Commander, GSU "Ellis Meighan was saying that his brother said that something happened and he was not there. So I still don't get the point except the sensationalism that is not news. But how we do and discharge our function is consistent with the rule of law and try to keep it as consistent as possible with the rule of law. There is no need for any strong arming or no bullying of anybody, we just want to do what we are charted to do and we want to do it as often as we have to and without; we are not a strong armed unit. We are more committed to doing what we need to do and get it done and get out of there."

GSU Strategy And Southside Approach Can Find Common Ground
The Meighan encounter goes down as one of several other complaints received against GSU this year. The unit’s hard charging style stands in stark contrast to that of the community friendly approach taken by South Side police and their Commander Sr. Superintendent Chester Williams. Since being appointed as the Commander of Eastern South Division earlier this year Williams has embarked on a full fledged campaign of peace making and non aggression – which has been met by a sharp downturn in the city’s murder rate. But is the GSU’s confrontational approach, unspooling the delicate threads of peace woven by the South Side commander and his community policing initiatives? Here’s what Commander Flowers had to say about that. "I regret that you weren't here earlier today when some speeches were made. I think I refer to that and cited that we were very grateful for the intervention of Senior Superintendent Mr. Williams on the Southside and now much easier he has made life for all of us..."

Is There Christmas Cheer This Year?
Is there any Christmas Cheer this year? That’s what some have been wondering since the Petrocaribe fund has just about wound down – and the millions that are left in there has already been committed to other projects – plus, there’s no election on the horizon – so no need to curry favour with the electorate. It’s a cynical but ineluctable conclusion – but according to Michael Finnegan – it’s also a false one – since he says cheer is ongoing in Mesop:… Hon. Michael Finnegan - Mesopotamia Area Representative "So fi tell you that no Christmas cheers, I don't know where Christmas cheers no deh but I the tell you Christmas cheers they inna Mesopotamia and I know Christmas cheers is in Albert division because Albert borders Mesopotamia and the people in both Albert and Mesopotamia are all jumping for joy." Jules Vasquez "I wouldn't quite go that far. I hear the people in Albert the get a lee 75 dollars." Hon. Michael Finnegan - Mesopotamia Area Representative "But what wrong with 75 dollars’ worth of Christmas cheers? Nothing wrong with 75 dollars’ worth of Christmas cheers. That is wonderful Jules that is wonderful Christmas cheers; it's a token, a gift of appreciation. A gift of appreciation to share, share the good season, share the season, share the love with others; that is what Christmas is all about. Christmas cheers da no fi mine yo."

Belize Gets New Cuba Ambassador
Belize has a new Ambassador to Cuba. Annie Burns Martinez will take the over from Efrain Novelo who has been acting as head of mission for a few years. She was accredited in Havana, Cuba at the Palace of the Revolution in Havana where she presented her credentials to Cuban Vice President Gladys Bejerano Portela. According to a government release, they discussed new areas for cooperation in trade, culture, and tourism. Ambassador Burns Martinez also thanked the Cubans for the Medical Brigade and the medical scholarships given to Belize. They also spoke about the current Cuban migrant crisis in Central America and the role of human traffickers. The release says that Both parties await the outcome of a follow-up meeting in Mexico to move closer to a resolution.

Fatal Benque
A traffic collision in Benque Viejo Yesterday could have ended very badly, fortunately everyone escaped from the wreckage with minor injuries. Around 4:15 yesterday afternoon, 25 year old Ri Fu Feng of Santa Elena Town was driving a white Isuzu cargo truck between miles 71 and 72 on the George Price Highway towards Benque Viejo Town. That’s when Florencio Perez, driving a yellow and black blue bird bus in the opposite direction, lost control of the bus and collided head on into the left portion of the cargo truck. 25 year old Feng sustained minor cut wounds above his right eye. The bus had extensive damage to its front portion. The driver Florencio Perez became trapped between the steering wheel and his seat but authorities managed to free him in time. As a result however, Perez sustained abrasions to his face, fractured his right hand and legs and complained of pain to the abdomen. He was rushed to the San Ignacio Hospital where he remains in a stable condition. Authorities have not been able to determine what caused Perez to lose control of the passenger bus in the first place

Donald Trump's Daughter In Belize
Ivanka Trump, the Daughter of US Republican presidential Candidate Donald Trump, is in Belize. So what is she doing here when her father is leading a vigorous campaign in the US? On Tuesday the 35 year old soon-to-be mother updated her Instagram followers about her tropical get away sharing that she and her husband Jared Kushnar, quote, “Snuck away together to enjoy a few days of R&R.” She added that she was staying at Cayo Espanto, located about three miles off the coast of Ambergris Caye. In one picture Trump posed on a porch with an enticing Belize beach scenery in the background. Her recent activities were picked up by an American tabloid “celebritybabies.people” who published an article describing the getaway as a, quote, “Enviable Tropical Babymoon.” News of Trump’s visit to Belize came just one day after the Belize Tourism Board pulled a successful publicity stunt by inviting Steve Harvey to host next year’s Costa Maya Pageant in San Pedro. This, after his international mega-blunder at the Miss Universe pageant.

FCCA, The Party For The South
In most cases, we hear about Christmas parties hosted for the City kids. Well, yesterday it was all about the young ones in the south. A Christmas party was held at the Independence High School Auditorium and 20 kids from 10 different schools in Stann Creek were invited. After the fun activities, the kids told us this was more than just a party for them. Packed goody bags; a clown with magic powers, prizes and gifts. These were the highlights of the Christmas party in Stann Creek today. Over 200 children attended. But while this line up is standard for any kid’s party, it’s a totally new experience for these young ones. Janay Wade - St. Alphonsus R.C School: "It’s the first time we came to something." And that’s one of the reasons why the Belize Tourism Board decided to bring Christmas to them. Courtney Weatherburne: "I know you all usually, or we always report or hear about parties in the city. It's refreshing to know that you guys came down south. Tell us the idea about choosing the south and the kids here."

Regional Wingle
More Wingles for the police: today the Eastern Rural Division got a 2016 Great Wall Wingle for highway patrol. A short handing over ceremony was held at the Matalon building where the keys to the new ride were given to Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster. Broaster told us how this vehicle will be used to significantly reduce drug and firearm offenses. Amanda Arguelles - PR, National Aggregates Limited "We at National Aggregates saw a need for the police being back and forth between the highway for transportation. So we approached Senior Superintendent Broaster and asked him if there is anyway the company was able to help them with anything that they may need and he said transportation was the major problem there, they needed additional. With that in mind we decided nothing was more fitting that to help them in that department. So we decided to donate a new police truck." Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster - OC, Eastern Division Rural "Well first of all today is our day for receiving and we want to thank Belize National Aggregate for their kind gesture of donating this truck. This truck is going to be utilized for highway patrol from mile 8 to mile 21 on the George Price Highway. And I'm sure that it's going to do a lot of prevention especially in the smuggling of firearms and drugs into and out of the Belize district."

Cops Get Props For Cash Giveaway
Last night we told you about Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster’s crafty cash scheme. 20 commuters were given $100 dollars each for their Christmas treat and it was all about giving back to the community. While a few of the commuters were anxious and even agitated when the police took them off the bus – Broaster and his team have been getting great reviews on this operation and people are already asking when he plans on giving out more money. Today, Broaster told us more about the public’s feedback and also about the other programs that they will be rolling out next year.

New Cops For Rural Areas
In addition to those community programs, the Rural Eastern Division has 15 new police officers to help with patrols especially in Sandhill. Broaster told us how these new officers will enhance police operations and community outreach The new policing programs will start mid 2016.

GSU, Out For Lunch
At midday today, personnel from the Gang Suppression Unit put down their heavy guns and picked up another type of implement - knives and forks. About two thirds of the GSU unit were treated to a buffet style lunch at the Biltmore Plaza this afternoon as a show of appreciation. Commander of the GSU Superintendent Mark Flowers was joined at the head table by Commanders of the Eastern South and Eastern North Division. He spoke to us about the importance of having his men take time off from the daily grind to unwind at an event like this. Flowers says that he hopes to have another event like this.

Prices Down
The Statistical Institute of Belize has released its latest figures and they show prices trending down in November, led mainly by the falling price of fuel. The costs per gallon of premium and regular gasoline were down by 25 percent and 27 percent, respectively, while diesel declined by 24 percent in comparison to November 2014. And along that line, International airfares were 37 percent lower than during the same month last year – which has to do with the falling price of oil and an increase in the number of carriers and flights to and from Belize. LPG or Butane declined by almost 30 percent, as the average price of a 100-pound cylinder fell to $84 in November 2015 from $117 in the same month last year. Food prices were also down from last year. Despite higher prices for beef, pork, eggs, the price went down for red kidney beans, cooking oil, shortening and fresh vegetables,.

Channel 5

Jack Charles Takes Rice Dispute to Court!
The ongoing logjam between the Belize Agricultural Health Authority, BAHA, and businessman Jack Charles, proprietor of R.C. Imports, over the importation of Guyanese rice will be settled in court.  With [...]

Will Containers of Guyanese Rice be Released by BAHA for Christmas Season?
If granted, a judicial remedy in the form of an order from the superior court will succeed.  While Attorney Banner is optimistic that the matter will be heard in the [...]

Still No Charges in San Ignacio Police Station Rape Case
Three days after an outrageous allegation by a twenty-five year old woman that she was raped by a Police Constable while detained at the San Ignacio Police Station, an investigation [...]

Embattled Coast Guard Officer Keyren Tzib is Out on Bail
Keyren Tzib will be home for the holidays. After walking up and down the steps of the Supreme Court many times, the court today granted the coastguard officer bail. She [...]

A Belize City Man is Stabbed to Death on Amara Avenue
Forty-five-year-old Lindbert Brown lost his life this morning, following a predawn assault during which he was stabbed multiple times inside a residence on Amara Avenue in Belize City.  It is [...]

A New Ambassador to Cuba is Appointed
Belize has appointed a new Ambassador to Cuba. Annie Burns Martinez, presented credentials to the government ofCubaat the Palacio de la Revolucion inHavanaaccrediting her as ambassador toCuba.  Vice President and [...]

Cuban Migrants in Limbo at Costa Rica to Spend Holidays in Detention
And in an update to the crisis of the Cuban migrants stranded in Costa Rica, they will be spending the holidays in that country. That is because negotiators have failed [...]

More Details on RTA in Cayo District
On Tuesday night we reported on two separate traffic accidents involving buses and fortunately there were no fatalities.  Tonight we have more details on the accident that happened between miles [...]

An Orange Walk Cashier is Arraigned for Hit and Run Incident
There is an arrest in a hit and run accident that occurred up north over the weekend. Cashier Madelyn Gongora, a resident of Orange Walk has been charged for ‘driving [...]

Police Meet and Greet Residents of Lake-I
A team of uniformed police officers, led by Senior Superintendent Chester Williams descended, on Mahogany Street in Belize City this afternoon where the men and women of law enforcement met [...]

A Great Wall for Ladyville Police
The Rural Eastern Division of the Belize Police Department today received a very generous and much needed donation from a corporate entity within their jurisdiction, National Aggregates Limited. Like with [...]

New Vehicle to Assist in Covering Expansive Rural Jurisdiction
The Rural Eastern Division covers about twenty-two thousand square miles and thirty-two communities. So it’s a given this truck is going to be a workhorse for the department which has [...]

Christmas Cheer from Ladyville Police
On Tuesday night we aired a story about the Rural Eastern Division giving back to the community, in cash. It was an unprecedented operation that has certainly received very positive [...]

Transparent Gives Generously to Salvation Army Cause
The Salvation Army is the recipient of a generous donation from Transparent BPO today.  The customer service company handed over a check for five thousand dollars to Regional Commander Major [...]

A Christmas Parade in Ladyville
If you’re from the Ladyville community and are watching this story, then it’s likely you’re missing out on the first every Christmas Parade organized by the victory Assembly of God [...]

What’s Ivanka Trump Doing in Belize?
In the United States, Donald Trump is the front runner for the Republican Party in the U.S. elections. But inBelize, it is his daughter making the news. Ivanka Trump and [...]


Transparent BPO Gifts Salvation Army with 5K
The Christmas season has always proven to be a time of giving and sharing and 2015 has proven no different. The Salvation Army was given a cheque of five thousand dollars from the company, Transparent BPO. The handing over took place this morning at the headquarters of Transparent BPO on Coney Drive in Belize City […]

Aggregates Business Gives Vehicle to Rural Police
A brand new pickup truck was handed over to the Ladyville Police Station this morning in front of the Matalon Building on Coney Drive in Belize City. On hand to receive the vehicle for the police was Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster who spoke to the media on how the vehicle will be used as well […]

Jack Charles’ Attorney Files for Judicial Review on Guyanese Rice
The legal battle over Guyanese rice has begun. Today Leeroy Banner who is representing Importer Jack Charles, filed an application in the court to have the rice released. Hipolito Novelo reports. HIPOLITO NOVELO REPORTING “In another major development in the Guyanese rice saga, Attorney Leeroy Banner filed an application requesting for judicial review in order […]

Belize’s Ambassador to Cuba Installed
Belize’s Ambassador to Cuba, Her Excellency Annie Burns Martinez has presented her credentials to Vice President and Comptroller General of the Republic of Cuba, Her Excellency Gladys Bejerano Portela and First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, His Excellency Marcelino Medina González. Both parties reportedly discussed new areas for cooperation in trade, culture, and tourism. Ambassador […]

Stabbing Inside Prison Walls Turns Deadly
Thirty two year old Sherlock Myvette was stabbed several times today at the Belize Central Prison. He is at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital under police guard while receiving treatment. Myvette who is on remand for the 2009 murder of Belmopan taxi-driver, James Young was stabbed after he was involved in an altercation with twenty […]

James Stalling Claims Seneca Plane
About two weeks ago we brought you an interview with Brigadier General David Jones of the Belize Defense Force where we were told that the plane that landed mysteriously at Belize City’s Municipal Airstrip in October 2015 has been claimed. At the time of that interview, a letter of ownership had been sent to the […]

Early Morning Stabbing Proves Fatal
Sometime around 2:30 this morning, forty five year old Lindbert Brown of Amara Avenue in Belize City was fatally stabbed. It happened in an area the neighborhood calls far west street during an altercation. According to reports, Brown had gone to visit a female friend when he and his attacker met. A relative of Brown […]

Coast Guard Tzib Gets Conditional Bail
Twenty-four year old Coast Guard officer Keyren Tzib, remanded on a charge of manslaughter, was granted bail of ten thousand dollars and two sureties of the same amount by Justice John Gonzalez. Her attorney, Darrell Bradley, told Love News that the bail application was successful because during the previous court session Justice Gonzalez had ordered […]

November Figures In from SIB
Before the year is up, the Statistical Institute of Belize issued its latest release and this one has to do with the month of November in regards to consumer price index, CPI and trade. According to the SIB, the prices of goods and services purchased by Belizean households were, on average, one point two percent […]

Belizean Poet/Storyteller Passes
Well known Belizean author, storyteller, and poet John Alexander Watler died this morning. Watler was born in 1938 in Monkey River Village in the Toledo District but was residing in Maryland Baltimore. Walter was in the writing business for over four decades of his life. In this timeframe Watler was one of the first writers […]