now we moved here to the beautiful San Pedro and we love the local people here the real San Pedranos!
We have a lot of small and big supermarkets here..but we need some advice where to buy very cheap groceries like pasta, cheese, milk and perhaps natural yoghurt ? Its not so important but would be great to know for people with less money than other on Ambergris Caye ;-) Any tips?
Is there a Spanish course for groups ?
Anybody has connection to the La Isla Bonita school? We just paid the place for one of our sons at the island academy but he likes to go on the local isla bonita.. so we have to do the registration fast are they open during the holiday? When does the school begin ? Any advice ? Thank you!!
We saw a German man in the btl store..and the lady said there a 3 today for order btl..who is German too? please inbox me...
Thank you for reading and we feel very happy and looking forward to settle in and know about everything. See you!
Michaela and family
email please to
[email protected]