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The San Pedro Sun

Belize Sailing Association installs new Board of Directors

Teams start making their mark in the 5-a-side Football Tournament
The game week begun on Thursday, January 7th at 6PM and saw five senior male matches being played. In the first match, Empire FC lost against Boca Jrs. in a 7-3 point game. We Them Boys then defeated E&L Boys with a score of 7-2. The third match was a narrow game between Los Dorados FC and United FC, but United FC rose victorious with a score of 5-4. Haramouch FC suffered a devastating defeat in the fourth game of the day against Island Pure FC, in an 11-3 point game. In the last game of the night Pro Divers FC defeated Boca Bombers in a 4-1 point match. Games will continue on Saturday, January 16th starting at 7PM with eight teams facing off: We Them Boys versus Haramouch FC, Boca Bombers FC versus Caye Caulker Boys, Pro Divers FC versus Victoria’s House FC and Los Catrachos FC versus E&L Boys. Games continue on Sunday January 16th at 11AM: El Pescador Warriors versus Bayern Leverkusen, Bayern Munich A versus Bayern Munich B, Real FC Jrs. versus Manchester United, Island Boys versus SPHS FC, Spice Girls versus Ocean Sands Girls, Los Dorados FC versus Costa Blue FC, Scorpions FC versus Boca Jrs. FC and San Juan FC versus United FC.

Supreme Court grants bail to two police sex offenders; PC Serano and PC Moreira
26-year-old Police Constable attached to the San Pedro Police Department, Kyle Hubert Serano has been granted bail after being officially arrested, charged and remanded for the crime of “Sexual Assault” against a 13-year-old minor. Serano, who was charged by San Pedro Police on Wednesday, December 30th, was initially denied bail by Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer on Thursday, December 31st and remanded to the Belize Central Prison. But, after petitioning once more, bail was granted to him by Justice Antoinette Moore at the Belize City Supreme Court on Friday, January 8th. During his bail hearing, Serano was represented by Attorney at Law, Dickie Bradley. After hearing his petition, Justice Moore granted bail on the conditions that he must report to a police station every Friday and stay away from all of the prosecution’s witnesses until Serano’s court proceedings are complete. His next court hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, January 26th. Serano was charged after the minor reported to police that she had been sexually assaulted on three occasions by the officer.

Failure to declare funds leaves August Tabony detained in Honduras for six days
On Tuesday, January 5th, Honduran authorities apprehended Belizean businessman, August Tabony for failing to declare $16,490US upon entering the country. Six days later, on Monday, January 11th, Tabony was released and exonerated of all charges by Honduran authorities. Initially, Tabony had been arrested under suspicion of money laundering in connection to drug trafficking, but he managed to present his case before a Honduran court clearing his name. According to Tabony, the entire incident was just a misunderstanding, as he owns several businesses in Honduras. Tabony arrived at the Philip Goldson International Airport from Roatan, Honduras on Monday, January 11th shortly after 8:30PM. After disembarking from the aircraft, Tabony directed his attention to the media who were present...” Tabony was arrested at upon arriving at the Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport in Roatan on Tuesday, January 5th.

Ambergris Today

Mariel Calderon Celebrates Her Quinceaños
On Saturday, January 9, 2016, Mariel Calderon celebrated her Quinceaños (15th Birthday) along with her friends and family at the Lion's Den. She enetertained her guests with traditional and modern dances in a night full of laughter and joy. Mariel Calderon, daughter of Guadalupe Calderon and Norman Mai, was officially presented to society by her Godparents Emerita Badillo and Gerry Badillo. Congratulatons Mariel!

A Hurricane in January? Atlantic Strom no Threat to Belize
Just when you thought that the Atlantic Season Hurricane Season was over…Think Again. An out of season storm has formed in the Atlantic Ocean that has been classified as the first named storm of the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season. Hurricane Alex is only the fourth named Atlantic storm to form in January in over 160 years. The storm formed yesterday afternoon south southwest of the Azores, a group of islands located 800-900 miles west of Portugal. A small eye formed in the system during early Thursday and now packs winds of up to 85mph.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

"I am not a pet!
This small howler monkey came in from the Belize Forest Department as a confiscation. He had not only been illegally wild-caught (all primate pets are illegally wild-caught in Belize), bought illegally on the black market (any buying or selling of monkey in Belize is illegal), but had also been illegally castrated, and was very stressed. He had the sweetest, most cheerful personality, but his injuries and the stress level they caused were too great, and he died in our arms, despite all our efforts to save him. Of the 88 primates that have come into the Rehabilitation Centre over the past five years, we have lost only five...but each cuts deep, and this one cuts the deepest. Some you never forget..

Training on Karst Management
Dr. Jason Polk, Dr. Leslie North and Robert Schaefer of the Western Kentucky University imparted a three day training on karst management to FCD’s Karst Management Unit staff. The Institute of Archaeology and other guides also took part in the training. Financial support provided by PACT.

Bandits Host Hurricanes
The NEBL kicks off this weekend, and the opening festivities will be in Belmopan, as the Bandits, who are celebrating their 20th anniversary, host the Hurricanes. It'll be at the UB gym, and starts at 8:00pm. Go Bandits!

Bowen and Bowen inaugurates state of the art bottling line facility
A new multi-million, state of the art soft drink bottling facility was inaugurated on Tuesday, 13th January by Bowen & Bowen Ltd as part of the company’s efforts to increase its competitive edge to secure its fair share of the local market, which in recent years has been flooded by an expanding number of imported brands. The beverage market in Belize is becoming more competitive with products now being imported from Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. To maintain its market share, Bowen and Bowen Ltd decided to upgrade its soft drink manufacturing and beer fermentation and bottling capacity at its facilities in Ladyville. This investment is mainly in the form of new bottling equipment in line with the requirements that the international holders (Coca Cola, Fanta and Guinness) are demanding.

On Wednesday, 13 January 2016, the Belize Supreme Court ruled on BTIA’s lawsuit against the Department of the Environment (DOE) and the National Environmental Appraisal Committee (NEAC) following the DOE’s decision to approve the construction by Belize Island Holdings (BIHL) of a cruise port at Harvest Caye, just three miles south of Placencia Village. The Hon. Justice Abel declared that there was a breach of Regulation 20 of the EIA Regulations concerning to the published notice in relation to the Addendum to the EIA. The court also ruled that the content of the published notice was deficient in various areas and, very significantly, that the decision of the NEAC to recommend the approval of the EIA was in breach of EIA Regulations, prior to considering the EIA for approval. In delivering the judgement, the Hon. Justice Abel also observed that the consultation process was somewhat short-circuited and that short cuts were taken, “which ought not to have happened, and one hopes this will not happen in a similar situation in the future”. The Court determined that BTIA was “largely and significantly” successful against the DOE, NEAC and BIHL, and ruled that the Defendants should pay the cost of the Court proceedings in the sum of $50,000. The Court judgment means that the DOE and the NEAC must now do a better job at discharging their legal responsibilities to safeguard Belize’s natural resources and administer Belize’s environmental regulations fairly and responsibly. Click here to view the full judgment.

La Pachanga Launch Party,Caye Caulker
It's official!!! See you guys Saturday! One price, drink free!

Channel 7

American Tour Operator Implicated in Murder Plot
58 year old Bradley Paumen is probably one of the only Americans on remand at the Hattieville Prison. He's also the owner of Dark Knight - one of the biggest tour operators in Frank's Eddy. But the Minnesota native has been in jail for 8 days - ever since police were informed that he had hired a hitman to kill Belmopan businessman Michael Mudiri - and three other persons! Police believe that Paumen who owns extensive properties in Frank's Eddy Village was trying to get another piece adjacent to his one. That piece was owned by Michael Mudiri - and the police investigation suggests Paumen wanted him out of the way. But, he may have wanted it too badly because our information says he was caught in a sting. Police say that on December 11th., Paumen hired a hitman to kill Mudiri and three others - police aren't naming the other three. Now, we are told the sting was set up with the involvement of US Law Enforcement who sent an American posing as a hitman to Paumen - and Paumen was only too ready to hire him.

GOB Going Guyana?
Only two days ago, we told you how the Government of Belize gave importer Jack Charles two weeks to get his 3 containers of Guyanese Rice out of Belize, rather than having it destroyed by customs. So, then…that represents a big, official no to Guyanese rice, right? Well…that's what you might think, but tonight that "no", is looking more like a definite "maybe". That's because the Agriculture Minister Gaspar Vega, and his CEO Jose Alpuche are in Guyana tonight, in talks with government officials for Guyana to supply rice to Belize. That's according to news reports out of Guyana where that country's Minister of Agriculture is quoted as saying "In the instance where there is a shortage, Belize will be importing rice from Guyana." End quote. On hearing the news, Jack Charles told the press, "(it's a) Sad day in Belize History" where 4 producers with approximately 70 direct employment are (the) favorite (over) 350,000 Belizeans…" He's referring to the industrial rice producers in Belize who have sold Guyanese rice before under the cover of their own brands without informing the public.

Suing Segura
When Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura was involved in a fatal traffic accident with his police issued Nissan Pathfinder in August of 2014, the images of him, drunkenly buttoning his trousers, cigarette dangling from his mouth…burnt a hole in the national conscious. As a consequence of that terrible accident, he was criminally charged with manslaughter and drunk driving, among other charges. He walked away unharmed, but the passenger in the car he hit, 54 year-old Succotz resident Yolanda Valencia, died shortly after the crash. The impact left her driver, Yanie Cu, with severe head and bodily injuries, and it took Cu over a year to recover. Even now, he's reportedly not regained 100% of his mobility and is deeply indebted. Segura has since been on interdiction from active duty, and he awaits a criminal trial in the Supreme Court. While that is yet to come, Segura, the Police Department, and by extension the Government of Belize, are all being sued by the Valencia family. They are seeking damages for the alleged negligence which caused the accident. Today, the parties showed up before Justice Shona Griffith for a pre-trial review, and our news team was outside to speak with one of the family's attorneys about the current status of the case. Here's what Kareem Musa told us right after the hearing:

Outraged Mother Defends Son
An outraged mother says police wrongly accused her son of being involved in Tuesday's shooting on Barrack Road. Yesterday police sent out a release saying that they had detained 21 year old George McKenzie Jr of Pink's Alley and an 18 year old in connection with this Tuesday morning shooing. This is after a gunman chased 29 year old Leon Garcia into a car wash at the corner of Barrack road, followed him into a tool room, and fired a string of shots at close range. But, even though police released his name, Mckenzie wasn't charged. His mother, Melissa Major came to our studios today and said police shouldn't have done that. She said her son should not have been detained in the first place: Melissa Major, Mother of George McKenzie Jr.: "My son, yes they say that police came for my son, I think on Tuesday morning. Police came for my son and say that they want to see my son for a shooting. My son went with the police. When I reach at the station, the police told me that my son is detained for a shooting on Barrack Road. So I ask them how my son will be detain for a shooting on Barrack, when they move him from North Front Street.

Camry And Four Runner Collide Near Border
At 6:25 last night, a head-on collision in the North between a green Toyota Camry and a black Toyota Four runner resulted in at least one person being transported to the Hospital. The incident occurred last night around 6:25 pm between 86 and 87 on the George Price Highway. Fortunately, according to police, no one was gravely injured. Investigations have revealed that the driver of the Toyota Four Runner, 22 year old Hipolito Cawich was heading to the Belize Northern Border when he collided head on into a green Toyota Camry driven at the time by Altamira Resident Luis Sosa. When authorities visited the scene they observed Sosa trapped between the steering wheel and the driver's seat. Police along with fire department personnel managed to cut him out of the vehicle. He was taken to the Corozal community hospital and later transported to the Northern Regional Hospital where he was kept for observation. As for Cawich he landed about 14 feet away from the crash in some bushes.

Veggies: From Surplus to Shortage
For the past 2 weeks, we've been telling you about the carrot farmers in San Carlos, Orange Walk. They've been complaining that they have close to 10 acres of carrots which were rotting in the fields because the market is saturated with imported Mexican carrots. Those farmers condemned the Government authorities for continuing to grant permits to importers to bring in Mexican carrots. They said if the Government canceled permits, they would be able to sell their carrots. The GOB agencies heard them, and promised to take action to mitigate the continued loss of investment. It appears that since then, BAHA authorities have been cancelling permits for imported vegetables, which has created a different problem. The vegetable vendors say that because imported vegetables are being stopped from entering the country, they have a shortage, are seeing higher prices, and have very little to sell to the consumers. Today at the Michael Finnegan one vendor from Belize City spoke with us about their difficulties off camera:

ZIKA Surrounding Belize, But Not In It
Zika: There are no confirmed cases in Belize but there are cases all around us in Central America. In a New York Times article it states that cases have been confirmed in Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala and that this virus can be linked to brain damage in unborn babies. That's very frightening and based on that link, the US Centers for Disase Control may warn pregnant women against travelling to countries where ZIKA has been detected. Today we spoke with Epidemiologist Dr. Marvin Manzanero via phone and he told us there is no cause for concern in Belize and they are working on measures to detect and test for this virus. Dr. Marvin Manzanero - Epidemiologist, Ministry of Health "We are aware that neighboring countries, El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras has confirm cases although none of them have documented sustained transmission cases among their population. So they have been isolated cases and in most instances have been imported cases. So no country in the region we are aware of in our immediate vicinity having sustained transmission. It calls for concerned for us in 2 forms. 1) Is detecting that we have and it's just a question of when we detect the first case. It may already be here for all we know and the other cause and we are following that i9s the potential link to micro cephalic cases.

The King Wants To Be UDP Chairman
He suffered one of the most epic defeats in political history in the 2015 general election, but Mark King still wants back into the game. Today he posted on his facebook page, quote, "my plan to bid in the upcoming election for chairman of the United Democratic Party." King adds, quote, "I have worked my way to the top of this party. I will keep the public updated on this as I progress to launch." The UDP National Party Council met on Saturday and agreed to hold a national convention on Sunday March 20 in Dangriga at the Ecumenical Auditorium. The official position is that the positions of Party Leader, First Deputy, Second Deputy, Chairperson and Vice Chair can be contested - but the unofficial agreement was that no posts would be challenged at this time - since the party is just coming out of an election and facing radical changes in the next few years, when Dean Barrow steps down. But while that was the agreement, King's social media notice kind of throws that out of whack. But, he still has to formally apply formally - the deadline for which is January 29th.

Deputy Kareem In Favour Of Francis
On Monday's newscast we had an interview with the PUP's Julius Espat, who has already been confirmed as Deputy Leader for the west - without any votes being cast at the national convention. Same for Kareem Musa. The first term representative has been confirmed as Deputy for the East - by default because no one else challenged for the post. Now the constitution of the PUP says nothing about regional deputies, but that's how they've been working it for a few years, and it seems the convention trumps the constitution. So, Musa is already deputy and is surveying the landscape to see which leader he wants to work with. Today he told us he has thrown his support fully behind Francis Fonseca - but is willing to work with anyone:... "As you know I put myself up for the deputy leader for the easts. It seems that I am not going to be contested, so I have a bigger role to play in the party now and certainly I have to be able to work along with anyone of those 3 gentleman; Mr. Francis Fonseca, Hon. John Briceno or the Hon. Cordel Hyde. So as a deputy leader I have to ensure that I can work with anyone of them at any given time and I have the utmost respect for all of them. But in terms of your question as to who I support, I can only support one unfortunately, because I think they all have very good qualities and each of us, each of the delegates that go to vote on January 31st - we have different standards, different tests that we apply and as a young politician, to me what is important is loyalty to party, loyalty to your people. To me that is very important. Being a team player, very important to me and to me the individual that best embodies those qualities of a leader that can build a team is the Hon. Francis Fonseca."

Phone Rates: BTL and SMART In Race To Bottom
How low can you go? The two phone service providers BTL and Smart are deadlocked in a race to the bottom - and the benefits accrue to you the consumer. In December last year Smart announced that it was slashing its mobile phone rates for the New Year and today BTL called us to their office to announce the lowering of their mobile per minute rate, to make it 22% cheaper than their previous 60 cents per minute rate. Lisa Standford - Mobile Project Manager: "On January 1st, we permanently lowered our prepaid rates and that's a good news for all our customers. it is now 47 cents to call on-net, which is your calling a Digicell or a BTL so you could call a Digicell number, a home number, a business number for as low as 47 cents and when you are calling SMART, its 50 cents so that's a huge change that we have made. Its 22% lower than what we had before." Emanuel Pech: "SMART primarily are known for their cheap rates. What is the strategy here, to beat them at their own game?"

Philloughby And Herman: The Big Payback
In March of 2015, when elected representative Herman Longsworth and candidate in waiting Phillip Willoughby stepped aside so gracefully to make way for the UDP's Tracy Taegar in Albert, we knew something was afoot, that some deal had been cut - confirmed both by instinct and political intel. In fact, we even asked the Prime Minister at the time what was the trade off - here's what he said to our pointed questions:.. FILE: March 25, 2015. Jules Vasquez: "What appeasement or appointments or arrangements have been offered to Mr. Willoughby and Mr. Longsworth in exchange for their, really, giving up what each of them thinks was a sure thing?" Hon. Dean Barrow: "Moving right along here in the same vein. You know the famous movie, cheap novel line. I could you tell you but I'll have to kill you." Jules Vasquez: "I understand that you treat it humorously but at the same time if they are public chips being traded for party favours, then it becomes a matter for public scrutiny. So then the question has to be asked, will you trade public chips for them to do internal party favours?"

President Jimmy Sworn In
In October the people of Guatemala voted Jimmy Morales as the new president of the Guatemalan but he did not assume his position until his swearing in ceremony today. Around 5:30 Morales made his appearance at his official inauguration in Guatemala City. He was received by a hearty applause from those in attendance including the Prime Minister of Belize Hon. Dean Barrow who took his seat next to the Vice President of the US Joe Biden a few minutes before the start of the ceremony. After the Guatemalan national anthem was played, the former Comedian Morales was ceremonially donned with the presidential sash and officially sworn in as the new President. In his address, Morales vowed to fight corruption and bring stability to the nation. Of note is that his political support is weak, with his conservative party holding just 11 seats of the 158 seat congress. Morales will serve as the President of Guatemala for the next four years.

The Art Of Architecture and Other Imaginings
We're used to seeing elaborate paintings, and other cultural depictions ...even poetry performances at the Image Factory. But today, the architects, not the artists took center stage. It's called Urban Interventions, the product of a project by students from the Caribbean School of Architecture at UWI. We found out more today anout their vision for Belize:… 32 students from the Jamaica School of Architecture participated in the research. For those wanting to see the show, it opens tomorrow night at 7:00.

Belizean Footballer Drafted In MLS
National team player, Michael Salazar was drafted today by Impact Montreal in the MLS Super draft. In 2013, Salazar was a forward on the National Football Team that represented Belize in the Gold Cup. The 23 year old Salazar went unto play for the University of California, Riverside. And now today, he was the second pick of the Montreal Impact team in the MLS Super Draft. It's a major accomplishment for any Belizean player and today we spoke to him via video chat and here is what he had to say about the draft selection: Michael Salazar: "It's an unbelievable achievement. Growing up in Belize, I learned pretty much everything when I was there and I believe in my dream since I was a little kid and now I just keep pushing for exactly what I believed in from day one and now it got me to this point to the MLS. It time for me to go work and open doors from Belizean people, especially the players over there. Because all of them wants the same opportunity that I have, but it could be a little more difficult and with me being the first to get draft in the MLS, hopefully that can help all the youths in Belize."

NEBL Ballaz Hope To Be Shot Callaz With Acquisition of "The Hammer"
The National Elite Basketball League OR NEBL season opens tomorrow night and one team is boosting its roster with a high flying American. He is 22 year-old James Milton, from Detroit, Michigan, known in Belize as "The Hammer". Last year, He helped the San Pedro Tigersharks win the championship, and this time around he's back to play for the Cayo Western Ballaz. At 6 foot ,7 inches, he towers above most of the competition, but he dipped his head to walk into our studio today: Basketball fans can see him in action on Saturday night at the Sacred Heart Auditorium in San Ignacio Town. His new team Cayo Western Ballaz takes on the league's new franchise, the Independence Thunderbolts.

19's A Crowd In a Court Room
Today, the Magistrate's court was full to overflowing, and that's because the 19 persons charged for the home invasion and burglary at the Sarkis Bou-Nahra mansion were called to court. Today was the first time that all 19 defendants were before the court - all at once. Everyone showed up - except for one defendant, female, 18 year old Crystal Augustine. A bench warrant has been issued for her - and her bail could also be revoked. The group of 18 in court today included, Tyrone Meighan, of Banak Street along with Brandon Baptist, James Noralez along with brothers and cousins, John, Gerson and Sheldon and Lane Grinage, along with their uncle, Randolph Coleman Jr, a coast guard, as well as Ashanti Roaches, Kamisha Cacho, Malik Pitts, Monique Cadle Paul Jex Jr., his father, Paul Sabido Jex Sr., Paula Jex, Pauline Jex, and Jeffery James Buller Jr., and Anthony Smith. The group who are represented by a number of attorneys including Dickie Bradley, Arthur Saldivar and Alifah Elrighton and Bryan Neal got another disclosure in their case.

Channel 5

DPM Gaspar Vega in Guyana Discussing Rice
Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega returns to Belize this Friday from Guyana where substantive discussions took place about rice and its importation into Belize. Belize is looking at a structured [...]

Jack Charles on the Hot Seat for Breach of Procedures
On Tuesday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow chimed in on the rice situation, reiterating that the ongoing state of affairs is not an issue between Belize and Guyana.  He went on [...]

B.P.P. Weighs in on Rice Debacle
Today, the Belize Progressive Party weighed-in on the rice issue once again. In a previous release the party called for the government not to destroy the three containers of Guyanese [...]

Police Say Dark Knight Owner Brad Paumen Placed a Hit on Four Persons
Did American Bradley Paumen, owner of tour company Dark Knight put a hit on four persons? Apparently the Police believe that he did. On January sixth, Special Branch officers detained [...]

Keyren Tzib in Court for Preliminary Inquiry
Coastguard Keyren Tzib was granted bail in the lower court two days before last Christmas and today she walked into courtroom on her own free will. She is accused with [...]

18 Persons Charged in Connection With Home Invasion Were in Court Today
The courtroom of the Chief Magistrate was packed to capacity today. As many as eighteen defendants charged in connection with the home invasion at the house of businessman Sarkis Abou [...]

CWU & FCIB Workers Negotiations Nearing Conclusion
The Christian Workers Union and CIBC First Caribbean International Bank are concluding its negotiations on an exit package for some sixty of the bank’s employees. In late December last year, [...]

San Pedro Police Detain One Man for PG Murder
On January ninth, the badly decomposed body of PG resident nineteen year old Jarrell Edward Pop was found dumped in a well in the town. He had multiple stab wounds [...]

PG Minor Also Detained for Questioning
While Valentine is on the way to Punta Gorda, a PG youth is currently detained at the police station in that southern municipality in connection with Pop’s murder On Sunday [...]

Sugar Industry Stakeholders Meet on Child Labour Issue
Today stakeholders in the fight against child labour in sugar production met for its first ever concerted meeting. It included representatives from Fairtrade International, G.O.B. and CLAC, the Latin-American and [...]

Regional Networking Organization CLAC Involved in Finding a Solution
The Latin American and Caribbean Network of Small-holder Producers and Workers, CLAC, has two missions – one is the representation of those producers to the outside world, and the other [...]

Jimmy Morales is Guatemala’s President
At a ceremony this afternoon which was delayed by two hours, Jimmy Morales became the new president of Guatemala. Before president Morales took the oath, the outgoing president Alejandro Maldonado [...]

Guatemala’s Foreign Minister Speaks on Cuban Migrant Situation
In our coverage in Guatemala, we interviewed Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales on Wednesday. We asked him about the Cuban migration crisis which has caused a rift in the Central [...]

FM Morales Echoes Position That There is a Need for Guarantees
According to Foreign Minister Morales, specific guarantees should first be put in place before allowing the transit of Cuban migrants through Central America, en route to the United States.   [...]

MLA Was Not Formally Notified of Appointment of Commission
On Tuesday, government announced that members of the Toledo Maya Land Rights Commission have been named.  The official appointment of former minister Lisel Alamilla, Noreen Fairweather and Randall Sheppard as [...]

B.D.F. Acquires 2 Military Helicopters
As part of the B.D.F.’s 2016 schedule, plans are underway to establish air support for ongoing patrols near the Belize/Guatemala border.  On Monday, two UH-1H helicopters, commonly known as Hueys, [...]


Police Continues To Investigate Tragic Accident That Claimed The Life Of Doyle A. Barrahona
Last night we reported that twenty four year old Doyle Anthony Barahona came face to face with death as a result of a tragic accident that occurred on Tuesday at about 4:50 p.m. on the Benque Road near St. Gabriel Medical Center. At the time of the accident, Barahona was travelling along with forty seven year old David Dominguez and twenty year old Christopher Usher in a blue Freight liner truck bearing license plate CZL A-00153. The three were heading towards the Hawksworth Bridge when the driver of the truck, Dominguez, realized that his brakes were malfunctioning and asked Barahona to step out in order to offer a helping hand by putting a rock in front of the back wheel of the truck.

Jimmy Morales Swear In As President Of Guatemala
Jimmy Morales was sworn in today as the new president of Guatemala after winning the general elections that took place last year. The ceremony took place at the Cultural Center Miguel Angel Asturias in the presence of both national and foreign invited guests including Presidents from El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and the Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. Dean Barrow. Also present were vice-presidents of the United States, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

BDF In The Chiquibul Has Decrease Illegal Activities
Commander General David Jones also told the media on his briefing that while many of flights of the new choppers will be to the Chiquibul, it will not be as many as before, since the strong BDF presence last year has pointedly reduced the presence of illegal activities in the protected area. The main concern for the BDF this year, according to Jones, will be to work on the situations along the borders of Mexico and Guatemala. “Our aim for 2016 is to arrest the situation even more along our border with our neighbouring countries, with Guatemala and Mexico. So air reconnaissance will increase. That also will be an increase in foot patrol and coverage of sum of the areas that we haven't been covering. So the other area of concern now is the area of Sebada which is inside the Chiquibul. This is the area we will be working with FCD to arrest that situation. There is an issue of the road being constructed to get the CP there because this is the most challenging area to reach, the area of Sebada. There is no road leading there, there is no helicopter site where we can just drop in get material there and construct. So we're looking at the feasibility of constructing a road to go to the area and have a conservation post placed there."

BDF Teams Up With Armies From Across The World
Last year the Belize Defense Force cooperated with the Guatemalan Armed forces and this year they hope to team up with armies from all over the world, reason being that the BDF have in their plans to build a Jungle Warfare School of Excellence. The BDF have been carrying out training since 1991, but they would like to make their training school better. Apart from a training school, Central American, Caribbean and American armed forces are looking to team up to stop the movement of drugs through Belizean territory. Brig. Gen. David Jones - Commander, BDF: “We want to expand it at a larger level because for the most part it is only individual officers and soldiers from foreign armies to do training in Belize but some of the forces to include the US army, the German, the Dutch, Norwegians, when they come in they want to bring in at least at company strength; so in excess of 100 men, 200 men instead of just 5 or 6. It will be a larger footprint of people coming to use the training areas in Belize. So we want it to be a school of excellence that not just the European countries but also the members of the Caribbean come into Belize and do jungle training here in Belize."

Accident On The Phillip Goldson Highway Leaves Two Injured
An accident on the Philip Goldson Highway between miles 86 and 87 yesterday resulted in one person being transported to the Northern Regional Hospital. According to authorities though, injuries suffered by the victims were minor. The head on collision between a green Toyota Camry and a black Toyota Four Runner occurred around 6:25 last night. Investigations have revealed that the driver of the Toyota Four Runner, 22 year old Belizean Driver Hipolito Cawich, was heading toward the Belize Northern Border when upon reaching between miles 86 and 87, a green Toyota Camry driven at the time by Altamira Resident, Luis Sosa, coming on the opposite direction, swerved directly into his lane causing the head on collision.

BDF To Receive Two Choppers To Assist In Incursion
Yesterday we told you about the new post that the Belize Defense Force is looking to build in the area of Consejo Shores in Corozal to combat the trafficking of drugs between Belize and Mexico. The announcement was made yesterday in a press briefing in which the BDF’s plans for the year ahead was presented by Commander General David Jones. During the conference General David Jones also mentioned that two helicopters will be arriving on Monday. Jones also added that the helicopters will allow soldiers to respond quickly to situations located in places that are hard to reach along the western border with Guatemala, where intrusions are most common. Currently, when the BDF conducts operations or land clearings in secluded areas it takes days get there but with the arrival of these new choppers they will be able to make it there in less than an hour. Brig. Gen. David Jones - Commander, BDF: "Helicopter training will be a big thing for us this year because we expect to get in the other two UH-1H helicopters actually on Monday; coming Monday those two helicopters are expected to be in Belize. We will finalize between two contractors we are looking at now to decide which one of them will provide the helicopter training for our pilots. We already have the Bel, so this year 2016 we expect to have three helicopters up and running."


Valencia’s Mother Seeks Compensation from Deputy Commissioner
A pre trial review session was scheduled to take place inside the courtroom of Justice Shona Griffith in a civil suit brought against Deputy Commissioner of Police, Miguel Segura. As you may recall, in August 2014, Segura was in an road traffic accident on the George Price Highway which resulted in the death of 55 […]

Agriculture Minister and CEO In Guyana on Rice Business
Minister of Agriculture, Gaspar Vega and his Chief Executive Officer, Jose Alpuche are in Georgetown, Guyana meeting with their counterparts and discussing the prospect of having Guyana be the go-to producer should Belize ever experience a short-fall in rice production. Vega and Alpuche were in meetings since yesterday and those sessions continue today with Guyana’s […]

Eliminating Child Labor in Sugar Production
“Working together to eliminate child labor in Sugar Production” was the theme under which the first stakeholders meeting was held in relation to child labor in sugar cane production. According to its 2014-2015 report, the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association was audited by Flo-cert which found out that one of the major non-compliances was the […]

5 Week Update: 30K Tonnes Sugar Produced
And in related news, two hundred and four thousand eight hundred and thirty six tons of cane has been milled producing more than seventeen thousand tons of sugar. This is just five weeks into the crop season. This represents a decrease compared to last year. By week five of the last crop season, close to […]

Market Vendors Protest in Culture Capital
At least fourteen vendors are up in arms after they were removed by the Dangriga Town Council. Correspondent Harry Arzu has the story. HARRY ARZU “The vegetable and clothing stalls that are along the North Stann Creek Riverside are still empty and the vendors who were once there are all over the place and are […]

Kareem Supports Francis and Condemns Slander Campaigns
In the last National Party Council meeting for the People’s United Party, a resolution was presented that states that the four Deputy Party Leaders will be regional leaders, meaning that each region of the country would be represented. Kareem Musa, who recently won the Caribbean Shores area in November 2015 had submitted his name for […]

Will Owners of Belize Times, Vibes Radio and Independence Hall Resurface for Payment?
There is a popular adage that says history tends to repeat itself and that saying has proven true time and time again. With the Honorable John Briceno seeking to take back the post of leadership in the People’s United Party there are some points of concerns that surround his leadership should he be successful on […]

About 2016 Weight Loss Resolutions ….
With 2016 just getting started some two weeks ago, many persons are still trying to fulfil a resolution for a healthy lifestyle as it pertains to the food and beverages they consume as well as the hours put into exercise. Love News met up with the Nutritionist at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, Giovanni Duran […]