Hey guys,

Hope it down loaded OK. It was an awesome trip. Neither of us are “camera people”. In fact on our first trip together, we had 7 pix for 7 days, so we have tried to improve on that. [Linked Image]

JohnB: Mata Rocks looks nice and they have a beach bar. [Linked Image] Jane: Yes those socks! In 10 years I’ll be wearing black, over the calf socks, made from 100% synthetic fibers, and calling everyone that’s under 40 a “young whippersnapper” hehe [Linked Image] The best part is, I’ll still think I’m kool. hehe [Linked Image] Chloe, thanks for welcoming me to this board its been a great source of info. There is something about Greek poetry wrt your name?? but I can’t recall it at this moment. Becky thanks for pushing me over the edge on BB, I think it was you booking your 3rd trip that did it. Seashell if I recall, your trip got cancelled? Ouch! [Linked Image] Hope you have something on the horizon. [Linked Image] [Linked Image] [Linked Image]