February 18 & 19 at The Bliss in Belize City and February 20 & 21, in San Pedro... Catch this great live show - A Tango Puro!!

A world class Tango Dance company called A Puro Tango is getting ready to perform for public in 4 day event.

These professionals dancers have been in many different countries, and in two weeks time, they want to entertain you with the Tango, which originated in the South American Countries of Argentina and Uruguay.

Today, one of the performers visited our studio extra early to try to convince the public to come out and experience their very first performances in Belize.

Here's what she told us about the upcoming event:

Her fellow performers will arrive in Belize on Wednesday, February 17, and we hope to take you behind the scenes for a peek at their rehearsal.

You can get tickets at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts.

NICH presents ‘A Puro Tango’ musical group

The National Institute for Culture and History (NICH), in collaboration with the entertainment company, World Wide Arts is presenting the entertainment act “A Puro Tango” on February 18-19 2016 at the Bliss Center for Performing Arts.

Oksana Kordiyaka, coordinator and cultural promoter of World Wide Arts, stated that people can expect to see “a lively cultural tango performance, live singing and music, with the best dancers and best artists that will leave people with beautiful memories and liven their troubles.”

Kordiyaka also stated that if Belizeans are interested, the company will offer classes to learn the Tango.

World Wide Arts, a 15-member dance company, is three-time tango world champion and boasts of recognitions in Argentina, Cuba and Brazil. The company is led by dance director Sebastian Avendano Suarez, who has toured, imparting the tango culture throughout Europe, Latin America and the United States.

It is being introduced in Belize for the first time, stated Kordiyaka and they are hoping to reach Belizean’s hearts and have success sharing the Tango culture in the country.

Tickets are being sold for $20.00 and $40.00. More information on how to access tickets can be obtained at phone number 227-2110.

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