Join us on Saturday, February 13th for a fun filled day of games, BBQ and fun, all while supporting the Red Cross!

Saturday, February 13 at 12 PM, Coco Loco's Beach Bar
On the beach, north of the bridge, 1st Bar North of the Bridge.

We will be holding a special Cribbage tournament for Games Day. Instead of the usual double elimination tournament we hold every Monday which can take hours, we're holding a single elimination tournament. The buy-in is $20BZ and the winner will split the pot with the Red Cross! Sign up starts at noon with the tournament starting at 1:30pm.

Another game for Games Day this Saturday will be Corn Hole! It will be a single elimination style tournament for teams of two. $10BZ per team to enter and winning team splits the pot with the Red Cross! Sign up starts at noon!

The ever so fun dice game of Three's will be one of our games for those who love gambling and who love sitting at the bar (me, me, me!). This game will be played on the bar, including our swim up bar! Here's the catch, you will put $2BZ into the pot instead of the usual $1BZ. If you win the game, you get half the pot, and Red Cross gets the other half! Win-win!!

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