Great Belize Cooking - Episode 3: Dangriga

Here is the third segment of our original show, Great Belize Cooking, with Chef Sean Kuylen. In this episode Sean goes back south to his hometown, Dangriga, one of his favourite spots where food is ethnic, enjoyable and authentic and teaches the meaning of words like "ereba", "rati" and "dani". He pairs up with Dangriga resident Cyril Sabal who will walk us through the history and making of that distinctively delicious cassava bread, a staple in the community. Thatís one stop; Sean then goes on an adventure to fish fresh sea crab for a unique Garifuna dish that will also include shrimp, cassava and just the right amount of a thick coconut broth. And to add something sweet and delish, Sean makes his own version of dani, a dessert that is surely to complement our unique Great Belize Cooking with a dash of Garifuna flavour. Here is a peak look at a multi-course meal that will have any foodie salivating.