You need Facebook at this stage Bear. Not sure if you have it, but here's the link to David Stuart's page, he's the most famous Maya epigrapher and all around expert. He says. "This current news story of an ancient Maya city being discovered is false. I was trying to ignore it (and the media inquiries I've been getting) but now that it's up on the BBC's website I feel I ought to say something.
The whole thing is a mess -- a terrible example of junk science hitting the internet in free-fall. The ancient Maya didn't plot their ancient cities according to constellations. Seeing such patterns is a rorschach process, since sites are everywhere, and so are stars. The square feature that was found on Google Earth is indeed man-made, but it's an old fallow cornfield, or milpa." I have a Maya geek in my family, which is how I get the inside info.
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