My thanks to all those who replied to the previous Customs thread. We are moving to AC next month and I've been searching Customs sites to understand what we need to declare upon arrival at the airport. The goods we shipped were easier to understand.

I know my new sheets and shower curtain need to be declared. I purchased them on a "flash sale" website and got super deals. I think I can find most of the receipts --if needed. Plus I'd prefer to shower and sleep on sheets our first night there rather than going shopping for them after a long day of travel! However, my "used" clothing, toiletries, pet toys & blankets, are those subject to duty? What about our computers? They are not new, but I understand electronics are heavily taxed. The sites say personal goods, but I'm assuming they mean new? I'd have no clue how to assess the current value of items we've had a while.

When we vacationed in Belize, we've always buzzed right through customs. This time we're a family coming in with pets and a lot of suitcases and we want to make sure we do this right!

Thanks for your feedback and insights. We greatly appreciated it.