I'm back - I apologize for the length, we did so much tho and it was all great. Anyways here's the rest:
Fri 15: The clouds have broken! It's a beautiful sunny day. 2 more of the group leave today so Jambel's Jerk Pit for lunch. Had coconut curry chix and the jerk chix - we were all sniffling by lunch end. Mmm-mmm. Order a jerk extinguisher to beat the heat. On to parasailing - what grand fun! Thanx Tony (hey good buddy!) and Troy @ Fido's dock. It was cool to fly so high and you see every thing. Shrimp cocktails and meat pies from the kids for dinner, mmm-mmm again.
Sat 16: Another day sail to Caulker. Full boat today and lots of 1st time snorkelers. Real good day for sailing today. Stopped @ Coral Gardens on the way. It was hot on Caulker. Ate lunch @ the Rainbow and had the daily special,I think burritos and they were good(2 went to the Sand Box but
didn't give a report). Swam @ the end of the dock to cool off. Shark/Ray on the sail back. What fun to see the 1st timers faces. They had a blast. Everyone got to see rays up close and pet a shark. We also saw eagle rays, dolphins and a sea turtle on teh sail. A great trip! p.s try a mix of rum & horchata, yummy when it's hot. Went to Cholo's when we got back. Even got to play a little pool, fun! Dinner @ the Lion's Club ChixQ. Perfect.
Sun 17: Beautiful sunrise. Lazy day today. Bfast @ Lily's Rest - burritos and omelets, huge and very good. Picked up laundry and then cart for theb rest of the day. To BCs for board meet. Met Mike/Daphne, Rhon(da) and family, Jack-A-Roe (Bev&John) and edina also there. Hi to you all! Wish we could have visited longer, hope to meet again. Didn't eat @ the BBQ as we planned Sweet Basil's today. This is a MUST. Everything was great - 2 of us had salads and 2 had pasta. All awesome! Back to town as we were expecting company so had to miss the Palapa and Mike/Daphne's (drat again!).
Mon 18: Last full day on ac...errand in teh AM and then last sail on ElGato. N to Mata Chica for snorkeling. We had an eagle ray who stayed w/us all afternoon. We actually swam w/him (her?) -wow!! Lots of colorful coral and many reef fish. Conch cerviche and johnny cakes for lunch. Did a little reef fishing also. Perfect sailing wind back and it was all over way to fast. Dinner @ the square again @ Rosita's for chix,rice/beans/coleslaw.
Tues 19: Early flights out today - only 4 of our original 8 left. 2 head for home via Mex and we're off to the Cayo. Had a great time here on AC! Met lots of friends, old & new. Sure will miss the island but the adventure continues in the "Other Parts of Belize" board.