Weeks of June 5th – June 11th, 2016

Weather Conditions: Partly Cloudy and dry all but two days where we had some clouds and a bit of rain.

Winds: The winds were moderate at 5-10 mph from all directions, changing every few hours.

Air Temperature: Highs were between 86º and 91º with lows in upper 70’s and low 80’s

Water Temperature: Temp: 81 F. degrees

Barometric Pressure: 29.73 – 30.01

Sunrise: 5:15 am Sunset: 6:26 pm

Moonphase: The new moon is on June 4th


BONEFISH (Macabi): The Orvis Bonanza lived up to it’s name with everyone attending racking up the bonefish…. Some first time bonefishers were pretty successful. A big thanks goes out to the Orvis leaders Dale and Tucker for their part in making it a smooth and happy week. The Orvis trip was 5 nights and 4 days of fishing but several of the guests stretched it out to 7 nights. Our big bonefish of the week was Geoff’s 7-pound bonefish, a real trophy in these waters.

PERMIT (Palometta): Another solid week of permit fishing. Normally a 10 permit week would be stellar results, but lately this is just another week of great permit fishing. Our permit stars were Sam, Cody, John, Bob, Geoff, Matt, Eric and Merv. The big fish of the week was around 20 pounds and the average was between 4-8 pounds. Permit are relatively slim when they are young, but as they age they bulk up and put on some weight known as “shoulders”.

TARPON (Sabalo): Russ got the first tarpon of the week and jumped 4 more that same day, John bested him with 1 to the hand and 6 in the air! Cody had a huge 100 pound plus fish right up to the boat that was pretty well whipped before it flipped off leaving everyone asking “did you touch the leader?” More fish were jumped and many more were cast to with results ranging from total spook, total ignore to a long follow without a bite.

OTHER SPECIES: Jacks, Snappers, Barracudas, Snook

GRAND SLAM: No grand slams this week.


FOR BONEFISH - Christmas Island Specials, Crazy Charlies, and various other patterns

FOR PERMIT - Christmas Island Specials, Bauer Crab Olive, Squimpy

FOR TARPON - Black death. White toad, Gummy minnow, sand eel

This Week’s Summary:

A very quiet week here at the lodge meant the anglers had the water to themselves. Orvis’ Bonefish Bonanza went off without a hitch with lots more than bonefish being caught.

Fish On!
Ed Blank [email protected].

Fishing photo of the week:

El Pescador guest Geoff and his permit