Shyboy, ironic that you should mention the surveillance photograph thread, as that is the very one that was removed.
I went to make a follow up post and it was gone.
The information I would have followed up with is as follows.
5 nights later the same person was caught on video at a property north of mine. Better video this time and the person was positively identified by name.
That person was later arrested, kept in custody for 48 hours and released with out charge.
The Police Report that I eventually received stated that the person arrested was 'unfit' to be charged.
So this person who is identifiable by name and on camera in two burglaries is unfit to be charged.
In the past months there have been 6 burglaries and 1 attempted burglary in the area 5 miles north. In all 6 cases the burglaries occurred at night whilst people were in the property. In 4 of the cases the burglar went into the room where persons were sleeping.

I think it is a reasonable to suggest that the same person might be responsible. That person is known, by name, and may even be able to be tied to the other burglaries with fingerprint and foot print evidence.

Two of these burglaries occurred 10 days prior to my burglary, had I known, I would have taken measures that would have prevented and may even have captured the burglar.

The Police refused to attend my burglary at 3.10 am even though the disturbed intruder had just made off with property. This was a surprise to me
and, in my opinion, a massive failing by the police department along with failing to charge the person responsible for 2 burglaries.

Nothing I am saying here is untrue, it is all factually correct. Whilst I accept that suggesting a section for crime may have been proposed in a better way, I am genuinely concerned that people see it as 'a hot potato' and would rather not deal with it.

My feeling is that people are better knowing this information than not knowing, it exposes real risks and threats that exist within our environment.
If we are aware we can take steps to prevent it.

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