From Belmopan...

Most of the active ITCZ weather is to the south west of us, and even moving further south. So presently we are getting fairly clear Caribbean easterly weather. There is also some air coming down from Florida. So all in all we are presently in a dry condition area. But there are some clashes between these different direction winds, producing some higher level clouds. Presently this is not causing rain. It is possible we could have the odd isolated shower, but presently there is none in Belize.

Looks like today will be mainly sunny, with white puffy clouds, with very small chance of isolated rain shower.

Temperatures in Belmopan:
Today is probably going to be similar, to yesterday : Fri, max. 33C 92F Last night min. 26C 78F ( Coast usually cooler, hills even cooler )

Ambergris Caye:;loctype:1
Caye Caulker: