The San Pedro Sun had a great article on the turtle nesting season in June.

Luckily not so many people eat the eggs anymore. An entire generation has grown up with turtle conservation. I know San Pedranos in their 20's who enjoyed turtle eggs as children. They considered the treasure similar to Christmas morning for it's goodness. As adults they enjoy the memories but won't eat the eggs anymore.

The real threat to turtle nests is sea walls, clearing of native beach plants for a mono culture of coconuts, motorized traffic on the beach (including resort ATV's to remove Sargasso) and building to close to the waters edge. The entire island of Ambergris Caye is a turtle nesting ground, not just up north. There is even a nest in Tres Cocos this year. She managed to find her way between a armored shore. Will her off springs be so lucky?

Turtle Nesting Season has begun


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