As much as I love children, and the ones in San Pedro are adorable, I have to admit that we were approached by children almost every night that we went out to eat and some of them did ask for money. Most were very polite and went away as soon as I (or whoever was with us) told them that we already had bracelets or necklaces. I know that the kids that sell the jewellery and cookies are doing what our kids would be doing when having a paper-route type job, and there is nothing at all wrong with that, but would really hate to see Ambergris Caye turn into another tourist spot like Mexico with peddlers bothering you every step on the beach, so we only bought one bracelet. One child (around 10 yrs) was selling on a school day, and with the feeling that education is very important to the people in San Pedro, I asked why he wasn't at school. He replied that he was sick today, so he didn't go to school but would be going tomorrow. That's why I had a hard time buying from the children, as much as I wanted to give to them I know that if they could get money instead of going to school, that is what would start happening. It only happened once though, so I can't say that it happens all the time and hope that it doesn't. I know that I might get some flack over this, but thought it was important for people to know that if they are going to buy from the kids, that they do it when school is out. Then, it won't tempt them to skip school to sell their goodies.