One of the stories I was particully refering to when I posted this message- One day we riding in our golf cart back from town, 3 little boys, around ten years old stopped us for a ride. Once on the cart they asked us if we want to go on a "crocodile tour" For only $20 US each they would take us to the south side of the island in search of a crocodile. We declined and I explained to them that I'm afraid of crocodiles and wouldn't be interested. They gave me a long story about how their mother is going to Belize City tommarow to buy them school books and supplies and without this money she wouldn't be able to go. They needed to raise the money right away and really needed $100 US for their mother. I felt horrible about it but didn't feel right about giving them money. We dropped them off at the corner and went into our room at Banyan Bay. Wouldn't you know not 10 minutes later, the same boys showed up at the beach outside of our room with beer. These boys, who were about ten years old, were drinking Guinnesses with straws. They then proceded to start whistling and cat-calling at all the women that walked by like drunken sailors. I really wanted to go out and ask them what there mother was going to say when she found out they spend their school book money on beer. I've meet some beautiful and sweet children on the island and bought something from practicully all of them. It's the donations that I have a problem with. And the next day, which was a school day, I saw the same boys, who the day before where so concerned with their schoolbooks, trying to hitch a ride to the south beach again. Needless to say I didn't pick them up this time.