Tami: Sorry we didn't get to meet you. Yes, we were there but arrived in AC late on the 14th and by the 21st hubby had a bit of "la turista" and we didn't venture too far from the room. We did walk past BC's early afternoon on the 21st (did you see two old fogies in FBI and NYPD T-shirts???) but the thought of food, drink or a crowd didn't appeal to my better half in his condition. (Advice to all --- turista happens. Take the Immodium and make sure you get the Noroxin from your doc before the trip. The Immodium doesn't always work and you don't want your trip ruined...) Glad you had a good time. Same for us. Lack of TV, radio and newspapers was especially relaxing. Found some great things about AC, found some not so good (just like you'd find everywhere else in the world). All in all a nice vacation.