Hello to all posters and any non-posters commonly referred to as lurkers. First I would like to thank the posters on this site and the message board administrators for the valuable information that I have gotten as former Lurkers. Gotta suck up some.

We are going to AC 6/6 for 4 nights for a good friends wedding. Should be a big freaking Gringo/ Chica party. If you are there then, you may encounter some people from the Atlanta area that are very friendly and sometimes in the state of intoxication. Albeit it to say, mostly in that state of condition. Join in the reindeer games or just criticize from afar.

Staying at Ramonís Village in a Beachfront Hut type thing. I think maybe something similar to a duplex. Kind of $. I was in Costa Rica rafting in November and everything was 1/3 of the price there. I know, for you resort promoters, its a resort and it cost more... Yada, yada...BS, i guess get it if you can. I'm suckered.

I am not running point on this game but was curious about how the Golf Carts are rented. Can't take the clubs but I can run around with a Rum Punch in hand and accost the quiet scared types. Incidentally, do they come with floatation devices? JK... Really, JK, about the accosting part.

Looking forward to more Trip Reports and will be sure to post mine, with censorship of course.

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