Experience the phenomenon: Magnetic Hill in Belize

From the beautiful majestic Maya Mountains, to the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Pine Ridge, this beautiful Jewel of ours, Belize, offers an adventure for everyone. Picture-perfect islands, cayes, waterfalls, virgin tropical rainforest, and many limestone caves make for memorable experiences. This country is home to hundreds of ancient Maya Ruins, temples and many mysteries.

When traveling down to the southern parts of Belize, you not only get to witness the beautiful Mayan Mountains laid out in the vast scenery or the lush green foliage of the region, but there is one phenomenon you need to experience, the infamous Magnetic hill, also known as the Gravity hill. You can find this magnetic hill about half hour’s drive outside Belmopan or at Mile 29 on the Hummingbird Highway.

Imagine stopping at the bottom of a hill and then being pulled back up the hill involuntarily. It may seem crazy, but for many tourists, this is a phenomenon they look forward to experiencing on their trip to Belize. The reason why this magnetic hill is popular is because it defeats the Laws of Physics. Afterall, stopping your car downhill but seeing your car being pulled uphill instead is a bit bizarre.

Many people speculate that it’s a magnetic force that is beneath the ground that pulls metal objects in another direction. Others say that the magnetic hill is just an illusion, that the end -or top- of the hill is actually lower in elevation than the start – or the bottom- of the hill and that the ” position of trees and slopes of nearby scenery, or a curvy horizon line, can trick the eye so that what looks uphill is actually downhill”. They concluded that the mind is a powerful thing, but it can still be fooled.

So if you decide to visit this beautiful Jewel of ours stop by and experience the phenomenon of the magnetic hill on the Hummingbird Highway and other mysteries of Belize.

Here’s a video showing the pull of the gravity hill; see for yourself or better yet make a trip down here to experience it firsthand.