We just came back home from another trip to San Pedro. I have been visiting the island for many years and I have never been so annoyed with the taxis. Because we have been there so many times, we are more than familiar with your traffic rules and one way streets but even if we weren't, we are still visitors to your island. When I welcome someone into my home I do what I can to make them feel welcome, not run them off the road! We smile as we pass and we try to be respectful of the residents and help other visitors who are not as familiar yet we found ourselves constantly run to the side of the road, tailgated and honked at which is more reminiscent of New York than creating the island vibe we are coming to enjoy. If the traffic enforcement wants something to enforce then crack down on the obnoxious taxi drivers and if the tourism board wants to continue getting all of these new visitors you invested in getting there to come back, you have to do something about the taxi drivers that make them feel like they are in the way rather than welcome to be there.