it depends what u want they have beach front thats what we stayed in,garden view,and pool view and those are all free standing lil houses they have one room and a bath but r plenty big enough they r yellow ,blue, and light purple w/ porch on front of them. i am getting my pics scanned today. i will put them on my home page as soon as i can then u can see what they look like on the out side. they also have lagon view rooms at the back of the property, how ever those r like a hotel and the outside needs to be painted.but that was the only thing that i saw that wasnt up to date. our lil cabana was very nice. i will let u know as soon as i get the pics up!
ps. i didnt have any trouble
w/ bugs. some times the flys
get on u nerves if there isnt any
wind but other than that i had no

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