I will be traveling alone to AC for the first time July 18-25, staying at Coconuts. This will also be my first trip to Belize. I've wanted to go to Belize for some time, and got airfare from Chicago I just couldn't pass up!

Can anyone recommend good, yet inexpensive restaurants in town or within walking distance of Coconuts? Nothing fancy, just simple, somewhat healthy meals -- not alot of fried stuff. I know many businesses charge a 5% service fee for using a credit card. Does this apply to the restaurants also?

During my stay, I plan to snorkel and will take at least one mainland trip. There seem to be alot of tour operators offering pretty much the same trips at the same cost, but are there any (trips and operators) that stand out? Coconuts will also arrange trips, but I'd like to consider others.

Thanks for the advice!