For you commuters who are worried about getting home or getting around on the bus this Christmas weekend, Relax! All bus runs will be like any other day. Well, at least that is what the Department of Transport expects from bus operators. Today they sent out a press release reminding bus operators of their " legal and binding contractual arrangement with the Government of Belize through their Road Service Permits." The release continues by saying "They must provide all daily bus runs to the commuting public on the days and time stipulated on their Road Service Permits during this festive season". And the bus operators who don't want to follow through with their runs and feel like taking it easy for the holidays like has happened before, they will be fined $500 or imprisoned for six (6) months, or both such fine and term of imprisonment. It ends by saying "It shall also be lawful for the Transport Board to revoke or cancel the Road Service Permit to an owner or operator of a motor omnibus."