Mayor Daniel Guerrero has been prompt to shut down the rumours that the boat company San Pedro Belize Express (SPBE) will be using the municipal dock permanently. The company, which provides commuting services to and from Belize City to Ambergris Caye, was one of the many businesses affected by Hurricane Earl in early August of 2015, and the company was forced to find an alternative area to operate its daily runs. Since then, they have been conducting business from the municipal dock by Central Park. A recent addition of structures on the dock, and the extended use of the dock have raised concerns among island residents.

According to local authorities, the dock, which is Government property, has been serving the people of San Pedro Town ever since the foundation of the community, and no private entity should be entitled to operate on it permanently.

“It is not permanent,” said Guerrero. “In fact, this year, they and the other boat companies will have to relocate to the international boat terminal at the Sunset Boardwalk.” Guerrero was clear as to when the deadline would be, stating, “it should not pass March, and even if we are not fully finished with the dredging of the channel on the lagoon side, they will have to start moving anyway.” The Mayor plans to reduce the boat traffic on the windward of the island by all means starting this year.

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