Support a great cause for your community - Friends of Corozal Rotary - We need your help!

The Corozal Rotary has our 3rd. Annual Cheap Sale scheduled February 24th at The Civic Center.

Rotary uses the proceeds to support our on-going projects such as Scholarships to help students who need assistance to continue their education from first form through fourth form, delivery of donated computers to primary schools, delivery of donated wheelchairs to people in need, providing playground and park structures.

Our major project for 2017 is water-less toilet facilities with hand-washing stations to ensure a sanitary environment for children. Our first site will be Concepcion Elementary school.

To make our Sale a success we need your assistance. Would you and your employees please check your homes and work-place for items that are clean and in working order that you would be willing to donate.

Suggested Items Needed:

Appliances, large & small
Baby items
Building materials
Building Supplies: hammers, saws, electrical supplies, plumbing supplies, water heaters, painting supplies
Bathroom: towels, bath scales, fixtures, towel racks
Bedroom: rugs, bedding, bedframes, mirrors
Clothing: Menís, womenís and childrenís-jackets, pants, dresses, shoes (MUST BE CLEAN)
Kitchen: pots and pans, teapots, toaster ovens, dishes, glasses, cups, can openers
Furniture: Chairs, tables, lamps, desks. book cases
Office Supplies: computers, phones, TVís CDís, DVDís, Books
Sporting Goods: Fishing poles, tackle, coolers, canoes, boat paddles, life jackets, backpacks, tarps
Other fun and useable items: jewelry, wall hangings, knickknacks, ornaments, vacuum cleaners, toys

For pick up or drop off location call or text me Loreta Randall 666-3447

A Rotarian will be happy to pick up your donated items.
We need to have these collected no later than February 15th

Thank you for supporting Rotary and any donation will be appreciated.

Loreta Randal
Fundraising Chair
Corozal Rotary Club
Eamil: [email protected]
[email protected]