Okay Chooch..... I didn't want him to think he would be landing on a downtown street or something.... [Linked Image]
I think the golf cart place we rented from was Cholos or something like that. It was off season, so it was $200 for a week, and $250 for 10 days. We got it for the whole 10 days. I loved it. You take it back every other day or so and they give you another one with a fresh battery charge. they will come get you if you break down as well.
Yes, you can take the cart on the ferry. Although I did so with a great deal of reservation. Hubby had spent a good part of the day on a bar stool at BC's and when we pulled onto the ferry, he failed to set the brake.... We almost ended up in the cut!! Thank goodness there were a couple of strapping young men behind us to hold on!!! I saw my life flash before my eyes (in an inibriated fog of course)but scarey none the less... [Linked Image]