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8 Murders in Wild Weekend; Cop Stabbed to Death at Police Headquarters in Belize City
A series of murders over the weekend has shocked a nation long since used to hearing about wanton, senseless violence. The past weekend was grim with bloodshed in the Belize, [...]

A Double Murder on Kelly Street
The senseless string of murders in the city, however, started early on Saturday morning in an area heavily-trafficked.  Just after two o’clock, an elderly resident accompanied by a thirty-six-year-old were [...]

Randy Green, Formerly Accused of Joshua Abraham Murder, is Shot Dead
Kelly Street is located off a busy intersection in the city; it was the venue of yet another murder in broad daylight on Saturday afternoon.  Randy Green, who was recently [...]

Selvin Bahadur Gunned Down on Jones Street
As the weekend came to a close, the fifth murder for the Old Capital occurred on Jones Street where a forty-year-old was gunned down in front of his gate. Selvin [...]

3 Murders in Santa Cruz, Stann Creek & Cristo Rey, Cayo
Aside from the five murders in Belize City, there were two others in Santa Cruz, Stann Creek and one in Cristo Rey, Cayo District. In the south, Guatemalan farmer Roberto [...]

Counting the Cost of “Worst” Majestic Alley Fire
On Friday evening, a fire destroyed four buildings in the congested Majestic Alley including the signature “long barracks,” which has eight units and houses as many as thirty people.  When [...]

Fire Service Has No Answers
So, what caused the fire that wiped out the Barracks and left more than fifty people without a roof over their heads?  There is plenty speculation as to what caused [...]

Opposition Charges Fire Department’s Budget Should Not Have Been Cut
Two weeks ago, the PM tabled the 2017/2018 Budget. And while debate has been fast and furious on many issues, one that perhaps was lost in the marathon debate was [...]

Opposition Leader Makes Bipartisan Call for Help
Today, Fort George Area Representative Said Musa was joined by Leader of the Opposition John Briceño in appealing for assistance for fire victims.  Briceño made a special call on Government [...]

Fire, Fire Everywhere! Zericote Street Home Targeted
There were three other fires over the weekend. On Sunday night, a fire took out a small business on Zericote Street in the city. Sometime after seven-thirty p.m., smoke and [...]

Apartment Goes Down in Flames in Caye Caulker
As Majestic Alley was ablaze, a fire also erupted on Caye Caulker. A wooden and concrete structure went up in flames just after four-thirty p.m.  The fire department was assisted [...]

Trash Fire Takes out Ladyville Home
A small wooden home in Ladyville was also wiped out after a fire spread from burning trash across the street. The embers of that small fire lit near some bushes [...]

Police Stuck on Stabbed, Dismembered Blackman Eddy Torso
The dismembered body of a woman found in a crocus sack last week near the Iguana Creek Bridge in Black Man Eddy Village remains unidentified.  The gruesome discovery of the [...]

Police Mourn Toledo Woman Officer’s Tragic Traffic Death
There were three fatal road traffic accidents reported over the weekend, including one in the Toledo District which claimed the life of a Woman Police Constable.  Thirty-two-year-old Jennifer Hibberd was [...]

At Senate, Lizarraga Questions Government Spending for Budget
Just before seven-fifteen this evening, a division was called in the Senate on the 2017-2018 General Revenue and Appropriation Bill. The Bill, also known as the Budget, passed by a [...]

Eamon Courtenay: Budget has Belize “Bouncing Backwards”
As a Senior Counsel, Eamon Courtenay has faced his share of scary situations. So what would cause the Opposition’s top Senator to “faint away,” as he claimed during this morning’s [...]

No Alternative Facts: Courtenay Says G.O.B. Raised Taxes
Close to eighty million dollars has been claimed by the Government in additional tax measures under the new Budget, affecting everything from electricity to fuel to the environment. And while [...]

Aldo Salazar Says Belize is Better Off Compared to Caribbean Neighbours
Responding for the Government, Senator Aldo Salazar made the point that Belize is in the same boat as the rest of the region, where Jamaica passed massive tax increases and [...]

Business Senator Asks Belizeans to Reflect on “Urban Terrorism”
The first matter discussed in the Senate this morning was not the Budget or even the Superbond – those came later. Business Senator Mark Lizarraga opened the sitting with a [...]

ComPol Plans Media Meeting – Standoff over Access Persists
The impasse between the media and the Belize Police Department persists, despite a press briefing being called this morning in the wake of an exceptionally bloody weekend.  While the media [...]

Prime Minister Hails Standard and Poor’s Taking Belize Out of Default
After a marathon two days of discussion and recrimination, Prime Minister Dean Barrow wrapped up the House of Representatives’ debate on the General Revenue and Appropriation Bill just before eleven [...]

P.M. Barrow Talks Record after 10 Years in Government
Belize is hardly alone regionally in economic malaise; many nations in the Caribbean region, whose governments are presently submitting budgets for consideration similar to others, have had similar sluggish economic [...]

Sports Monday Takes Stock of Sporting Weekend
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities....]


Another Fatality On The Philip Goldson Highway
Xaibe resident Eduardo Sanker was killed instantly when the Suzuki motorcycle he travelled on slammed into an incoming Toyota 4Runner along mile 81 on the Phillip Goldson Highway on Saturday, March 25th in Ranchito Village in Corozal. Sanker was travelling in the direction of San Joaquin Village, when he reportedly lost control of his motorbike, causing it to careen towards the incoming SUV. The impact was severe. The motorbike was smashed on impact and Sanker’s body lay motionless and lifeless on the road.

Vehicle Flips Over At The Entrance Of Town
And this afternoon, in an area not too far away on the Phillip Goldson Highway, there was another traffic mishap. Fortunately, this one was not fatal and the driver escaped with as much as a scare. It involved this Chevrolet Malibu car which slipped off the road along a dangerous curve entering Corozal Town and flipped over, landing upside down near the sea coast. The Chevy vehicle with Belmopan license plate C07588 suffered damages to the body. Following the accident, the driver, an unidentified person of Chinese nationality, crawled out to safety.

PM Closes Budget Debate
The second day of the 2017-2018 Budget Debate before the 31-member House of Representatives went until almost 11:30 on Friday night. Prime Minister Dean Barrow was only present for an hour and arrived at 8, then left, and arrived once more at 10:13pm when Cayo South representative Julius Espat was ending his presentation. The PM then closed the day’s proceedings with a 36 minute statement in which he focused his complaints on the Opposition leader Hon. John Briceno. As expected, the PM could not help himself on going into the gutter.

Senate Debates Budget, Senator Salas Votes Against The Financial Plan
On Thursday and Friday of last week, members of the House of Representatives, took turns to debate the national budget and today, it was the turn of the 13 senators to do so. While Church Senator Ashley Rocke supported the budget alongside the UDP senators, the 13th Senator, Osmany Salas did not stating that the NGO community cannot support a budget that is not well prepared. And as expected, the opposition did not support the budget either.

More Gifts For Concepcion RC School
All indications are that the Rotary was in a gift-giving mood on Saturday. In addition to initiating the project on the compound, Rotary member Fred Orio handed over a new laptop and printer to the school Principal. School teacher Adriano Ramirez said that now that they have Centaur Express Internet, the laptop will be of great benefit to the students.

Concepcion RC Goes Green
The idea of bathroom facilities that use minimal amounts of water may be a worthy one for communities that find access to water a serious challenge. Here in the north a number of communities have limited water access, and there are those such as Copper Bank that are facing water shortage. Rotary Club’s Ron Zurlinden suggested that those schools could consider projects like the one in Concepcion to maximise the use of their resources.

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Is Corruption Costing Lives On Our Highways?
By Charles Leslie Jr. I believe that the sale of drivers licenses (corruption) to incompetent drivers, is a major contributing factor to the ever increasing road traffic injuries and deaths on Belize’s highways. On March 26th, 1934 the United Kingdom established its first driving test to test drivers for competence. UK residents had to take this test in order to obtain a full Great Britain or Northern Ireland (car) driving license or to add additional full entitlements to an existing one.

Senator Salas votes against 2017/2018 budget; Says both PUP and UDP must take blame for country’s economic woes
Both major political parties must take the blame for the economic situation that Belize is in,” Osmany Salas, Senator for the NGO’s told the Senate today. Salas expressed his disappointment in the preparation of the budget and said that government must team up with the opposition to find a solution to the economic problems that Belize faces.

Santa Cruz resident is weekend’s eight murder victim
Family members confirmed to BBN a short while ago that their loved one died at the Southern Regional Hospital. BBN had earlier reported that Sabala was socializing at Los Amigos Restaurant and Bar in Santa Cruz village in the Stann Creek district. He exited the bar just around midnight on Sunday to do an errand and while returning to the bar, he was stabbed by an assailant.

Murder, now stabbing in Santa Cruz village
Following Friday night’s murder of 55 year old Roberto Deleon, the quiet village of Santa Cruz in the Stann Creek district is the scene of another major crime. BBN has confirmed that a 23 year old man was socializing at Los Amigos restaurant and bar in Santa Cruz village.

Police brutality a major human right issue in Belize, U.S. State Department says
Police brutality is Belize’s most pressing human rights issue, according to the US Department of State’s (USDS) Country Report on Human Rights practices 2016. “The most important human rights abuses included the use of excessive force by security forces (especially the police),” the USDS said. “The government occasionally ignored reports of police abuse, delayed action, failed to take disciplinary action, or transferred accused officers to other areas within their department”

It is now time to call it urban terrorism.
I’m not given (much) to hyperbole, except in praising the beauty of our Jewel…but when it comes to her dirty, nasty underbelly, I try to keep a clear-eyed perspective. For weeks I have been fearing that some thug, criminal or gangbanging baby shatta would have an attempt at one of the many bored and frustrated police officers who are forced to sit under makeshift and tattered tents behind crude “Police Check Point” signs propped up with old planks and cement blocks.

Police confirm details of Saturday morning double murder
On Saturday morning around 2:30, police responded to a shooting incident at the corner of Matron Roberts and Kelly Street where cops saw Byron Marshall, 54, of a Lovely Lane address and Nelson Noralez, 24, from Pomona, Stann Creek suffering from multiple gunshot wounds […]

Police confirm fatal PG accident
newsOn Friday, at about 11:16 p.m. police responded to a road traffic accident in Cattle Landing village, Toledo on the Southern highway between miles 97 and 98 where cops saw a black Dodge Intrepid car in the middle of the highway with extensive damages […]

Business senator bashes budget
In his presentation today, Senator for the Business sector, Mark Lizarraga said the bill that will be passed today allows government to borrow more money, further increasing Belize’s national debt. In the draft budget for the fiscal year 2017-2018, $100 million will be financed (borrowed) […]

Peyrefitte deflects criticism in the Senate
Today at the Senate sitting, Senator Valerie Woods questioned the money paid to local advisors for costs of restructuring the Superbond. In response, Senator Michael Peyreffite, stated that Woods was referring to him and that he did not collect any money from restructuring the […]

Ministry of Home Affairs extends deepest sympathies to family of PC Marvin Locke
The Minister of State, Elodio Aragon Jr. and the Ministry of Home Affairs extends deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Police Constable Marvin Locke Sr. who was senselessly killed in the line of duty yesterday afternoon in Belize City. May he rest […]

Honduran national kills police officer in Belize City
Yesterday afternoon around 3:25, acting upon information received of a stabbing incident, police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) where they saw Police Constable #844 Marvin Locke of Belize City suffering from multiple stab wounds to the chest and abdomen area. Investigation reveals […]

FCD says OAS SecGeneral Chiquibul fly-over wasn’t enough
On March 16, 2017, BBN reported that OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro along with Guatemalan Foreign Minister, Carlos Raul Morales visited the “ Adjacency Zone” between Guatemala and Belize. During his trip, Almagro visited the Guatemalan communities that are along the Adjacency Zone between […]

Guatemalans continue to exploit the Chiquibul National Park
This morning, on Channel 5 ‘Open your eyes’ programme, Raphael Manzanero, Executive Director for Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) stated that the Chiquibul National Park continues to be exploited by Guatemalans. “For many years, Guatemalan poachers have been entering into Belize’s protected areas and […]

Belize, Between a Rocke and a Hard Place
The Senate is now a 13-member part of the Parliament of Belize thanks to the agitation of the Belize National Teachers Union, who forced the government; through industrial action; to enact legislation to increase its number from 12 late last year, adding one seat […]

One detained in connection with stabbing in Cristo Rey Village, Cayo District
On Saturday night around 6:30, police visited Cristo Rey Village in the Cayo District where they saw 16-year-old Guatemalan Rosendo Pop with a stab to the chest area. Pop was taken to the San Ignacio Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Police […]


Fish Balls – The El Fogon way!
One delicious treat that I enjoy (aside from their Belikin Beer Battered Fried Chicken which are only available on Tuesday’s), are the delicious fish balls. Yes…fish balls! These tasty treats are deep fried to a golden brown, and each bite is full of flavor. When I asked Olive to kindly share her recipe, in case I have a hankering for it and can’t get to the restaurant, she was more than happy to share. See what I mean about love? So, to our friends near and far, who may be missing a little bit of delicious El Fogon, you can try this at home. It won’t have the same smoky, fogon touch, but it is close enough till it’s time to sit at the picnic tables and enjoy a few in person, with a side of sweet lime juice, or an ice cold Belikin, of course!

Back in the day (1986) Atlantis was on Ambergris Caye
One Friday evening as we prepared to stroll off for dinner, Alberto was nowhere to be found. We searched and waited a bit and finally left for dinner. We went to the “new” Chinese restaurant, where we had never eaten before. (I can still taste their delicious lobster dish)! About 5 minutes after we ordered, here comes Alberto walking into the restaurant and slides into the booth next to me. Our mouths dropped as we had no idea how he found us. We’d never eaten there before, let alone taken him there. We proceeded to eat our lovely meal and finished our night. The next day as the three of us were walking down Front Street, Alberto proudly riding high on Franc’s shoulders, he pointed down to the sand street and said “mira, Franc”. We looked and there, sure enough, was Franc’s tire tread sandal print forever etched into the street until the next rain. We looked at each other and both said…”that’s how he found us last night…he tracked us!”.

Why should you visit Caye Caulker on your next bucket list vacation
Caye Caulker is a small Caribbean island off the coast of Belize. It’s divided by a narrow channel called the Split, where there’s a bar and a sandy beach. To the south is the island’s only settlement, known as Caye Caulker Village. The north of the island is home to dense mangrove forest and diverse birdlife, protected by a forest reserve. The Caye Caulker Marine Reserve has dive sites on the Belize Barrier Reef. Caye Caulker is a tranquil paradise in Belize that is quickly making a name for itself as one of the top island destinations for budget travel in the Caribbean. The vibe on this rustic island is completely laid back and relaxed in true “island life” fashion. There are very few major structures on Caye Caulker, and almost no motorized vehicles, other than those used for official business. Visitors spend their days lounging around, taking in the golden sun and the azure waters.

Ranguana Caye
In a country with hundreds of offshore islands, few can compare in beauty and tranquility than Ranguana Caye. Measuring just two acres in size, Ranguana Caye has just three wood cabanas raised on stilts for overnight visitors. Guests of Ranguana Caye can enjoy snorkeling, paddle boarding, and kayaking in the waters around the island or sit back and relax in a hammock that sways to a gentle tropical breeze. Guests can eat and drink their fill, work on their tan, and enjoy fun beach games and barbecues while staying on this beautiful island getaway. Perhaps the most popular spot on the island is Bully’s Beach Bar, the closest thing to a pirate den that you’re likely to ever see. Ranguana Caye is located about 18 miles or a one-hour boat journey from the Placencia Peninsula in southeastern Belize.

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Belizean Court Sinks Belize Bank’s $37M Arbitration Appeal
A Belizean appeals court on Friday rejected Belize Bank Ltd.’s bid to collect a $37 million arbitration award against the country stemming from unpaid government debt, agreeing with a trial judge that granting the request would harm public policy given the unusual circumstances under which the guarantees were made. In a decision handed down Friday, a divided panel of the Court of Appeal of Belize affirmed a decision denying a petition from the country’s largest commercial bank, which is owned by wealthy British political figure Lord...

Johnny Depp will play John McAfee in an upcoming biopic
The movie will centre on McAfee's notorious time in Belize Hollywood icon Johnny Depp is set to play tech industry legend John McAfee in an upcoming biopic based on his time hiding out in Belize, reports indicate. According to Deadline, the Pirates Of The Caribbean Star will play McAfee "as he takes a... magazine writer on a darkly comic Apocalypse Now-like tour at his Belize compound, a trip filled with paranoia, machine guns, sex and murder". Details are sketchy at present, but the film - that allegedly has the working title 'King Of The Jungle' - will apparently be based on the notorious episode in which the tech mogul and one-time presidential candidate went on the run from Belizean police in an unbelievable incident involving meth labs, alleged police frame-ups and the murder of McAfee's neighbour.


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  • Culture and Identity in Belize, 8min. The second collaboration of the American NGO Cultures in Harmony (CiH) and the National Institute of Culture and History of Belize in February 2017 focused on workshops for young musicians, interviews about issues of culture and identity, and the first major symphony orchestra performance of traditional brukdong music. Thank you to NICH for their sponsorship and to the Brukdong Project and the National Youth Orchestra of Belize for their collaboration!

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