For a fix-it-yourself meal, head to one of the groceries. Island Grocery on Coconut Drive (tel. 501-226-2972) south of town is the biggest. Rock's on Pescador Drive (tel. 501-226-2044) in town and San Pedro Supermarket (tel. 501-226-3446) at the north end of town are handy, too. In addition there are a number of smaller shops selling some groceries in town and south of town. Don't expect a Publix or Kroger’s, but most items you'll need are available, at a price (often 50 to 100% more than in the U.S.) The groceries sell beer, booze and some wines, but for the cheapest deal on Belikin, Lighthouse or Belikin Stout, have the local Bowen warehouse (San Pedro Distributors, tel. 501-226-2142) on Coconut Drive bring you a case. Regular Belikin is under US$20 a case, plus a refundable $3 deposit on the bottles and case. You can get soft drinks and bottled water, too. Cokes are about US$9-$10 a case, plus deposit. For wine and cheese, Divine Wine on Pescador Drive (tel. 501-226-3430) with the same ownership as Sweet Basil, has a nice small selection. Fresh fruit and vegetables are available from vendors on Barrier Reef Drive, and Patty’s on Pescador Drive (tel. 501-226-2388) has good selections most days and will deliver to your condo. La Popular (two locations) is a good bakery.

--Lan Sluder

Lan Sluder/Belize First