Comedy Show in the name of charity raises thousands of dollars

A comedy show held on April 1st raised over $11,000 for the construction of San Pedro’s first children’s home, Hope Haven. The event took place at the Sandbar Beachfront Hostel and Restaurant, and featured talented local comedians who kept a large crowd of supporters well entertained.

Throughout the show, patrons also took the opportunity to get their raffle tickets for shaving of Chung’s and Nook Restaurant’s Jeff Parker’s hair and beard. Yes, the two brave gentlemen had a yearlong effort of growing their hair and beard just for the occasion. Parker stated that the idea came up while socializing one night last year in March, after permission was granted to build the children’s home. “After much talk, Chung was challenged to grow his hair, while I agreed to grow my beard for a year and then raffle it for charity,” said Parker.

Organizers were thrilled to have raised $6,100 from the show. They were even more excited to receive a $5,000 donation from Parker, declaring that the funds would buy sheetrock to finish the walls of the building on Lions Street. However, Beth Clifford of Mahogany Bay Village stepped in and donated the entire 120 panels of sheetrock, ensuring that the funds would be used elsewhere.

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