The ‘Development Finance Corporation (DFC) Eco Rangers’ is a youth group formed in San Pedro Town with a grand mission to keep La Isla Bonita clean. The Rangers focus on cleaning, gardening, and beautifying their residential area in DFC. They have also been active in raising awareness to keep the island garbage-free by introducing various clean-up methods. Now, with the help and support of Adan Kay, Human Development Officer for San Pedro, and island resident Diane Klumb, the Rangers have evolved into a formal group with over ten members of varying ages.

The Rangers have been very active, even starting a garden and planting flowers in their area near Angelica’s Store in DFC. Each Ranger is responsible for taking turns watering plants, cleaning the area of visible trash, placing painted five-gallon buckets that read ‘Keep DFC Area Clean’ in corners of the area, and even collecting bottle caps to start a recyclable mural project. Klumb said that the Rangers have successfully adapted to this lifestyle and have become so involved in cleaning that they even named their street the ‘Leeward Circle’.

As an adult supervisor of the Rangers, Kay said that the neighborhood residents have all pitched in to pay a yard worker to clean the bushy areas of Leeward Street. However, he stated that the Rangers would like to seek assistance from the San Pedro Town Council to provide their area with blue garbage drums, to enforce the law for residents to keep their yards clean, and to provide occasional cleaning services.

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