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The San Pedro Sun

DFC Eco Rangers are on a mission: Keep San Pedro garbage-free!
Kay stated that the kids are excited to receive their t-shirts, and are developing fun plans for the Rangers. “The Rangers have been effectively raising awareness on how to properly dispose of garbage, and this is a great way to get our youth involved. The kids are excited to get their t-shirts because they have been working hard together, and have united themselves in doing something positive for our community. The Rangers take pride in their actions, and now, whenever they see others throwing garbage, it becomes a reflex for them to advocate about the importance of keeping San Pedro clean. You can tell that the kids are inspired, and we know the Rangers will be expanding,” said Kay. As an adult supervisor of the Rangers, Kay said that the neighborhood residents have all pitched in to pay a yard worker to clean the bushy areas of Leeward Street. However, he stated that the Rangers would like to seek assistance from the San Pedro Town Council to provide their area with blue garbage drums, to enforce the law for residents to keep their yards clean, and to provide occasional cleaning services.

GOB denies wrong deeds in the GST Department
Reports of the alleged manipulation of General Sales Tax (GST) audit results by the senior management of that Governmental Department have been denied by the Ministry of Finance. The accusations surfaced from a leaked letter sent to the Solicitor General of Belize by a concerned senior GST officer. The allegations have raised serious questions regarding the management of the department, and as such, the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) have demanded an investigation into the allegations made by the GST officer. The four-page letter dated December 28, 2016 suggests intervention at the highest levels of the department to assess businesses at much higher collection figures than those arrived at by the auditor. However, the auditor in question says he was called into meetings by his superiors and says that he reluctantly did what he was told to do, even though he knew it was wrong. The auditor also added that his higher ups furthermore instructed him not to show the agents the method used to assess, which is structured to yield the highest collection figure. He also stated that while some assessments went un-appealed, others were questioned by senior GST officers.

Leroy Goff officially charged for Delson Paguada’s shooting
On Monday, April 10th 30-year-old Leroy Goff was arraigned at the Belize Magistrate’s Court. Accused of shooting 18-year-old Delson Paguada and pointing his gun at Paguada’s 14 year-old brother in San Pedro Town, Goff was charged with dangerous harm, use of deadly means of harm, and aggravated assault with the use of a firearm. He was then remanded to Central Prison. Goff returned to court on Wednesday, April 12th, where he was granted a Supreme Court bail of $7,500. He was then released under conditions that ensure he will return to court on Thursday, June 29th, along with any required dates after that.

Ambergris Today

Two Fake Police Officers Detained Pending Charges In Belize City
Police reports indicate that the department received information of two male persons dressed in what appeared to be police uniforms acting suspiciously in the vicinity of Publics Supermarket on the Phillip Goldson Highway on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, at around 4:30 p.m. The two men were wearing a khaki shirt, long blue trousers with a green streak on the sides resembling the official uniforms of police officers. One had on a green belt while the other wore a red one. They were identified as 22-year-old Dorian Blair of a Gibnut Street address Belize City and 39-year-old Barrington Slusher of a Brown Street address Belize City.

Belize Barrier Reef Must Be Safeguarded From Inherent Dangers Of Offshore Oil
In a press release issued yesterday, Thursday, April 21, 2017, the Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage calls out the Government of Belize as it Fails to Honor Commitment with UNESCO on Offshore Oil Ban. Given the economic importance, biological significance and cultural relevance of the Belize Barrier Reef to Belize and Belizeans through goods and services such as coastal protection, tourism and fishing, all reasonable effort should be implemented to ensure that the sensitive ecosystems that comprise the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System (reefs, sea grass beds and mangroves) are safeguarded from the irreparable destruction caused offshore oil. Of note is that UNESCO, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, in its response to the Government of Belize’s strategy to get our World Heritage Sites off the Sites In Danger list, have also stated that the proposed one kilometer buffer needs “revision in order to secure the protection of the property’s Outstanding and Universal Value.”

Misc Belizean Sources


Miss Belize: the Rebecca Response
Everyone is entitled to an opinion, Sher and I respect your right to yours. I reached out to you multiple times and I always expressed how thankful I was to you. After I won Miss Belize, my life quickly spiraled and got busier and you of all people should know that that is how it goes. Being new and "green" to pageantry, I didn't realize it but I continued..I thought we had formed a bond and when I realized that you never reached out to me either I was sad about that too. I always took your advice and never felt like I knew it all. Not once have I ever thought I am better than anyone nor have I let any "fame" go to my head but I don't need a Facebook post for people to see that. I work hard, I am fair and I know what it is I believe in. My experience with Opal was not good and I saw how badly she treated the other girls. She did not do even the basics of what she was supposed to do to get to Miss Universe. If it was not for my family and the Belizean public we would never have made it to Manila...

Miss Belize: former Queen Responds to Opal By Tanisha Vernon
Wolf in Sheep Clothing vs The Controversial Miss Belize Universe 07-08. Approximately 10 years ago I had participated in the Miss Belize Pageant. I remembered the series of events that occurred like it was yesterday. Before I venture into all the mishaps and adversities. Let me briefly introduce myself, I am 29yrs Tanisha Vernon, the last Miss Belize Universe to be crowned at the former Belize Civic Center by Maria Jeffries, who had recently crowned Rebecca Rath. Confusing right? Yes, Opal Enriquez and her team had intentionally omitted my title and reign for her own selfish reasons. Prior to the pageant they had the audacity to ask for my mentorship and sponsorship that I humbly denied for many reasons. At no point their organization members had offered an invitation to me so that I can passed on the crown to Ms Rebbeca Rath.

Miss Belize: the response to Tony Rath
I am not a photographer, not a journalist, nor a lawyer, but I am simply a person who has a heart just as anyone else. Perhaps we will never know all sides. And whilst you the reader will form your own opinion, allow me to assist you in developing your view on the matter, as I merely share my experiences with Rebecca Rath and her family. In the world of pageantry, all is never the way it really seems. I, Sherima Guity can remember convincing Rebecca to enter the Miss Belize pageant, which was clearly not on her bucket list. However, her ‘green’ state to pageantry only challenged my abilities because I trusted my passion for pageantry and was confident that once I had the support of my family, It would have been easier to capture yet another crown for my beloved Stann Creek district. In this light, Rebecca Rath was treated with the very same respect as all other queens I had trained vying for a pageant title. This even meant travelling to all events and personal practices I had with Rebecca at my own expense, as I have always done when dealing with any other contestant. I did all this while simultaneously training another queen for a different national level pageant.

Belize Literary Prize
Don't Forget: The Deadline for submissions to the Belize Literary Prize is April 30th. Flash Fiction and Poetry are this year's genres.

Book Week
Look out for Book Week Activities next week in Punta Gorda and San Ignacio Towns.

Joyjah Estrada Signs with an international modeling agency
"I just love being in front of the cameras! My favourite part is that you become different versions of yourself, different characters, it excites me"! This journey begun in 2012 when I did my first photo shoot with Danny Hun in PG It was as if a shinning light sparked from within me, I knew right then modeling was what I enjoyed doing.. I then worked with a number of different local photographers Delia Padilla being the main one, did a couple runway walks in fashion shows by local designers like Joris H. Groenendaal Rebecca Stirm it was so much fun!. Once I came onto social media I quickly realized I needed more frequent and fresh content, chasing photographers and waiting on jobs was becoming old and that's when we decided to invest in our first camera and Brandunn became my personal photographer overnight!.. Fast forward years later with the support of my amazing supporters dreams started to come true I was shot by super model @kendalljenner met the incredibly talented @kegrand and then landed the cover of @thelovemagazine WOW! I thought to myself! Is this for real? Is this a dream?...

What is tha going up next to Grand Colony???
Zip line? It's a watch tower...they are....Ashcroft... building a FIVE story condo unit....this way people wanting to buy can see what their view would be from which ever floor they wanted

Second Meeting of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs from the Central American Integration System (SICA) and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey
The Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs from the Central American Integration System (SICA) and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey met in Istanbul on 20 April 2017 with the purpose of further strengthening and diversifying the relationship between SICA Member States and Turkey. They reaffirmed the excellent ties of friendship and solidarity that exist between both Parties and reiterated their will to continue strengthening their relationship in the diplomatic, political, economic and cooperation for development, and coincided on the importance of enhancing multilateralism. The Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of SICA welcomed the incorporation of Turkey as an Extra Regional Observer State of SICA in 2015.

Letter: Congratulations BNTU on a successful convention
The Belize Progressive Party (BPP), in keeping with its social-oriented moorings, takes this opportunity to congratulate the Belize National Teachers’ Union (BNTU) on hosting a successful convention, which saw the smooth transition of leadership. The BPP recognises the significant role embodied by the union movement, in terms of ensuring that good governance practices and principles become the rule, as opposed to remaining the exception. The BNTU has demonstrated on numerous occasions, its resolve for ensuring that in conformity with the rule of law, equal rights and justice prevails. It is due to their staunch actions of remaining at the forefront of worker-related issues, the BNTU has distinguished itself as a trailblazer in Belize’s union movement.

Joyful and Exciting Music
The National Youth Orchestra of Belize presents an evening of joyful and exciting music in Corozal District on April 29th, 2017, at the Corozal Community College Auditorium starting at 6:30pm. Special performance by the CCC Marching Band. See you there! Tickets are available for $5.

BBIA Book Week 2017
Book Week is next week, and on Saturday, April 29th, they are having a Book Week event at the Cayo Welcome Center. "Book Week 2017 is coming up, save the date!"

International Festival of Culture
May 4th-7th, 2017 Central Park, Benque Viejo Del Carmen

Forest fires are already having a major impact in the Vaca Forest Reserve
Farms located nearby the reserve have also been impacted.

Raptors of Mexico and Central America, is Bill Clark's best Raptor book yet!
Happy to see my friends Ryan Phillips, Richard Kuehn, Yeray Seminario, and Sergio Seipke making major photographic and other contributions. My Solitary Eagle photo was artfully transformed by the awesome artist John Schmitt.

Did you know that the U.S. is a major importer of Belizean sugar?
Last week the Embassy Political and Economic Team visited Santander Belize, Ltd. in Valley of Peace village to learn about this fascinating and growing industry. Principal investors Jose and David Rodriguez led the team on a tour of the farms and the facilities. The multimillion dollar investment is a fully integrated operation encompassing sugar cane production, harvesting, milling and bagasse co-generation. The company directly employs approximately 1000 people, roughly 800 of them Belizeans, and uses state of the art harvesting, irrigation, sugar and cogeneration production processes.

Celebrate the Reef "Reef Week Hol Chan 2017"
It's that time of the year again, where we come together and celebrate the reef, through a week filled of fun and exciting activities!!!!

Lionfish Tournament May 12 in San Pedro
Beach party at Estel's

Channel 7

BNTU Election, The Blow By Blow Account
Last night, the late breaking news at 6:30 was that Senator Elena Smith had been elected as the new National President of the Belize National Teachers Union. Our news team was still in San Roman Corozal. So, we only had the broad strokes of the annual convention which elected a new leader after Luke Palacio had reached his 9 year term limit. Tonight, we have a full recap of the union's election day, right up to the moment when Elena Smith was declared the winner. Hundreds of teachers showed up for the second day of their 47th annual convention to vote for their new National President. Their choices: Mario Mesh from the Host Branch of Corozal, Troy Coleman from Stann Creek, and the most well-known candidate of the 3, Senator Elena Smith.

A New Union General Secretary Leads The Way
Of the 686 teachers who voted in the convention 349 of them voted for Elena Smith. Troy Coleman got 197 votes - not 147, as we had reported; and Mario Mesh got 140 votes. Elena Smith still managed to get more votes than both of them combined, and she now takes over from Luke Palacio. But, while Palacio is no longer the head of the union, he still remains on the executive as the first vice president. That's because no other candidate stepped up to challenge him for that post in yesterday's convention. Jorge Mejia was also returned as the national treasurer because, again, nobody challenged him for the post. The other new executive member is Ruth Shoman, who was elected in yesterday's convention. Following her victory, she spoke with the press about her new role, and about the direction for the new leadership:

COLA's Horse Won
So, as you saw in our story, the teachers placed a lot of emphasis on what they strongly believed was political interference designed to manipulate their union. The grassroots organization COLA, which has been a faithful ally of the BNTU, showed some presence in San Roman to observe the elections. President, Giovanni Brackett told us that he is hoping that the results reflected the will of the teachers, not PUDP scheming: Giovanni Brackett, President - COLA: "We didn't want to be up here, because we believe that we could support from afar. But it's very simple, the government has interfered within this election. I have gotten calls about this election over the last few weeks, try to ignore it. The latest reports that I have gotten is that there had actually meetings within the different parliamentarians within the government who have met with teachers and have gone to having a strategic orchestrated move to get their candidate elected here."

Guatemalan Businessman Killed In Toledo, A Hundred Miles From Home
A Guatemalan was killed in the Toledo District last night - and it's the first murder reported countrywide in 6 days. Around 5:00 yesterday, residents of Jalacte saw a man's body on the side of the road. His ID cards showed that he was Guatemalan, 42-year-old Carlos Pop Xol, a businessman from San Fernando Cha'al Alta Verapaz - which is about 100 miles from Jalacte.

Coast Guardsman Makes Criminal Compliant Against Admiral
7News has confirmed that a coast guardsman has made a criminal complaint against his boss, Admiral John Borland, which is now in the hands of the police. He is accusing the Admiral of verbal abuse and more seriously, of threatening words. Though we are aware of the specifics of the case, we are unable to share them with you because the Admiral hasn't been criminally charged, and - we could not reach him by phone or at his office. Nevertheless, the police have to treat the complaint seriously since the coast guard officer is requesting court action. We understand that his complaint has been forwarded to the Commissioner of Police. The Commissioner will then forward to the Ministry, where it will be assessed.

FFB On Corozal Chairman: "Alleged Illegal Activities"
Earlier this week, we told you about the shakeups in the FFB District Associations, where two chairman were given the boot - one by his executive in Toledo, the other, in Corozal, by the FFB headquarters in Belmopan. Today, the Federation put out a press release saying, quote, "due to alleged illegal activities by the Corozal Football Association's Chairman, Mr. Frank Sutherland was suspended until further notice." And what are those alleged illegal activities? Well, it seems that Mr. Sutherland was running a rent racket - or at least that's what the evidence points to. The FFB's letter to Sutherland on April 6th accuses him of the issuance of a fraudulent receipt and the misuse of Federation Moneys. The letter notes that he was given money directly to pay monthly rent for an office space for the Corozal Football Association.

Lino Turns Up Dead: Was The Hunter Hunted?
Tonight, a 45 year old hunter from Progresso Village is dead and his family is questioning the circumstances of his death. 45 year old Baltazar Lino was found dead after he went on a week long hunting trip near his farm a couple miles away from his village. But, after some days, his dogs returned but he didn't. That's when his family went looking for him and they found his decomposing body face down in a well yesterday. Police are investigating, but he family says that his neck had a telling scratch which they believe came from a jaguar:...

Bail for Betancourt
Last week we told you about San Pedro residents Jimell Paul Jex and Tracy Betancourt who were arrested and charged for possession of ammunition without a firearm license. Police searched their apartment and found 8 live 9mm rounds of ammunition. Jex was the only one present in the apartment when the search was conducted, and was arrested immediately. Police found and arrested Betancourt earlier this week.

Teenager says He Picked Up Weed At The Wrong Time
And today another teenager was in court for weed. 18 year old Lionel Lopez appeared in the Magistrate's Court where he was charged with the possession of about 1/10 of an ounce of cannabis. Lopez pled guilty to the charge but explained that it was all a mixup. He says that he was visiting his brother on Arlington drive when he picked something up off the street. He continued to say that before he realized that he had picked up an illicit substance, a mobile police unit came around the corner and busted him.

A Bucket Of Ganja
Ladyville Police today found two pounds of weed. They say the 930 grams were found in a bucket in an abandoned area on Marage Road in Ladyville around 11:00 this morning.

Customs and Immigration Have Headaches At La Union
"La Union" That's the Belize-Mexico border crossing in northwestern Belize that's becoming a real headache for customs and immigration. And that's because bus loads of Belizeans on excursions are flocking to the tiny village, so they can go across the river and shop for cheap items in Mexico. And When we say busloads, we mean as many as 18 buses at a time - coming from as far away as Dangriga. And all of them have to cross the Rio Hondo in little canoes! And that's probably why Customs put up this sign a few weeks ago. It says only persons form surrounding villages are permitted to shop in La Union. And that's also why about month ago, Immigration was turning people away. The Director of Immigration told us today that it's not an official border crossing, so they can stop persons form crossing there and so can customs.

Cop Knocked Down Elderly Man
Last night a police mobile unit was involved in a minor traffic accident in Southside Belize City. According to reports, the police vehicle was unable to drive down a section of East Collet Canal because of a clean-up effort being conducted at the time, so the driver began to reverse down the street. The vehicle didn't make it far before hitting, Karl Bradley, an elderly resident of West Collet Canal Street. Bradley's family told us that immediately after knocking him down, the police that were in the vehicle jumped out to assist and took him to the hospital with his son. After taking an X-ray doctors determined that Bradley received no threatening injuries, and discharged him. When we visited him today, Bradley was being cared for by his family. His left foot and ankle were swollen and much of his skin was peeled off. Bradley's family also told us that one police Sergeant who was in the patrol vehicle offered to pay for his medical expenses.

City Council Tries and Tries Again With Sidewalk Furniture
If you have walked along Albert Street in Belize City any time in the last few years you may have noticed several small squares cut out of the side walk. Those squares are what remains of several of the Belize City Council's attempts to beautify the street over the last decade and a half. Each square is supposed to hold a planter, or a cement pot with a palm tree planted in it. But, every time the City Council has tried to make use of these planters they have been the victim of vandalism and theft. Now, CitCo is getting ready to give it another try. We spoke to Councilor Michael Theus, who told why he is confident that the planters will be safe this time around... The re-addition of the planters is part of the City Council's project to rebrand the city as a major tourist destination.

Calling All Creatives
We always hear about IDB loans for major infrastructure and economic development projects, but what about the smaller micro-industries? Well, the IDB now says it wants to fund startups in the creative and cultural industries. They are focusing on Latin America, the Caribbean and South Florida and they are looking for innovative products or solution to improve lives in areas ranging from fashion, to music, to cooking. Cristina Nolasco of the IDB told us more from her office in Washington DC. WE ASKED HER WHO QUALIFIES:... THE open call will award prizes to startups that have those innovative products or solutions. Participating entrepreneurs must be over 18 years, and you can find a link to apply at -

Garcia, The Guatemalan, Gone?
And, finally, tonight, police have provided us with the picture of escaped prisoner 23 year old Henry Abel Calderon Garcia. As we told you last night, the Guatemalan Laborer who lives in Benque Viejo Town escaped when he was given a duty to go work outside the Benque Viejo Police Station on Wednesday. He was convicted for Possession of Control Drug and fined $805 dollars to be paid forthwith.

Channel 5

Guatemalan businessman murdered in Jalacte
We start our newscast tonight with a murder deep in the south where a Guatemalan businessman was stabbed to death a stone’s throw away from the western border near the [...]

Elena is B.N.T.U.’s leader after dramatic day in Corozal
Senator for Trade Unions and Civil Society, Elena Smith, is president-elect of the Belize National Teachers’ Union. She defied the odds following allegations of tampering and interference in the executive [...]

In Progresso, man found dead in well; did man or beast kill him?
A family up north is grieving the untimely death of one of its own. The body of Baltazar Lino was retrieved from a four feet deep well in the outskirts [...]

Union’s members demand retirement issue be settled by resolution
The impromptu Council of Management meeting that delayed elections also forced the Belize National Teachers’ Union to postpone the hearing and voting on five resolutions presented to the Annual Convention. [...]

Tax men accused of mishandling system of arrears and refunds for G.S.T.
On Thursday we told you about the backlash against the Government’s dismissal of alleged manipulation of audits by senior management of the General Sales Tax Department conducted by lower level [...]

Why Alex Sanker wants his Miss Universe painting back from Rebecca Rath
The fury over photojournalist Tony Rath’s blog continues to burn like wildfire online, where responses to the five-part article are being posted to Facebook in the wake of the lengthy [...]

So what actually happened to the painting?
What became of the commissioned artwork remains unknown. Sanker maintains that the painting was deliberately set aside in favor of a Pen Cayetano piece and that he personally hand delivered [...]

Did Joel Nagel’s “Global Access Conference” get him in trouble?
Ambassador of Belize Joel Nagel remains accredited to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland and the International Atomic Energy Agency.  The U.S. attorney was also accredited to Austria and several [...]

Monkey Bay Resort sued over U.S. student’s drowning
A family in the U.S. is suing a local organization over the drowning death of their son. Back in February 2016, fourteen year old Tomari Jackson of Georgia, U.S.A., was [...]

OCEANA reminds G.O.B. of plans for reef on anniversary of Deepwater disaster
On Thursday marked seven years since the massive “Deepwater Horizon” oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. In light of this day remembered largely by conservationists and those whose lives [...]

Central Bank details reasons for liquidation of credit unions
Central Bank Governor Joy Grant has responded to News Five via email following our story of Thursday night. The Bank in its capacity of registrar of credit unions is moving [...]

F.C.D. says gold panning is now biggest threat to Chiquibul Forest
Documents released by the F.C.D. chronicle the growth of gold-panning inside the inside the Chiquibul Forest, primarily its sharp spike in the southern portion of the forest in the last [...]

Football Federation suspends Corozal football chief
The Football Federation of Belize will hold its tenth Ordinary Congress in June. At that time members will be electing several outstanding positions on the executive, including a president. At [...]

First storm of 2017, Arlene comes and goes
Even though the hurricane season begins in June there has been some activity before the start of the season. Tropical Storm Arlene, the first named storm of the 2017 Atlantic [...]

Rest of season should be quiet, say weather experts
Over the past few days, we have been experiencing unseasonable rains.  According to forecaster Derrick Rudon, the 2017 hurricane season will be below average with fewer named storms and hurricanes. [...]


BNTU Elects New President
Yesterday, Senator Elena Smith emerged victorious as the President Elect of the Belize National Teachers Union. Smith went up against Troy Coleman of the Stann Creek Branch and Mario Mesh of the Corozal Rural Branch. The day’s proceeding was interrupted when the Council of Management held an emergency meeting to discuss reports of political interference. […]

BNTU’s Newly Elected General Secretary Speaks of Work Ahead
The other post contested was that of National Secretary. Vying for the post were Ruth Shoman of the Corozal Branch and Adelaida Guerra of the Belize Branch. Shoman emerged as the victor with 336 votes while Guerra garnered 328 votes. Shoman spoke to the media after the announcement was made. Luke Palacio is now the […]

Jaguar Suspected to Be Responsible for Death of Villager
Reports of a jaguar attacking a man are emerging from Progresso Village in the Corozal District. Forty five year old Baltazar Lino was found dead inside a four foot well located in the bushes. Lino would regularly visit his farm accompanied by his dogs but on Easter Sunday, one of his dogs returned without him. […]

SSB Workers Protest Proposed Cuts
The staff of Social Security Board countrywide who are union members engaged in a subtle protest to their management today after a proposal was made to have their benefits cut. According to our source, the proposal is to reduce the vacation and sick days for new staff members for which the Christian Workers Union, (CWU) […]

Guat National Murdered in Southern Belize
Toledo Police are investigating the murder of a businessman in that District. Police report that around 5:30 Thursday evening they responded to information of a person lying on the side of the road about half a mile from the junction of Jalacte Village. When they got there, authorities found 42-year-old Carlos Pop Xol, Guatemalan businessman […]

Mayor Bradley on Business in Miramar, Florida
Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley is back in the county after travelling to South Florida. Bradley was invited by the mayors of Miramar City and Broward County to participate in a “Ease of Doing Business” Workshop. Bradley told us more. DARRELL BRADLEY “One of the things that we are actually trying to do is establish […]

No Stipend for the BNTU Branch Executives
While the ballots were being counted for the selection of BNTU’s president and general secretary, teachers who stayed behind had a say in the four resolutions tabled. The first resolution proposed was for the branch presidents, secretaries and treasures to receive a stipend from BNTU’s central office of three hundred, two hundred and one hundred […]

Arlene Forms Ahead the Hurricane Season
Two days ago we told you of the tropical depression that was formed outside the Atlantic Hurricane Season. While the National Hurricane Centre in Miami, Florida had noted that it would be a short-lived system, yesterday that depression was named Arlene and is now the first storm for the 2017 season. Tropical Storm Arlene is […]

Music Ambassador Speaks on Miss Universe Controversy
The 5-part blog uploaded to the internet by Tony Rath on the behind the scenes accounts of the Miss Belize/Universe event has stirred emotions from various circles of society and in some cases have enraged many Belizeans. His account to what transpired between the contestant, Rebecca Rath and the Pageant Director, Opal Enriquez has basically […]

Belize’s Barrier Reef Remains in Danger of Losing Its Value
Local environmental agencies have been speaking constantly on the dangers being posed to Belize’s Barrier Reef due to various factors. It is a case that has gotten international attention particularly since UNESCO had named it a World Heritage Site back in 1996. Thirteen years after receiving the title of a World Heritage Site, the Belize […]


Killer of Indira “Princess” Thompson still at large
As we go to press tonight, the man who brutally stabbed to death Indira “Princess” Thompson, a well-known woman of Belize City, on the grounds of the abandoned Bellevue Hotel on Southern Foreshore almost a week ago remains at large. Police have not yet released the identity of the man they believe committed the heinous act early last Friday morning. Information to police is that the 35-year-old woman was stabbed several times in her upper body and abdomen after she refused to have sex with her assailant. Carl Morter, with whom Thompson was reportedly living in a shack behind the decrepit hotel building, told police that he was returning to the shack when a Hispanic man exited, armed with a knife, and slashed his neck before running off.

Coyoc brothers suffocate in Trial Farm well on Good Friday
wo brothers of Trial Farm in Orange Walk, Jeovani Coyoc, 26, a taxi driver, and Isidoro Coyoc, 41, a farmer and tractor driver, were both laid to rest this Sunday in the wake of a tragedy which occurred at their family farm on Good Friday, when the men suffocated inside a 40-foot well. The incident occurred at about 12:30 on Friday, April 14, in the Goat Hill area of Tower Hill, Orange Walk. Police reported that at about 11:30 that morning, Jeovani lowered himself with a rope into the well, which contained about four feet of water, in order to clean the walls of the well. When Jeovani began to suffocate in the well, his brother, Isidoro, tried to get help and when he could not get an oxygen supply for him, he tried to rescue him alone. Sadly, both brothers fell unconscious inside the well, which had been out of use.

Guat congressman wants Belize on their map
It was confirmed this week that there is a lobby in official circles in Guatemala to have that country’s map for public and private use formally include Belize. Three weeks ago, news broke that Guatemala’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs had received a provocative proposal via one of its consultants, Edmundo Rene Urrutia Garcia, which made reference to suggestions that the country of Belize should be included in Guatemala’s map, apparently with annexation of the Sarstoon. Garcia also referred to a proposed public consultation on the oil exploration in Belize’s subsoil. Evidently, the suggestion did not end there. On Tuesday of this week, April 18, Guatemalan Congressman, Luis Fernando Montenegro Flores, tabled a proposal in Guatemala’s Congress, the country’s unicameral law-making body, to have Belize included on the map of Guatemala with a punctuated line carrying a notation that there is a territorial, insular and maritime dispute pending settlement, but furthermore, carrying a notation that the border with Belize is not defined.

BNTU to Faber: We shall not be moved!!!
Shortly after 6:00 this evening, candidates and counters at the national election of Belize’s most militant union – the Belize National Teachers’ Union (BNTU) – emerged from the counting room on the campus of Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico in San Roman Village, Corozal, in a somber mood, walking towards the stage area, even as the word began to spread that Senator Elena Smith had captured the presidency, despite alleged political interference from the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) to usurp control of the BNTU by installing their man at the helm. Smith was asked if she thinks the political interference is real. “We have seen certain things, certain texts going around, and we have heard of certain meetings, and so, there is a saying in Creole, ‘if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck,’” Smith answered, as the crowd around her erupted in shouts of “Solidarity Forever!”

Taximan’s throat sliced by carjacker
Ernesto Robinson, 57, a cab operator of Belize City, survived a horrifying attack on Tuesday night, when a man pretending to be looking for a taxi cut him on his face and neck with a knife, then made off with his taxi, crashing it on the highway. Robinson was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he was treated for the injuries he suffered during the jacking. He has since been released. Meanwhile, the youth believed to have been the carjacker has been apprehended after a hot pursuit by police. Robinson told police that at about 8:30 on Tuesday night, he was stopped at the junction of Western and Ordonez Avenues in Belize City by a man requesting his taxi service. The man got into the passenger seat behind him, and after Robinson drove off, the passenger took out a knife, cut Robinson on his face, and tried to slice his throat, forcing Robinson to stop and flee. The assailant then commandeered the taxi.