A North American couple is missing in the Corozal District and their friends are very concerned about their safety. 52 year old Canadian Francesca Matus and 36 year old American Thomas De Voursey were last seen on Tuesday night leaving Scotty's Bar in Corozal Town in a White Isuzu Rodeo. They were headed for Francesca's home on the Consejo Road about 7 miles away. That's where a friend was supposed to pick up Francesca the next morning to take her to the airport - because she was scheduled to fly to Canada. But when that friend Joseph Milholen showed up to her house at 8:30 in the morning she wasn't there. He couldn't get any answer on her cell phone, and neither could he reach Drew De Voursey - whose motorbike was parked in her driveway.

Since then friends have searched both their homes and found their passports and their suitcases - suggesting that they haven't gone anywhere. So where could they be? That's what CTV-3 asked Joseph Milholen today.

Joe Milhoen, Friend of Francesca
"The whole thing is a mystery. We showed up and drove his vehicle which is a motorcycle was in Francesca driveway when I arrived at 8:30 on Wednesday morning and her car was gone. Her luggage was in her house. They got missing sometime between 10:45 the night before when they left the bar and 8:30 when I picked them up and there were obviously together, because the only vehicle he was is parked in her driveway and they were seen leaving Scotty's Bar and Grill together the night before."

"They both have cell phones, but as of 8:30 yesterday morning both phones were going straight to voicemail when you dial their numbers and neither one is responded to any social media. Their families have been contacted, both Drew's and Francesca's. They have not responded to any communication from their families also."

"We have spent countless hours since yesterday morning going down all the roads in the areas, trying to find if they ran off the road at night on the way home or just anything, any trace of the vehicle. We are working closely with the police department in trying to organized search. We are doing a lot of the search ourselves. We have people out searching and we are out riding the roads."

"We have rented a plane and we're fixing to do a flyover of the area to see if we can spot the vehicle. What we are asking the public to do is be on lookout for this vehicle. It's a white 1998 Isuzu Rodeo with a Corozal tag number."

"There is a reward being offered for information leading to their whereabouts."

"Is there any reason you guys might be concerned that something might have happened to them?"

Joe Milhoen, Friend of Francesca
"Of course. Anytime somebody takes missing, we are very concern that something might have happened. So yes we are not taking anything off the table. We are praying and everybody is praying that they are found safe and sound, both of them."

Anyone with information is asked to call Corozal police, or the couple's friends at 627-5177, or 660-9692. Both Matus and De Voursey have been living a part of the year in Belize for a number of years. They both own property here.

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