Accused rapist walks; victim stops court case
A jury selection process was completed yesterday morning, Tuesday, at the Supreme Court of Justice Adolph Lucas and two women and seven men were selected to hear the evidence in the trial of Evrett “Jack” Davis, 56, indicted for allegedly raping and wounding a 50-year-old woman. The victim took the witness stand today and told the court that although the accused man did what he did, she did not wish to continue the case for personal reasons, and she would leave it up to God. The woman, who was 48 at the time of the incident, told the court that she was acting on her own free will and was not forced by anyone to go to court to say what she had just said.

Carlos Perdomo’s name called in reference to shady issuance of passport
In her audit of the Immigration Department, Auditor General Dorothy Bradley opined that the procedures at the department were ruled by UDP “Ministerial Interference,” which led to massive irregularities. During today’s Senate hearing with retired Immigration officer of thirty years, Therese Chavarria, it was revealed that the interference of former National Security Minister and current Cabinet Secretary, Carlos Perdomo, led to a shady applicant receiving a passport on the basis of a possibly fraudulent birth certificate in 2011. According to Chavarria, she refused to grant the passport to the applicant claiming to be Paul Ku, and that was when she was allegedly offered $500 to process it by a Justice of the Peace (JP) identified as Reina Chiu Hsiang Lo. However, Chavarria reportedly declined that JP’s bribe and went on vacation. Upon her return from vacation, she was informed by former Immigration Director Ruth Meighan that Minister Perdomo had instructed that the passport be issued to the applicant.

Barton Middleton invokes constitutional right to “shut up”
After a brief hiatus, the Senate Select Committee resumed its probe into the Auditor General’s Special Audit into the Passport, Visa and Nationality Departments for the period 2011-2013. The audit had documented that in the late months of 2012, a total of eight visa stickers were removed from the Immigration Department’s Western border by an Immigration officer and given to a man identified as a visa agent and known at the time only as “Mr. Middleton.” Middleton reportedly took those visas and sold them to the Belize City Council Financial Controller, Patrick Tillet, and former Belize City Deputy Mayor, Eric Chang. However, those visas were unusable and the duo attempted to recover their money from Middleton, but were unable to do so.

Brandon Bradley, 17, gunned down in Green Garden Estate area
His social media profile identifies him as a student at Gwen Lizarraga high school, but that did not stop a gunman from fatally shooting him around 10:00 on Wednesday night. After socializing with his brother at a local shop in Lords Bank, Ladyville, Brandon Randy Bradley, 17, decided to pedal his bicycle to his home. Before he could reach the safety of his home, however, Bradley was shot in the upper right chest, back and left shoulder. His brother found him in the Green Garden Estate area about 30-40 yards away from the road, in some bushes lying face down, apparently dead.

Biggest price spike since 2017 began, pushes tab for regular gas to double-digit figures
For several months, Belize City consumers have been able to buy a gallon of regular gas for under $10, but that changed after Tuesday night, when new pump prices took effect, less than a month after higher tax levies at the pumps triggered the largest price spike since the year began. However, our review of the figures indicates that this most recent price spike represents the single largest price increase, at least since 2017 began, with the price of regular gasoline up by 47 cents per gallon, compounding the 32 cents increase implemented on April 1, which included a 25-cent increase to bolster Government revenues. Pump prices have been fluctuating since the year began, beginning with a fall in the price of regular gasoline of 34 cents on January 25. Prices hit a trough of $9.47 a gallon on March 24, just before the new budget year began.

Muslim Daughter, Christian Mother: Alana Raybon and her mom, Patricia Raybon to be hosted on Sunday’s Moments of Inspiration
KREM’s Virginia Echols will feature on her show, Moments of Inspiration, from 6:00 am – 8:00 am this Sunday, April 30, Patricia Raybon, an award-winning author, and her daughter, American Islamic convert, Alana Raybon, a dedicated educator. The two are the subject of a 2015 best seller – Undivided, which shares the compelling story of the two women, once divided by their faith. “They didn’t talk. Not for ten years. Not about faith anyway. Instead, a mother and daughter tiptoed with pain around the deepest gulf in their lives – the daughter’s choice to leave the church, convert to Islam and become a practicing Muslim,” said the book’s summary.

Cricket Corner
Hello to all fans, players and supporters of cricket. Thanks to our kind sponsorship of Bowen and Bowen who continues to provide the best drinks in Belize. Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, the Harrison Parks 2017 National Cricket Competition continued over the weekend. There were very interesting games played, that could even be said they were very well-played ones. At Rancho Dolores, Excellence of Double Head went up against home team, Western Eagles. Both teams had lost one game apiece coming into Saturday’s game. Both were tied for first place. For so many years, both teams have battled against each other for top spot in the zone. All the time, Excellence proved to be the better team. Again at Rancho, these two teams wrestled. Again, Excellence threw them down. But, with all the whipping, these two teams remain friends.

NEBL “In the Paint”
The 2017 NEBL playoffs are finally here, and the one thing we all know for sure is that there will be a new champion. Who it will be, of course, is anyone’s guess, but we will try to provide some insights into which of the four remaining teams we consider has the best chance to emerge as the 2017 NEBL Champion. The journey commences tonight with the #3 seeded Belmopan Bandits (8-4) visiting #2 Dangriga Dream Ballers (8-4) at the Ecumenical High School Auditorium in Dangriga Town, while tomorrow night will have the #1 seeded San Pedro Tiger Sharks (9-3) hosting #4 Cayo Western Ballaz (7-5) at the San Pedro High School Auditorium.

Dangriga sports stats
The Stann Creek Football Association’s Smart Mundialito Tournament 2017 saw its final regular season games on Saturday, April 22, at the Carl Ramos Stadium. Benguche DYFA was the victorious team, to advance to the Top-4 playoffs along with Wagierale Young Bombers, Silk Grass and New Site. Here are the results: Silk Grass won over Montise, 6 goals to 1. Alex Alvarez – 3 goals, Breyben Olivas – 1, Ean Pixabaja – 1, and the final goal was an auto goal by Montise. New Site vs Wagierale Young Bombers ended in a nil-nil tie. Ubafu vs Hopkins ended in a 1 to 1 tie. Kenan Palacio scored for Ubafu, while Paul Bradley, Jr. scored for Hopkins. Benguche DYFA won over Southside Warriors, 2 goals to nil; Leopold Vasquez and Jamaal Joseph got 1 apiece. Final standings were: Wagierale Young Bombers – 17 pts; Silk Grass – 15 pts; New Site – 12 pts; Benguche DYFA – 10 pts; Hopkins – 7 pts; Montise – 5 pts; Southside Warriors – 5 pts; and Ubafu – 3 pts.

Nat’l Women League Week 5 standings
The double round-robin regular season nears its end with Week 6 games this weekend in the National Amateur Women League football tournament. Aside from this weekend’s games, two back matches (Sagitun Strikers vs Jewel Fury, and Calcutta Strikers vs Belize City FC) are scheduled for next week, and then the top 2 teams from each group will go on to best-of-2 games semifinal playoff series. From what we have seen, women football is reaching another level in Belize. Catch a glimpse this weekend, and get ready for the playoffs up ahead.

Editorial: An alternative history
If the United Democratic Party (UDP) under the leadership of Dean Russell Lindo had won the 1979 general election, as it was widely expected to do, Belize would not have gone on to political independence in 1981. Belize would have remained a British colony indefinitely, like Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, and the chances are there would have eventually been some kind of territorial partition or dismemberment. Under UDP Prime Minister Dean Lindo, Belize would have embraced U.S. investors almost unconditionally, and Belize would have become a mini-Guatemala, a classic neoliberal state with a wealthy, powerful capitalist class and masses of poor, struggling natives. As it is, it may well be that in 2017, under four different Prime Ministers, we have ended up as a mini-Guatemala. It is important for younger generation of Belizeans to understand that our region and the world were substantially different places politically and philosophically in 1979 than is the case today, 38 years later. The region and the world were still in that anti-colonial, anti-racism mode in which we had come out of World War II, a war in which the Europeans had massacred each other fighting for colonies, natural resources, and world hegemony. In 1947, two years after the end of World War II, Great Britain, the “empire on which the sun never set,” had been forced to grant independence to India – the prize of its Asian possessions, and by 1957, Ghana, a colony so rich it had been known as the Gold Coast, became the first African country to free itself from British colonialism. Nigeria followed suit in 1960. Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana and various British Caribbean countries achieved independence from Great Britain in the 1960s.

From the Publisher
The matter of the injustice done to Kaina Martinez last year at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, a matter in which I involved myself a while back, has become, believe it or not, a kind of personal wake-up call. I had thought we could get the issue straightened out with a minimum of fuss, but it is more intricate and more serious than I imagined. In late 1990, Kremandala became involved in a dispute with the Bowen & Bowen business empire because of the empire’s control over the executive of the Belize National Football Association (BNFA). The key difference between 1990 and 2017 is that, apart from the fact that the Bowen & Bowen patriarch, the late Sir Barry Bowen, was very much alive and active in 1990, is the fact that it was the People’s United Party (PUP) which was in power in 1990, whereas it is the United Democratic Party (UDP), of course, which has been in power here for the last nine years. In 1990, the ruling PUP did not consider me a UDP, whereas the UDP spokesmen and propagandists have been making it clear for some time that they consider Kremandala to be a PUP institution.

Claims allegation against Benny’s Kitchen is malicious
The Editor Amandala Dear Sir, My attention has been drawn to an article appearing on page 22 of the Amandala dated Friday, April 21st., 2017. The article is headed “The 2017 saga of San Jose Succotz” and is “contributed” by an anonymous person. The anonymous writer makes the bold assertion that “for all intents and purposes”, the present Village Council has delivered the Village Central Plaza to some private business people to build a private museum. Now these business people are intent on destroying the “people’s culture – customs and traditions.” At the very end of the article the writer alleges by innuendo and implication that the restaurant business called Benny’s Kitchen is involved in the takeover of the “historic” Village Central Plaza for the building of a private museum. Mr. Editor, I, Benigno Chan, am the proprietor of the business Benny’s Kitchen. My restaurant is a popular eating place in San Jose Succotz. Belizeans from all over the country come to my establishment to enjoy delicious food and fresh drinks in a pleasant atmosphere. I want it to be known that neither I nor my restaurant, Benny’s Kitchen, is involved in any project to take over the Village Central Plaza or to destroy the people’s culture. Any such suggestion as alluded to in the article published in your newspaper is a complete fabrication perpetrated by someone driven by a malicious intent to harm my business.

Stop corruption now!
Dear Editor, Although I no longer live in Belize, having decamped to the relative tranquility of a South Pacific island, my perseverations over this former British colony have diminished only slightly, and I still feel like shouting from the rooftops: “STOP CORRUPTION NOW!” All tourists to Belize (who can’t be bothered) and most expats (who refuse to look beyond their Jimmy Buffet version of reality) remain clueless as to what’s really happening in The Jewel. Or maybe they feel complicit in this culture of corruption, as in whenever they pay someone to expedite a need at the department of motor vehicles, say, or the lands department or immigration or ANY of the ministries at all.

VACCINES – Show us the science and give us a choice!
Editor Amandala Sir, We have known for many years that eating fish with high levels of mercury is not safe since becoming involved in the impact of dams on those living downstream. No one disputes the risk to children, pregnant women and those who are nursing as well as the general population. So why is there mercury in many vaccines given to us and our children, in the form of thimerisol, as well as other harmful additives such as aluminum and formaldehyde? The pharmaceutical companies are continually pushing more and more vaccines in the United States and around the world because it is profitable, not because they are concerned with the health and safety of those getting the shots. The U.S. which spends the most on healthcare and has one of the highest child vaccination rates in the world, has created the sickest child and young adult population in America’s history: 1 child in 6 is learning disabled; 1 in 9 has asthma; 1 in 10 diagnosed with a mental disorder; 1 in 13 severely allergic to food; 1 in 20 epileptic; 1 in 50 developing autism; 1 in 400 with diabetes and millions more struggling with other kinds of brain and immune system damage marked by chronic inflammation in the body.

80% of cybercrimes in Belize are perpetrated by foreigners
Cybercrimes have become pervasive, and they pose a threat to people and companies around the globe—even those who deliberately stay away from the social media platforms, where many cybercrimes are perpetrated. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), “…companies are targeted for trade secrets and other sensitive corporate data, and universities for their cutting-edge research and development. Citizens are targeted by fraudsters and identity thieves, and children are targeted by online predators.” “About 80% of cybercrimes being committed in Belize is done by foreign entities, although Belize is getting on board,” Mario Alcoser, manager/commander of the Police Department’s Information Technology Unit, told Amandala, on the sidelines of the law enforcement forum at the National Cyber Security Symposium being held at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza this week.

Are referees above the law?
Football in Belize has a rich history, whereby those who are fanatics of this sport would agree that fans, sponsors, referees, clubs, and players are losing the love for the sport. This is evident at football games, that if one should compare the fans at games now, you would wonder why such drastic changes. Several factors may contribute to this “lack of love,” but is incompetent match officials an issue? Managers from numerous clubs stated that some of the officials who were appointed for their home-and-away football games made some incomprehensible errors during the games. On the other hand, one must acknowledge when the referee does an excellent job. Despite not giving the (obvious) penalty during the Bandits vs BDF FC game, I still shook the referee’s (Mr. Jones) hand after the game, due to this is my usual modus operandi. I am still trying to digest the penalty call which earned Bandits SC their first goal in the Opening Season Finals dated 31st December, 2016. In order to prevent such reoccurrence of bad calls, below are couple recommendations given to the PLB, and it is sad that none of these recommendations were taken into consideration.

Canine transmissible venereal tumor in dogs
Dear Doctor, Lulu has been bleeding from her private parts for more than a month. How long does a heat last? I’m cleaning up after her every 15 minutes. Someone told me she might have gonorrhea. Distressed in Lords Bank *** Dear Distressed, The heat cycle for a female dog averages three weeks, with bleeding lasting perhaps a week. If your dog has mated in the past and has been bleeding from her vagina for more than a week, or has a red, bulging mass coming out of the vagina (or penis for a male), then the bleeding is likely from a canine transmissible venereal tumor, a sexually transmitted disease, and will need to be examined by your veterinarian.

Not one centimeter
The British Ambassador to Guatemala, Sarah Dickson, was not wrong when she stated in her speech, given on August 27, 2013, that: “As you can see Guatemala is not alone in this struggle.” In the past the UK’s government policy was always pushing for George Price to cede an amount of land and sea to Guatemala, so as to permit Belizeans to acquire their independence. George Price did not agree with such an idea and said: “not one centimeter”. However, George Price’s opposition wanted this place to continue being a British protectorate. It was a hard struggle until George Price could have achieved his dream of making British Honduras an independent nation with the name Belize on September 21st 1981. It is a long history between 1950 and 1981, during which a lot of things took place, all kinds of discussions and agreements, but there are certain points which come to my attention and probably there is someone out there who could enlighten us concerning the reason why George Price made certain decisions.

More “freak storms” could be just one manifestation of climate change
Just this past weekend, an unusual weather event in Biscayne—villagers say it was a tornado, the government said it was a “freak storm”—ripped through that rural community leaving behind hurricane-like damages to 9 homes in the area. According to the National Emergency Management Organization, similar freak storms affected residents in Crooked Tree village on August 20, 2011 and Maskall Village on October 8, 2014. Could it be that these bizarre storm events are becoming more prevalent due to our changing climate? We put the question to Ann Gordon, national coordinator for the National Climate Change Office in Belize, who suggested that they might. She told Amandala that the temperatures in Belize have notably increased over the past half-a-century. “Based on the records that we have, observation records, the temperature in Belize has risen by about between 0.9 to 1 degree Celsius from 1960 levels and that shows that the nighttime temperature… is even higher,” she said.

Consumers getting even less for their dollar, as inflation hits 2.3% in March
Consumer prices continue on their upward trend, meaning that consumers are getting even less for their dollar, with prices up by 2.3% in March 2017, and 1.8% so far this year. Price spikes in March were perhaps most notable in the transport category, with consumers paying 18.3% more than they did last March. According to the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB), which today released its March Consumer Price Index (CPI) data, “This increase was the main contributor to the overall rise in prices among ‘All-Items’. Fuel and lubricant prices for the month of March 2017 were up by 12.7 percent from the same month in 2016.” It added that, “The highest increase among this sub-category was seen in the price per gallon of Premium gasoline, which rose from $8.27 in March of last year to $10.54 in March 2017.”

Dangriga man sentenced to 12 years for rape and abduction
Shortly after 1:00 p.m. this afternoon, Robert Taylor stood in the prisoner’s dock in the Dangriga Supreme Court of Justice Dennis Hanomansingh, awaiting his mother, who was scheduled to make a mitigation plea on his behalf before the judge passed sentence on him for convictions of rape and abduction. Taylor, 23, a laborer of Monument Site, Dangriga, was indicted on two counts of abduction and one count of rape for an incident that occurred on Sunday, January 25, 2015, in Dangriga. His mother was a few minutes late in coming to the court, and Taylor, after asking the court to have mercy on him, told Justice Hanomansingh to go ahead and sentence him. The judge urged him to wait a few more minutes. He did.

The Reporter

Man found murdered inside car
A man was found shot to death inside his vehicle this afternoon in Belize City. Police say the body of Santiago Rodriguez was found inside his white 4 Runner SUV at around 2:30 p.m., on Trinity Street in the Port Loyola area. Police investigations have […]

UB goes green!
In tandem with Earth Day,  the University of Belize (UB) has gone “green”, and has embarked on an energy-efficient/cost-saving lighting system at its Faculty of Education and Arts Campus in Belize City, by replacing all its fluorescent light bulbs with LED tubes. Director of Physical […]

JP Association, California Chapter to swear in new members
The Belize Association of Justices of the Peace, California Chapter, will swear in 13 new members this weekend, to keep up with the growing community of Belizeans in California. The historic event marks the first time that Crown Counsel Brianna Williams will swear in new […]

Taiwan looks to strengthen economic and diplomatic ties with new Southbound Policy
By Alexis R. Milan Editor The Republic of China (ROC) Taiwan, more commonly known as simply Taiwan, has maintained diplomatic relations with Belize for nearly 30 years now, since 1989. In that relatively short time, Taiwan has supported Belize through a number of bilateral cooperation efforts, including infrastructural development, technical […]

Taiwan calls for participation in World Health Assembly
The Government of the Republic of China-Taiwan is calling on the World Health Organization (WHO) to invite it to attend the 2017 World Health Assembly. Taiwan is also calling on the international community to support its participation, given the benefits that its participation brings to […]

Student murdered in Lords Bank
Brandon Bradley, a 17-year-old student, was found dead late on Wednesday night, his body riddled with bullets near the entrance of the Green Garden Estate area of Lords Bank village. Sometime after 10:30 p.m., on April 26, the ITVET student was found motionless, lying  face […]

North American couple missing in Corozal
An American couple, who took up residency in the Corozal district, has mysteriously vanished since Tuesday night, leaving friends puzzled and worried about their safety. Francesca Matus, 52, a Canadian national of Serenity Sands, Consejo Road, Corozal and her boyfriend, 36-year-old American national, Drew Thomas […]

Dangriga court prescribes 12 years for man convicted of abduction and sodomy
A jury of four men and five women  wrapped up a morbid five-day trial this week by convicting Robert Taylor of Dangriga of a vicious abduction at knifepoint and anal rape of a 25 year-old woman. Judge Denis Hanomansingh has sentenced him to 12 years on each count, but since  […]

Mexican innovators offer Belize trade opportunities
Belizean businessmen got the opportunity to form trade partnerships with Mexican companies; when the Mexican Embassy hosteda trade delegation ofentrepreneurs and manufacturers’ representatives of seven companies from Merida, Yucatan and Cancun, Quintana Roo at the Institute of Mexico in Belize City on Thursday, April 27. Belize Water Services representatives were […]

Police high command assures that rogue cops will be dealt with
The Belize Police Department has assured that it will deal with police officers who have been caught recently engaging in disreputable activity.  The assurance comes three weeks after three on-duty policemen and a special constable were found using the police mobile assigned to them […]

GOB to open 3 new preschools
The Government of Belize in collaboration with the European Union, inaugurated three new preschools in northern Belize this week, giving over 150 children access to early childhood education. On Tuesday, GOB held a single ceremony for the schools, which were opened in the Corozal and […]

No light bill increase in BEL’s latest proposal to PUC
Belize Electricity Limited is not proposing any light bill increase for its latest submission to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), under the Annual Tariff Review Proceeding (ARP). In BEL’s submission, which covers the period he period July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018, the company […]

Famous Belizean model, lands modeling contract in London
A young Belizean model, who has been featured in several international publications, is again making headlines after she landed a huge international modeling contract in London. Twenty-two-year-old Joyjah Estrada recently announced via a Facebook post that she will be moving to London for the next […]

The Senate Select Committee investigating irregularities in the Ministry and Department of Immigration with respect to visa and passport fraud continued its work this week after its brief Easter recess. The Senate Committee called back the elusive Mr. Middleton to ask him more about his activities in procuring visas and […]

Fuel prices go up; everything else follows!
Businesses in Belize City are beginning to worry about the negative effects that increasing gas prices will have on their operations. The price of fuel in Belize saw its fourth increase in two months this week. This latest price hike sent regular fuel up by […]

Safety first for MoneyGram bandits
Two daring armed robbers, sporting helmets, walked into a MoneyGram International outlet inside Go Wireless Direct on West Collet Canal in Belize City during busy Thursday afternoon hours, and robbed it of an undetermined amount of money. The thieves escaped, but not before an eyewitness […]

Caye Caulker couple charged for grinder
A woman has lashed out against Caye Caulker police for targeting her family, locking her down for more than a day, and filing a ridiculous charge against her, which was eventually thrown out in court this week – all because of a personal vendetta, she […]

“Nothing more to say,” Middleton tells Senate
After a three-week break, Barton Middleton returned to the Senate Committee conducting an inquiry into allegations of corruption at the Immigration Department. He stated in no uncertain terms that he would not answer any of the Committee’s questions. On Wednesday, Middleton told the Senate Committee […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Taxi man shot and killed in Belize City today
BBN has received reports that a taxi driver was shot and killed today. According to reports, the cab driver was killed on Faber’s Road extension in Belize City.

Fuel prices send cost of living skyward in March
The Statistical Institute of Belize’s (SIB) recently released Consumer Price Index (CPI), showed that the increasing price of gas had raised the cost of living by 2.3 percent for the month of March. The price of fuel had risen three times in March, causing Belizeans to spend an average of $2.30 more on goods and services than they did the year before.

ECJ wins SSB debate again
Today the Social Security Board wrapped up its annual debate competition. The Ecumenical Junior College emerged victorious for the second consecutive year from among all tertiary schools nationwide. They defeated the Independence Junior College as they strongly argued why Belize should not submit the […]

Belizean coast guard tops training in Jamaica
After an eight week training course in Kingston, Jamaica, Belizean coastguard Daniel Sabido graduated with top honors from among his colleagues in the region. He just completed seven years as an officer when he was selected to attend the Patrol Craft Commander Course. He […]

Thief robs over $12,000 in cash from Go Wireless Direct Shop
A clerk at Money Gram located at the Corner of Cemetery Road and West Collet Canal, Belize City, reported that yesterday around 2:36 p.m. while she was performing her normal duties, a male person entered Go Wireless Direct Shop. The man approached her, grabbed […]

Businessman robbed at gun point in Belize City
Thomas Gomez, 49, a businessman and a resident of # 21 Faber’s Road Extension, Belize City, reported to police that on Wednesday April 27th, 2017 about 12:30 p.m. while at his business place, JR Lumber Yard along with his delivery man and his wife, […]

Corozal Free Zone staff protests
Yesterday, the administrative staff of the Corozal Free Zone did not show up to work. According to reports, the staff is protesting against the new CEO Valentino Blanco. The Chamber of Commerce of the free Zone is also supporting the staff’s decision. BBN understands […]

Rapist gets 12 years
In January of 2015, a woman was in Dangriga walking to the town to pick up a package when a man offered her a ride to the Benguche area. The woman reported that she thought the vehicle had hit something and when they exited […]

Belize exports up 25.1% in first quarter
Belize’s exports for the first quarter of 2017, January-March saw a 25.1 percent increase when compared to the same period in 2016, according to the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB). The SIB’s latest External Trade Bulletin, showed that Belize’s exports – January to March […]

Commercial mission held in Belize by Embassy of Mexico
Today, the Embassy of Mexico and ProMexico (the Mexican trade and investment agency) held a Commercial Mission to Belize where seven companies from Cancun and Merida displayed their products and services. From beach footwear and sandals, packaging materials, to construction and pool finishes, as […]

CDB donates $750 ,000 USD to Belize
Yesterday, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), and the Government of Belize launched the Youth Resilience and Inclusive Social Empowerment (Youth RISE) Project. The Project will expand social services for approximately 3,500 children, youth, and families in the communities of Dangriga and San Ignacio/Santa Elena, […]

BELTRAIDE and Twin Towns sign memorandum of cooperation
Yesterday, BELTRAIDE signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) with the San Ignacio/ Santa Elena Town Council. The aim of the agreement is to enhance and diversify economic activity in the municipality. Through a closer collaboration between BELTRAIDE and the Town Council, the MOC will […]

Middleton tells Senators nothing at all
The most intriguing character to appear for the Senate hearing on Wednesday was Mr. Middleton, formally, Mr. Barton Middleton. He was the person accused of selling stolen visas to Patrick Tillet and Eric Chang at a cost of $18,000. When he first appeared in […]


Tracking our turtles with the Ambergris Caye Marine Turtle Program
Two types of turtles are known to nest on Ambergris Caye; Loggerhead and Green turtles. When it’s time to lay eggs, sea turtles are known to return to nest on the same beach where they were hatched on. Depending on the species, a mature female turtle can lay from 70 to 190 eggs, and it takes a span of six to ten weeks for the hatchlings to emerge. After the eggs hatch, the young turtles must make their way the sea, in hopes of reaching maturity. It’s estimated that only one in 1,000 hatchlings will survive to adulthood. Turtles nest every two years, and female turtles are believed to nest up to three times in one nesting season. Despite the little that is known about the migratory behavior of turtles between birth and sexual adulthood, it is estimated that they can live up to 80 years in their natural environment.

Sea Front Sarteneja, Belize: A Charming QUIET Village
Sarteneja is a small village on the coast of Northern Belize’s Corozal district that can’t help but charm. The water is a distinctive chalky aqua, the old style fishing boats are bobbing in the breeze and the white village streets are lined with neat homes and huge almond & mango trees. The village has a bit of an odd orientation. In Belize, the sea is generally to your east. But Sarteneja sits on a mainland bump – and faces north-west. So rather than seeing the sun rise over the ocean, here it sets. It takes a while (for me, longer then the 2 days we had) to get comfortable with that. It’s a place that, in the past, revolved around ship making and fishing. And both times I’ve visited, the sea views, low prices and SPACE make me feel like I’m about to see a real estate boom. BUT Sarteneja can only be reached two ways – by boat or by a 40 mile road from Orange Walk that is usually in horrible shape – if open at all. And, there is very little to do in town other than walking around, admiring the sea and docks and perhaps taking a swim and…reading. Almost everything is very neat and well cared for.

Corozal Community College Third winning on Band fest victory held in Corozal
This year’s band fest was held at the People’s Stadium in Orange Walk Town and 13 bands participated in the 12th annual Bandfest. Corozal Community College has held on to the Belize Bandfest sceptre for the third consecutive year. First place category for the drum corps was won by the Southern Sound Drum corps from Dangriga. In second place was won by the Holy Redeemer Marching Band while third place was Mahogany Heights Marching Band. In the category of marching band with wind instruments, was won by Corozal Community College ranked first while Wesley College marching band ranked second. The best choreographed band was the Corozal Community College which showcased an attractive presentation.The most popular band was Holy Redeemer who received the most text votes and last Orange Walk Uprising marching band was this year’s drum line champs. Corozal Community College won Three times in a row in this Band Fest annual Marching band.

Easter weekend 2017 in Placencia!!
Placencia is known as a tranquil, peaceful, place, for 363 days out of the year. The only two days it isn't - Easter weekend! The entire country knows that Placencia is the place to be for Easter weekend, and it is PACKED and crazy. Here are some pictures from this past weekend!!! And local photographer Maz Carr captured Easter so beautifully, I had a share a few of her shots!

4 Belizean Festivals You Cannot Afford To Miss This Year
The people of Belize love to celebrate, so it's always easy to find a great festival, parade, or holiday when you come to Belize. Below are four of the top Belizean festivals you should definitely attend this year: There are several distinct holidays in September, but the whole month is one long celebration of patriotic pride. The September festival season begins with St. George's Caye Day on September 10 that marks the historic 1798 naval battle when the British triumphed over a Spanish flotilla that led to Belize becoming Britain's only colony in Central America. The triumphant apex of the September holiday season is September 21, the day that commemorates Belize becoming an independent country in 1981. Throughout the month of September, every town and village will be awash in red, white, and blue (the colors of the Belizean flag), as well as parades, live music, poetry recitals, and dancing in the streets.

Discover the Beauty of Hopkins Village
Hopkins is one of the most beautiful villages in the country. Located on the Caribbean coast in southern Stann Creek District, the village is separated by the outflow of the Sittee River. Still principally an idyllic fishing village, Hopkins is widely considered to be the cultural center of the Garifuna people in Belize. Every year on November 19, the entire country celebrates Garifuna Settlement Day to commemorate the arrival of the Garifuna people in Belize in dugout canoes. This holiday is a time for feasting, traditional drumming, and a dramatic re-enactment of the water landing. Traditional foods like cassava bread and hudut (a fish stew made with coconuts and plantains) are eaten, and the entire village comes alive with dance and music. Hopkins is easily accessible either overland via the Southern Highway or by air from the nearby Dangriga or Placencia airstrip. Approximately 1,000 people live in Hopkins, and the residents are renowned for their warm hospitality and kindness. In fact, Hopkins has been declared the friendliest village in the country.

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Canadian woman, U.S. companion missing in Belize
A Canadian woman and her American companion have gone missing in Belize, according to friends. Fifty-two-year-old Francesca Matus of Ontario, was last seen driving home from a local bar with Thomas Drew De Voursney, 36, on Tuesday evening, her friends say. Nancy Rifenbark, a U.S. citizen living in Corozal, told that she had dinner and drinks with Matus and De Voursney at Scotty's Bar in Corozal, Belize, on Tuesday night. Rifenbark said that, at approximately 11 p.m. local time, the couple left for home in Matus’ white Isuzu Rodeo SUV. At approximately 8:30 a.m. the next morning, Rifenbark said her friend Joe Milhoen went to give Matus a drive to the airport in Belize City, where she was to catch a flight to Canada. Rifenbark said that, when Milhoen arrived at Matus’ Corozal home, the gate was locked and her SUV wasn’t there. She said De Voursney’s motorcycle was the only vehicle parked at the home. Milhoen also spotted one of Matus’ suitcases through the glass of the front door.

Belize: remarkable ruins and beautiful birds
As the blazing Belizian sun shone down on the ancient Mayan city of Altun Ha, my husband and I huffed and puffed our way up the steep uneven steps leading to the pinnacle of the Temple of the Sun God. According to our guide, Ann Marie, this was a perfect day to see the view from the top of this ancient temple. “The sun god is happy when the sun shines,” she said right before she parked herself under a shady tree and suggested we go on without her. Reaching the top, we gazed out at a 360-degree view of crumbling ruins and verdant jungle. I’m not sure if the sun god was smiling, but we certainly were. Having the view all to ourselves was the best part. There wasn’t another soul in sight — except for Ann Marie under the tree. For us, the stop at Altun Ha was part of a short extension tour with Island Expeditions. The tour promised to allow us to explore two ancient Maya sites and visit one of the top birding locations in the country. We said our goodbyes to Ann Marie and made our way to the van to head to Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary and the Bird’s Eye View Lodge — a top birding destination and our accommodation for the night. As we drove into the sanctuary, our driver Leonard began pointing out the flora and fauna. “We call that Bamboo Chicken,” he said, pointing to a large Green Iguana in a leafy bush. “People used to hunt them for their meat — especially in the spring because the eggs are considered a delicacy. Now the species is protected.”

Beyond the Horizon Builds Relationships in San Ignacio
Service members assigned to Beyond the Horizon 2017 took time off from their busy schedule to participate in a community relations event April 21, 2017 at the Santa Elena Sports Complex in San Ignacio, Belize. BTH 2017 is a partnership exercise between U.S. Southern Command and the Belize Government and consists of multiple construction projects and health care events in three districts of the country. San Ignacio is the second of three health fairs and follows the recently completed project at Ladyville which served over 3500 people. “The purpose of this get together is to introduce ourselves (the members of Beyond the Horizon 2017) to the communities of San Ignacio and the surrounding area and let them know why we are here in Belize, specifically in San Ignacio,” said Sgt. 1st Class Lashawn Yelling, a team leader in the 413th Civil Affairs Battalion.

I Farmed Seaweed in Belize to Learn Why It’s the Food of the Future
It was a jarring, hour-long boat ride to Little Water Caye, a sliver of an island 30 km off the coast of Placencia, Belize. There was only a small wooden house on a beach, and palm trees waving in the Caribbean breeze. But offshore, invisible from the surface, lay the first sustainable seaweed farm in Central America. I helped unload the boat—food, yellow twine ropes, and snorkelling gear—everything we'd need to spend a few days planting seaweed. The previous day, I'd walked past the headquarters of the Placencia Seaweed Co-operative on the mainland. Packages of dried seaweed, and seaweed in gel form, sat on a shelf inside the open door. The head seaweed farmer, Lowell Godfrey, greeted me and I asked him about the farm. He told me that they farm two types of red seaweed—Eucheuma and Gracilaria—and they do it using sustainable farming practices. He invited me to see for myself. Prior to this, I knew nothing about seaweed. Yes, I ordered the occasional spicy tuna roll, but seaweed is a multi-billion dollar industry, and I soon discovered that I consume and use seaweed all the time without knowing it. So do you. It's the ultimate multitasker.


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