Ambergris Caye Reef Week has started!

The 12th annual Ambergris Caye Reef Week started early on Monday, May 8th, with a 5:30AM swim to the reef. Over the next few days, a variety of events will take place on the island, ranging from educational activities, to a Lionfish Tournament to a Kayak Race, all with the purpose of creating awareness on the preservation of Belize’s marine ecosystem.

Around 11 swimmers took on the challenge, and swam to the reef and back from Amigos del Mar dock in San Pedro Town. Participants swam at their own pace, some even had on snorkel gear to make the trek more enjoyable, as they took in the beauty of the reef. The San Pedro Town Council’s Sport Coordinator, Kent ‘Bob’ Gabourel, who spearheaded the event, said that such events serve as encouragement for the present and future population to continue appreciating and taking care of the reef. “We need to continue creating awareness about our reef,” said Gabourel. “If the reef is gone, is not only San Pedro Town that will be in big trouble. The entire country and its economy will suffer. We need to protect it.”

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